Vape Review of Fried Cream Cakes E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Fried Cream Cakes E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

Vape Review of Fried Cream Cakes E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

A classic nostalgic treat is on it's way to your tank with Fried Cream Cakes by E-Liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)! This blend provides an unparalleled flavor experience that hits your tongue with sugary sweet force. A fried yellow cake sizzles upon the inhale with an unforgettably crisp bite. In the flavor body, a fluffy cream note lays in the inner nook of your palate. A silky, voluminous cloud of powdered sugar breaks into the exhale combining all three flavors into one tremendous blend. Be sure to buy a bottle of Fried Cream Cakes E-Liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML) today!

Vape Review of Fried Cream Cakes E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fried Cream Cakes E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

what's going on vapors wrong to my
review of fried cream cakes by liquid
effects 5 cream cakes is a 70/30 VG PG
blend mixing options are 0 3 & 6
milligrams and it's described as fried
cream cakes captures the essence of this
favorite fairground snack creamy vanilla
filling and fluffy yellow sponge cake
fried to perfection in a golden butter
and dusted with just a hint of powdered
okay so I'm going onion how is the taste
of and very dense getting the fried
effect cake
trouble is it's borderline pleasant it's
not the most great of tasting cakes I've
ever had ever had before there's a
slight sweetness but it doesn't really
do much for the cake it's a creamy note
but only just it's not enjoyable
now after then how the cream does come
through a lot more with that so does the
sweetness it's very light almost like
whipped cream which is quite tasty apart
from that that's it there is a like a
dry dark musty taste which I want to say
is the cake in a way Britt's morphed
into something completely different
can't work on what it is but it's not
noise now the exhale is better it's the
cake is become nice again if what it was
from the afternoon how the cream is
combined with the cake at this point
it's smooth it's sweet it's still
getting that fright light tastes which
is really really interesting actually
because I've read and if you're not that
before but what he's really interested
in how light the flavor is on the inhale
and on how dense and mouth filling it is
on the exhale it's gone from one extreme
to the other and the exhale is much
better it's very pleasant it's just the
in in the mid it's not great if I'm
honest it I don't know what the cake
what's happening with the cake on the
inhale I don't know what's going on on
the post inhale
but the exhale is so much better now
it's supposed to taste like Twinkies now
to me it doesn't it's not as sweet as a
Twinkie is there's problems there's
problems with in the flavor but the
exhale is pretty decent if I'm honest
but if you're expecting a Twinkie light
flavor it's not that at all
the more you vapor actually the exhale
gets even better the mean the exhale
upon the first exhale was pretty good
but it gets more and more enjoyable
overall it's it's not absolutely crap
it's nothing like that
it's it's decent it's it's okay
I won't call it an all day vape in my
opinion but the flavor itself okay it's
not bad
yeah I'm mixed
but yeah it's one than one I think it's
each to their own really hmm okay guys
that is a review for fried cream cakes
done I hope you found informative makes
your like this video and subscribe to my
channel thank you very much for watching
guys I should see using chairs actually
through the sweetness and the creaminess
of the custard it's quite subtle you
don't get any like zing or zesty notes
from it it's just there and it's a great
lemon essence flavor
now honey is that

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