Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Marina E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Marina E-Liquid

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Marina E-Liquid

Marina e-liquid is a fantastic flavour blended expertly to closely resemble the famous Hi-Chew Strawberry candy.Prominent Flavours: Strawberry Hi-ChewWINNER OF THE VAPE SUMMIT HOUSTON 2014: BEST OF SHOW AWARD. TROPICAL & EXOTIC FRUITS CATEGORY

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Marina E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Frisco Vapor Marina E-Liquid

what's up YouTube Willie coming at you
again got another aegis review for you
today today we have two from Frisco
vapor their slogan is let the fog roll
in this one is gonna be sutro both of
these are going to be 65 35b gpg you can
get them at zero three six and 12
milligrams of nicotine 15 mils gonna run
you twelve dollars and a 30 mile run you
22 that is on their website first we're
going to do this the Sutro
nice bottle got your warnings actually
have a flavor description right on the
bottle and this one says it's a
blueberry oatmeal cookie dipped in milk
I'm going to be trying it got it in
mutation eggs before with the dual
parallel coals point2 owns at 60 watts
yeah a good vapor production nice dense
clouds on the inhale you get the
definitely get the oatmeal with a little
bit of blueberry on the exhale you get
the milk it's not real strong just uh
just a hint of the milk it's actually
pretty good i'd recommend this one could
do that all day
second one we got here it's called
marina and it says a strawberry candy on
the bottle but on their website it
actually says a strawberry melon hi chu
got this one unless a galley troll RDA
but the point to call in it
the strawberry melon makes really good
it's like a strawberry candy really
candy it's not like a fresh strawberry
so good a little sleep not too sweet
let's say out of the two and we've done
today I would take the do the blueberry
oatmeal as being the best one out of
these two that's going to be the review
for the Sutro and the marina from Frisco
vapor and i'll leave the link below
where you can pick yours up if you want
to try if you like my videos be sure and
like video down below and subscribe I'm
gonna have a couple of Giveaways coming
up pretty quick so in order to win you
have to be a subscriber 12 people we got
for you this time you too as always you
have a nice day and vape on

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