Vape Review of French Dude E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of French Dude E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

Vape Review of French Dude E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

A true breakfast classic has arrived in vape juice form with French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics. Experience a crisp french toast crunch with a heaping serving of delicious toppings. The inhale begins with a powerfully blended french toast note with a drizzle of maple syrup. Exhale this e-liquid and find a combination of ripe blueberries and a dollop of whipped cream. Be sure to buy a bottle of French Dude E-Liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML) today!

Vape Review of French Dude E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of French Dude E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics (60ML)

what up YouTube it's a business paper
back again for another review what up
squad I hope you guys are doing well out
there today's review as I anticipated
e-juice that I've been waiting on it's
on French dude by vape breakfast
classics this e-juice french dude was
sent to me from vape friends vape
breakfast classics for the purpose of
this review it's not going to change my
opinion of this ejuice they brought your
pancake man pancake man is one of my
favorite juices of all times it is the
favorite a juice of all-time
for me I love it I got bottles I got
bottles and bottles and bottles of
pancake man laying around I never run
out I never run low on it so they
brought you french dude okay French do
is consist of french toast top of
blueberry whipped cream and drizzled in
maple syrup that's the packaging that is
the packaging alright um that's the back
okay that's the back that's the side
let's see if this lives up to what it
says but let's see if it's as close as
pancake man was so excuse the background
guys I'm moving okay like I said I'm
definitely moving that's not fully done
but I hope you liked the new setup cuz
this is how it's going to be for a while
60 ml glass bottle it's gonna come with
two 30ml unicorn bottles it's going to
come with one French dude sticker that I
got up there and it's going to come what
rent one French do button it's going to
come with one French dude keychain they
didn't send me the unicorn bottles they
just sent me the stick of the button in
the juice which I have plenty of those
bottles laying around anyways that's
what it looks like that's all it's going
to come okay it comes in 0 3 6 and 12
milligrams of nicotine 80
when TV GPG ratio so I'm gonna give you
a smell test inhale exhale flavor vaping
I'm thrown wants 5 scale 5 beating
competition juice all day vapor kicks
her throat you want to see a 3 an all
day vape for throat hit
I smell a nice blueberry I smell some
french toast
ok I smell some whipped cream I smell
maple syrup but I don't smell like that
little bit of butter in the pancake man
you don't have Sam I got the rx 200
sitting on top of the revolt this is my
taste tester baby dual parallel in
Turkistan 80-wire let's have a vape
productions beautiful it gets about a
four to a four and a half on V
definitely nice vape function alright
throat it's perfect it gets a three it's
a perfect door hit for you guys alright
definitely a perfect throat hit flavor
this is what it comes down to I gotta be
on point with this man they use the same
base as the pancake man it's got a very
similar profile and it's got a very
similar feeling to it kind of a taste to
it not like identical on taste but the
base of it is kinda similar blueberries
very nice it's like a it's a pretty
authentic blueberry man I gotta be real
like I don't really like too many
blueberries and this is definitely a
blueberry that I enjoying this one the
French toast is there the maple syrup is
there the whipped cream it's a little
creamy you know what I mean
I can't differentiate between whipped
cream and cream and milk the whipped
cream is there it's not a marshmallow
whipped cream it's more of like a milky
or a creamy whipped cream okay if that
makes any sense to you guys
it's definitely french toast that
yeah they nail the French toast ma'am I
had her I had a read rip and really get
a big mouthful they hit it on the head
dude they hit it on the head they hit it
on the head guys this is an all day vape
150 percent um this is another all day
all day vape for me I think the French
toast more up front
I had a read rip the French toast is up
front the blueberry is just a smidge
below that the maple syrup is it's
evenly it's well even the whole thing's
well-balanced the whole thing is evenly
balanced you get a little bit of
everything one is not overpowering the
other they hit on the head man they hit
on the effing head um
this is another beautiful classic like I
love the name vape breakfast classics
because they're coming out with fucking
classics man like dr. Dre 2001 album was
a hip-hop classic you're gonna love that
down the road you're gonna love them
when it came out you're gonna love a 20
years from now it was just a fucking
classic they're making classics dude
pancake man and French dude ah classics
they're not even in the same category as
any other ejuice out on the market they
are going to be a cornerstone they're
going to be a classic to our vape
industry of issues mm-hmm mmm
I want to drink the bottle man to be
honestly I just want to drink this
fucking bottle it's so fucking good man
this shit is on point you can find this
ease use @ww eight friends comm link on
screen and description that's where it
was sent from that you can find it the
price point for a 60 ml bottle with two
unicorn bottles stick is button the
whole nine keychain $30 I highly highly
highly recommend the French dude as well
after you're done vaping you don't mean
and you go out to work and you know vape
does kind of smell you know I'm saying
people have told me it kind of smells so
uh you know just a little side note for
you guys you don't mean if you wanna you
know freshen your breath hi if you want
to freshen your breath for the ladies
going out to the club doing whatever you
do okay vitae energy recommended by me
what these are man these are strong okay
these are these are strong like Altoids
and they have a boost of energy in them
as well two of these equal a cup of
coffee um they have different flavors
and stuff but I got wintergreen I love
that wintergreen stuff and they're
pretty good man don't like Altoids I
take in the work you know what I mean
like I don't like knowing my boss I
don't like having my boss know that I
hate you don't mean I just try I want to
hide it from somebody or you know cuz
you do get like a smell on you people
that don't smoke or don't vape or don't
do nothing they smell it it's they can
smell it on you not saying that smells
bad but people know like I got my deep
cleaning and um long story short the
dentist said you next time you come and
get you D clean do not vape I'm like
what do you mean how do you know I ate I
can smell it on you you don't mean and
that's when I was like oh shit really
that's what I went out and got some of
these man and they give you a boost
energy as well you know which is cool
sometimes I forget to take my coffee or
kind of tired of something at work man
after lunch you know that two o'clock
nap you like to take I take two of these
man I'm ready to go and my breath is
fresh fresh fresh than a muhfucka
so vitae energy man this is something to
look into okay I'll put a link in the
description for you guys to vitae energy
go Vidor calm French dude man love the
stuff that's when I got the it today's
water hope you found this video helpful
or informative if you did leave a like
share and subscribe I give you content
on a daily basis 1080p 60 frames per
second you're wasting your fucking
bandwidth advance crowd my channel boy
remember squad stay juiced up I'll
hopefully catching them all

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