Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Ashbury E-Liquid

April 25, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Ashbury E-Liquid

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Ashbury E-Liquid

By Nataly Komova

Ashbury eliquid is a Creamy Acai Blueberry Chai that is lightly spiced to perfection. A truly decadent taste which combines intriguing flavours perfectly.Prominent Flavours: Acai Blueberry Chai

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Ashbury E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Frisco Vapor Ashbury E-Liquid

what's up YouTube ambitious vapor coming
out to another review today's review is
on Frisco vapor I've had multiple
different flavors from Frisco vapor
ashbury Presidio full more in marina I
have marina here as well her rabbit all
right yeah area is marina ooh I have the
vertex version to clone by King 2 on the
Praxis brass clone that I bought off
ebay and I'm not sure who the
manufacturer is but I'm going to take a
toke and bring up the description of the
different flavors that they have so um
alright here we go so i have i just
finished film or film or as like they
all have tobacco flavors in it but they
also have an additional flavor that goes
with it like Fillmore's peanut butter in
tobacco marina is like a high chew
bubble gum in presidio is a tobacco and
a pair and then they have Frisco
Presidio marina ashbury soma and the new
Powell this one is a pebbles fruity
pebbles rice krispie treat marshmallow
thing that's the description of this
juice I got this one in three milligram
um so let me uh
let me start off a Presidio first of all
right off the bat Presidio is my all
devi and to prove that i got a 120 mil
of it they have 18 I mean they have 15
mils and I'm pretty sure they have 15
120 I haven't seen uh 30 mils of them
it's kind of like cut wood but cut wood
started making 30 miles but Presidio is
um what a custard filled hair backs with
the creamy velvet tobacco so they're all
well they're not all this one's 30 70 p
g VG let's have a toke i have dual 24
gauge point three old build roughly on
the vertex version two if this thing
hits for me
um I don't really get a custard I love
the flavor is great I thought I wasn't
gonna like it cuz pair tobacco love it
love it it's like my favorite um in here
you get like it's even it's tough to cut
it you get the whole thing it's not like
different on the inhale in and exhale is
you get like a custody I don't really
get custard but you get parent tobacco
the combination is just tremendous um
it's my all day vape it's one of my all
day vapes um I loved full more I would
buy 120 of that and a hoppy Powell I
wish I kind of got it in six um not
three but it's good it's good it's kind
of a cross taste between our sweet tooth
loopy it's got a similar Syria it's got
that cereal taste to it on the Powell
it's got that cereal taste to it and
then you get like the pretty pebbles I
don't know what the rice krispie treat
you get like a fruity pebble cereal but
maybe a little marshmallow on it it
tastes pretty similar to the description
it's good I just wish I got six
milligram um marina is like a high chew
bubblegum I guess taste doesn't really
taste like bubble come to me it tastes
like something I've had before ah tastes
like Dom I can't put my finger on it
anyways um I'll leave down a second but
these are really good guys they are um
they are twelve dollars for a 15 and
they're eighty dollars for 120 ml um I
just get the 120s I picture they're that
good um I think they're all great except
marina Maria me is good but it's not
really like up my alley type good
um they use a true Nanak dtt dtt free
nicotine all flavors have been
meticulously perfected in AIDS before
barlen to ensure consistency um I agree
I definitely agree no added artificial
or natural sweeteners um they're great I
mean you can't go wrong with these I
think it's one of the best companies
made for Aegis out there cut wood frisco
vape is actually you guys might want to
look into this it's a jazz and ii soul
from the vapor lounge the vapor spot out
in Los Angeles um they make like like
back in the day like Johnny Cash Elvis
Herbie all the old school you know they
have names Clapton um their tobacco
flavor I haven't really been in tobacco
flavors but dan tobacco flavors are
superb I just ordered a bunch of that
but Frisco vapo I mean I give them you
know nine out of a 10 maybe even a 9.5
but you know this is all subjective but
you know the description of Presidio and
basically all of the Frisco vapors line
the description threw me off like it
wasn't up my alley I didn't want to try
it I had a guy come into the shop and he
said oh it's like crack it's like my
favorite one you should try it I just
said screw it i'll try it give me one
and I was amazed I was blown away to how
good that their flavors on now anything
that they come out with like Paulo is a
new flavor and I just grabbed it just
because Frisco made it I mean I like all
ashbury was great I killed also sorry I
couldn't like vapor min frontier but uh
I killed them
um let me read you the description of
age tobacco blend mix with peanut butter
bananas and honey oh wow I didn't know
that um I didn't really taste a banana
in it um maybe a little honey on it for
sure but you mostly get peanut butter in
tobacco um it sounds weird guys I know
it does not wait but trust me trust me
if you go on by and you don't like it
put a comment on here saying I suck
honest to god but if you don't like
peanut butter don't don't go get it you
know I mean this plenty of different
flavors out here for different types
that's a 37 TP g VG as well ashbury i
love this one at first I was kind of
like but it was good it was good I
enjoyed it it's a creamy acai berry chai
that is lightly spiced to perfection
that doesn't have tobacco in it Wow they
all taste like you know if you taste
like a line of somebody's juice they all
have like a symbol of not flavor but the
profile of the flavor is similar
probably because they use the same PG PG
and flavoring they might buy them from
flavor west and get all their flavors
from one company but the profile is the
same but the description and the juice
in the flavor is a little different if
you get what I'm saying where I'm going
with that I hope you do but yeah um that
one was really good i buy it again and I
wish I could just get on to 20 mils of
the whole line but you know that'd be
like a five-hundred-dollar spiel and I
don't got money for that frisco i have
not had frisco but i'll tell you the
description it's a enjoy natural
bergamont tea with hints of fruits and
herbs the bitter aftertaste makes this
an essential all day Earl Grey tea vape
46 TP g VG um I might have to pick that
up one day just because I like all their
other stuff um
the powell you get uh you get like the
cereal and the fruits and the inhale and
then in the mid you get like the kind of
the whole thing and then the exit get
like the sweet it kind of sweden's out
to like the marshmallow rice krispie
treat with the cereal with the fruity
pebbles but it does taste a lot similar
to like I was saying before the sweet
tooth loopy but I didn't like sweet
tooth loopy it had a little up to date
that I'd like Nepal I do it's not my all
day date I'm not going to say it's like
up there on my favorite but if I feel
like a serial type of a pie usually get
that one them but this one's my all-time
favorite cereal bait if you want a good
cereal vape I know this is a frisco
vapor review but if you want a good
cereal vate that's sweet and it tastes
like the milk that is at the bottom of
the bowl this is identical identical to
it fruity loops with the milk at the
bottom and you drink the milk that's
what this tastes like and it's $65 for
120 milliliter on beyond Vacon so i
would pick that up um but yeah thanks
guys I want to make this kind of a short
review like share subscribe and I'll see
you guys next review he's gone and Ethan
is all

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