Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Max Powell 60ml E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Max Powell 60ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Max Powell 60ml E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

Powell has gone Max VG. Max Powell now comes in a 60ml squeezable plastic bottle and with the a plastic drip cap too, just for that added bit of convenience for you.

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Max Powell 60ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Frisco Vapor Max Powell 60ml E-Liquid

it's going on YouTube what's going on babe lana Matty ice from convicted vapes I brought my buddy ear sub ohm PAP alone this guy right here is not only Turia's one of my dear friends he is an admin on the convictive a Facebook group but this guy is the best goddamn battery charger this side of the Mississippi I mean I have never met anyone that could charge batteries like this guy top notch battery charger and yes here at convicted Bates we bring you the most glorious beards available to mankind so that being said he's going to be guest appearing with me on this ejuice review that's right we're back for another ejuice review for you the vaping public tonight we're going to be doing something by company that's pretty popular I mean it's a pretty well-known name Frisco vapors I guess they're in San Francisco i'm imagining Frisco vapors and the flavor is called Max Powell max Powell this is a 60 ml bottle the flavor profile is fruity pebbles rice krispie treats but my buddy sub ohm papal own right here is going to give you all the information what website you could get it on the nicotine strengths the bottle sizes and the prices and the description so tell them what website this is available on and then the rest of the information alright so Ron Frisco vapor calm this is max pal available in 60 ml bottles for thirty dollars a bottle this is a fruity pebbles rice krispies max Vijay it's been reformulated for maximum flavor and vapor production re formulated for maximum flavor and vapor production did you guys hear that because the first one wasn't that great oh shit we're in for a treat real packaging includes a 60 mil max pal a twist cap and a max Powell sticker sweet sticker you sticker with it we got free shipping to us only I mean dude who cares if the juice is even good you get a sticker with it welcome in right there thirty dollars dude it's a bells 101.5 three and six milligrams of nicotine this is 3 3 milligrams nicotine it's actually it looks like a glass bottle it's not it's actually a squeezy plastic bottle but it's got the glass tile dripper where'd you go to charge some batteries yeah to get them all to hit four points it when I never missed that B I mean dude i'm talking like I it's like an internal clock hit he knows like he could smell when the batteries are at four point two vaults and he just rips him right off the charger perfect timing box let's film the sticker comes dude I when I charge batteries i get decent life out of him buddy I gave him my batteries and he charges them they just last forever it's fucking crazy but anyway uh-huh the box has shown where the cool sticker it was there a box yeah there was did you take it out of the box look I didn't even know it came in a box dude oh wait wait here we go you got you got the box on I guess it comes in a box with the coolest oh yeah there's a sticker and a cab of the sticker in the moment but they give you so I guess they give you a childproof cap with the dripper and they give you one of these caps and there's no sticker in this box but there's the box very fancy packaging I mean it looks like this I mean I'm guessing that the thirty dollars you spend on this is for the box because I i mean god damn this packaging is is pretty legit tasteful label though it's not like you know appealing to children or flashy or anything if it's very classy so i actually like the packaging but god damn this box look at this fucking all laminated and shiny and it's got the little san francisco fucking trolley car whatever you call it on their bridge Golden Gate Bridge yeah i mean it's it's nice but anyway we're going to do a smell test on the juice we're going to do a vapor production test on a scale one to five we're going to do a throat hit scale of low medium and high then we're going to talk about flavor I have this juice loaded up in the Hellboy v2 by El Diablo on top of the margarita box by Annie no local which I did review badass box mod and I got some dual aliens in here and hellboy but anyway let's give it a smell test first oh it smells awful oh oh god smells so bad it smells fucking disgusting dude it smells like a mix of like it smells a little bit like lemon pledge and carnuba wax carnuba wax is what you ax York it's like high-end wax you wax your car with like automotive wax I guess you never smoked carnuba wax it smells like we smelled something similar to this before it smells like think of mothers like car wax like spray on like turtle wax dude let me tell you I'm really thrilled for this to be my first review yeah you should be dude this is a fucking it's an honorary liquid plus it's been reformulated it is reformulated so all right let's give a vapor production test this is max VG that could mean by the looks of the juice I'm guessing it's either like a seventy-thirty 7525 or an 80-20 somewhere around that range but yeah let's do vapor production on this