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By Nataly Komova

Fresh and Sour Zour Apple 120ml ejuice is a fantastic mix of sweet and freshly sliced apples and a touch of sour candy flavor. Flavor: Zour Apple Size: 120ml Chubby Gorilla VG/PG Ratio: 70/30


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FRESH & SOUR ZOUR APPLE EJUICE

welcome welcome to my closet gonna be
doing a review from here today because
there's an echo in my other room so I'm
just gonna test this out and see how it
goes right now I'm building the Great
Wall of shit right behind my microphone
so it's just a bunch of empty moving
boxes and one of our other garbage that
I could find to kind of pile in a big
mess so it's not a smooth surface sound
of them bounce around I need some
dampeners I need some serious damage did
I figure it's Friday I'm a girl I'm
going to be in here like a good portion
of this weekend because clearly I have
absolutely nothing to wear so it's gonna
it's going to take me a long time I'm
gonna have to go through like five six
different outfits throw everything on
the floor before I'm ready to head out
so I don't have really I slept with this
makeup on so I'm not this this is it
this is how I wake up if I keep my
makeup on otherwise it's like oh not
that bad but it's bad so coming to you
in the most unflattering lighting
directly from my closet prerecorded here
is a review bazooka sour straws this was
sent to me from kilo liquids calm now if
you go on their website the only thing
you're really going to see is their
Black Series line I mean there is a shop
option and then if you click that I'll
make you click another thing when you
click that it'll redirect you to a
website that actually has this and a
bunch of other illiquid and this is a
sample pack I have like three flavors in
here they're 15 milliliter bottles I'm
not going to do a at the close-up thing
because they don't actually come like
this retail they come in two hundred
milliliter bottles they are really big
and they come in zero three six nicotine
they're 50 bucks so for 50 bucks you get
200 what I was just sent it to me I
would have loved to show you guys like
the big-ass 200 million balling the
biggest one I have is 500 milliliters
but it's all gone
not this company a different one so I
have I have already sampled these in
fact I remade through most of it so I'm
not going to be trying it for the first
time ever on camera I'm gonna try
something new because I mean the flavors
on here really self-explanatory you guys
have probably had um sour straws a candy
that they're kind of like sweet with
they're sour as well so for this review
review tasting what is this what am i
am i yeah it's Friday so if it wondering
what I'm going to be using for this well
honestly like everything's in boxes so I
just grabbed whatever was kinda on top
which was my H Prive by smoke and my
cyclone cyclone VT by Fumi Tech and it's
a pretty good flavor addi however it's
got bottom airflow so a lot of you guys
won't look good but I don't really care
because I get a liquid like all over
myself all the time
anyways so bucket the first one I'm
going to vape in front of you guys is
the sour sour straws are all sour straws
this is the Apple one green apple I'm
absolutely not picking up anything sour
and get Apple it's a really mellow taste
it's not overpowering like I don't know
if you've had sour straws before but
they're pretty uh pretty flavorful I
guess I guess it depends which brandy
gets from the generic ones really suck
it's just really mellow like there isn't
really much to it I'm just picking up
Apple and it's got a little bit of
sweetness to it I would have I would
have liked to taste a sour he liked I
don't think I've ever had one this is a
yogurt based so definitely a nothing
sour when it comes to this one all right
so next one I'm kind of try I didn't do
those guys cuz I have a damaged nerve in
my right arms like it I can't even
yay mom was right don't ever do that
don't use your teeth to open things
don't don't but why I don't know I
didn't bite into a fork fork once on
accidents and I like a little chip right
here the next one I'm trying is does it
show me a picture oh yeah there's a
picture of watermelon doesn't actually
say watermelon or da fuck I flooded it
this will do
I can maybe Jason look that sourness
suspiciousness this a little more in
this one I'm by a little more I mean I
can I can taste it I smooth that's
really smooth it's watermelon on the
exhale and Rosie's like Late Late
undertones oh you know when you have
well I don't know if you know Adam or
not but I've had a lot of sour straws
because I love I love sour candy love it
but when you first bite into it you get
that sour taste and you get that
sweetness followed right after well
there's a slight hint of that sensation
like an undertone do you have to say
what really upsets me is when companies
um use childish looking packaging to put
their a liquid into this is supposed to
be for adults but if I was a kid and I
was at someone's house I'd be like ooh
candy I mean once I open it I'm gonna
realize it's it's not candy and that I
can't open it cuz it's got a child lock
on it Wow mmm I really fucked up thing
is and pardon my language there might be
some swearing in this one today but uh
yeah it's for people 18 and over anyway
no kids should be watching this shit so
but what's really upsetting is every
vape shop I go to they tell me stuff
that's in the childish packaging sells
the best so no the last someone a vape
is the strawberry sour straw well that
strawberry taste is really where I want
it to be at to be honest it's uh it's
definitely not the best strawberry I've
ever had so this one is a no I do like
the Apple one and the watermelon one but
the strawberry one I'm really iffy on
and again I'm not picking up any of that
but sour taste it says right on here
sour sour straws and I'm not getting
sour I'm getting like a mellow flavor
followed by like he kind of sugary
flavor an undertone of sweetness and
then I saw nothin no sour no sour all
the closest one that even got to the
sour one would be the watermelon flavor
these things I mean I've been vaping
News 4 for like a week now all three
flavors and I do keep going back to them
so I must not hate them completely the
Apple one is like it's gone it's gone I
think I would just went through the last
of it while filming this the watermelon
one halfway through and then the
strawberry want I barely touched because
I'm not really a fan of this one so that
is pretty much it that is my urges
review and honestly because I just keep
going back to these it's an all-day fate
for me because it's so smooth it's not
overpoweringly sweet fortunately I'm not
picking up that sour taste that was
promised on the Box a little bit
disappointed on that but the good news
is they come in two hundred milliliter
bottles for like 50 bucks that was
actually a pretty damn good price on
that and I'll give you guys a direct
link if you do want to purchase juice
down below the video and that's pretty
much it skis guys hopefully next time I
won't be recording out of a closet I'll
get that echo issue fixed so have a good
weekend stay safe guys
Yolo you gotta look out how are you guys

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