fucking bad boy it smells awful in the air it's not speak up boy it smells terrible don't be shy I can't be shy with a beard like this you know what I mean like it just doesn't work fair enough it smells awful in the air is no good awful absolutely terrible um here go ahead knock yourself out vapor production is good I mean oh god no no dude the vapors nice i give the main for solid four on vapor production uh as far as throat hit I I get a little bit i'm gonna say it's like low to medium the throne hit I get a little burn in the back of the throat it's definitely not smooth I wouldn't call it smooth eliquid at all favorite doctors all right oh god man it leaves like just this is dry this it's very fucking dry lemony floor cleaner like carnuba wax ii like car wax you have to smell this stuff to understand what I'm talking enough you guys know what carnuba wax is you ever buffed out your car with some carnuba wax this smells like lemon floor cleaner and carnuba wax and it tastes a little bit like it too it's very dry unpleasant leaves like this scratchy feeling in the back of your throat flavor is terrible on this juice this is horrible this is horrible liquid definitely not good um clay board the back your throat yeah it's fucking oh it's not good oh it's just like so unpleasant too babe like not only is the flavor awkward it's got this weird awkward tackiness to it it's I mean I get a little bit of fruity pebbles I don't get much for a pebble done that at all it's just dry no it's like mostly like I said carnuba wax at floor cleaner but I mean it does resemble there's a fruity pebbles and back there somewhere be hiding um I don't get any rice krispie treat at all it's like this it's got this nasty twang to it this is awful liquid guys this is not fucking good debt I mean I'll be honest with you i wouldn't pay i wouldn't even pay a dollar for this if this was reformulated i hate to see the fucking first version yeah what is terrible it's bad like no joke it's bad here since your first appearance i gotta put you through the torture test they take a nice big hit of that oh this is so fucking bad it's like it just dried you out it's like dirt in your man it's like licking like it's like mixing floor cleaner and carnuba wax spreading it in a nice thin sheet on like unlike hot pavement and licking it off the pavement it's fucking awful this is disgusting this is a total waste of thirty dollars I mean it's just awful eliquid it's very awkward flavor they're not I mean it's just not good it doesn't taste like fruity pebbles rice krispie treat it's dry it tastes like I've never heard you drive me out that bad this is awful this is fucking awful this is absolutely atrocious as a matter of fact right in the shin bin where it fucking belongs that is disgusting guys like I can't believe they're selling that for thirty dollars I mean they got some nerve because I mean like there's so many juices now were you out that you could buy a 60 ml bottle for $25 2025 you can cheaper than that put whatever let the means that are so 120 s for that price yeah there's exactly I mean you could get a hundred 20 mil of like Casey Jones main line serve or mohawk Mohawk vapor for like thirty dollars for a hundred and twenty milliliters yeah fivefold vapor I mean that are they're all good companies you know what I mean in that thirty dollars for fuckin 60 ml bottle that is atrocious that is terrible juice I got I feel like I smoked fucking I feel like I took like ten bonds terracotta now I'm how I feel like I'm high as fuck my mouth is dry yeah cotton out with no high which is not good you're gonna have cock mouth you better damn well I'll have a nice buzz on with it too but that's awful I mean that's my opinion is to talk two thumbs down that's disgusting awful judo until next time guys subscribe comment like share check me out on Instagram at the real convicted vapes check out the convicted beefs facebook group all capital letters it's a secret group so you're going to have to know someone that's in it to get in or message me one of my many profiles on facebook and asked me to add you and I'll see what I can do about that I'm maxed out I have two profiles on Facebook guys they're both Matt ice one is me with a red hat on that says make America Dave again yeah that profile is maxed out there's five thousand friends on it so I can't accept you even if I wanted to but there's another profile or it's me with my hat off in my hair down you'll see it that one's a new profile so you can request me don't try to message me on that profile but friend request me and actually yeah leave me a message if you want and I'll eventually log into it and see it and if you want to be added to the group i'll add you but that's really all i got check out the convicted babes ejuice at VV vapes calm we just dropped raise up for you guys that know you know what trays up means motherfuckers speed in time but uh it's fucking excellent took us like four or five months to come up with this recipe but I think it came out really good I haven't had any complaints 2999 for a 60 ml bottle and it's actually worth it so that's all we got for you guys keep calm vape on and take it fucking deep tell them you tell them take take it fucking deep but take that max pal to the fucking garbage can throw the fuck out you heard it yourself right here convicted babes ladies and gentlemen have metall catch you on the flipside

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