Vape Review of FREAK SHOW FIRE

April 25, 2018 7 min read


Vape Review of FREAK SHOW FIRE

We have brought you another delicious flavor that may bring back some memories. Freak Show Fire is a fire in your mouth with a combination of sweet sugary goodness and spicy hot cinnamon. This eliquid devilish yet delicious is perfect for those that enjoy cinnamon, but in eliquid form. Freak Show Fire will light up your mouth and make those taste buds dance! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 100 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Freak Show - Fire BEASTLY BECAUSE Freak Show - Fire will put a freak Show of a fire in your mouth that you just can’t put out, but you will enjoy every moment! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FREAK SHOW FIRE

what's up everyone welcome back to no
juice review today we're gonna check out
for liquids that were sent over by VAP
society supply links will be posted in
the description and today we're gonna
check out for liquids from the tasia
will also announce two winners and will
announce a giveaway at the end of the
video so stick around for that
and the four liquids that we have today
are um we have pineapple Express royalty
2 rainbow road rainbow road and milk of
the poppy
that has been a classic all right so the
vacation line they do have some
interesting characters on the bottle and
some people will complain about China
you know cartoony labels but I don't
think you're really cartoony so I'm not
complaining too much about it
packaging not too bad hundred one
hundred mill bottles how much are they
$15.99 sir alright well let's start off
with which one which was or not we're
gonna start off with pineapple Express
so these are 100 ml bottles the VG PG on
all of them is 70/30 and I'm dancing
guys come on this is important
oh my god you threw me off when you
asked me what the price was you're
supposed to be loaded up and ready to go
could you do me off you're not supposed
to ask me the price I'm just supposed to
say it how was the price I already said
it I didn't catch it
$15.99 $15.99 okay so pineapple Express
is a tropical blend with delicious juicy
pineapple flavors and a smooth creamy
taste so it's a creamy pineapple it's
yes just lay it out like that don't tell
me how to say it we don't need all the
gibberish maybe they like it maybe I
like to hear that it's smooth and creamy
the DECA tent we are vaping on the drop
RDA on top of the IPV yeah I think
that's the 400 I think it's the really
odd one but yeah we've changed up the
setups a little bit they've a better no
no this some air flow would be awesome
well open up the air flow I would say
open up six holes Jesus Tony opening six
all right don't get the remote cloudy so
near the end of the video these videos
are horrible with all the clouds
everywhere woody they turn the
thingamajig on the thinnamon jig is
actually too loud it will interfere with
the video here we go people commented
before that wasn't loud that Haley
chewing on her bone was laughter's on
the machine that's pretty good
I've had vape tazer liquids for I think
a long time and the pineapple Express is
always really good right not too
pineappley it's not a candy pineapple
it's creamy
is it a Hawaiian pineapple it is good
nice little tangy pineapple a little bit
of creaminess I think it's very
delicious very very delicious step I'm a
big fan I'm a very big fan I would
advise to vape pineapple Express back in
the older label days when they had the
boring labels but now they have the new
labels what are you doing oh I thought
you were dying examples I was pointin
anyways a good one to like pineapple you
love it if you don't like pineapple
you'll hate it next one up there tough
take it away the next one is royalty too
and this is the creamy vanilla custard
with crushed pecans ooh this sounds
pretty good
you got airflow this time sure do buddy
take it away ass
Oh try to blow your class down don't
bomb at the camera because you're gonna
make the video cloudy that's really good
it is good my custard to me though to me
it tastes very nutty mm-hmm it's a very
good custard though it is good I get
more of the nuts though I do taste the
custard but it's very nutty but it is
good it's a different custard that's how
you that one of my favorite custards
actually is the killer custard which
we're not reviewing because we don't
have it but the killer custard and the
strawberry killer custard from vacation
is really really good this is that's
their biggest selling - yes it sure is
but that's not bad yeah thumbs up of
that well to folks whoo yes
- rows row next one is Rainbow Road
which you'll probably like this it's a
milky fruit cereal oh I don't think is
this new I don't know I don't remember
them having a cereal V I know they had
like a freed you are the first
yes sure let's do this this is D I have
no idea I forgot the name of it you
don't know anything that you're leaking
this one's not bad actually
excuse me oh I forgot sorry my bed fit
cloudy take it easy it's not bad is
actually pretty good I'm kind of wore
out with cereal vapes but it's kind of
its kind of looper taste to it with a
little bit of milk the Syria is not that
strong in it which is good it's not that
in-your-face II but I'm so burned out
with cereal vapes I can't even I can't
do it but it's good it is good like that
what it saves the fruit loops or uh but
there's a little food on the bottom what
would you say it is without looking at
the bottle too late area look at the
bottle though you're gonna say fruit
loops well all the cereal vapes tastes
like either fruit loops or fruity
that's more like a I don't know but I
like that because it's not a lot of the
cereal vape sometimes are really strong
and like in-your-face and I like that
this one it's more mild it's pretty
creamy though nice and milky so that is
three in a row holy hell what we do for
I've had milk of the poppy before and
I'm not gonna say anything about it oh
wait I will wait somebody asked the what
mod this is this is the eight cigar
I want to Saito is I don't know how to
pronounce the T Oh W is is they touch
you got to turn yeah they are hard poppy
is a strawberry milk flavor that's it
basically yeah it's I don't say else
hold my thoughts till the end I really
need a nap we shoulda done this in bed
Dona Dona do a review on bed head be
nice be nice wear PJs so this is good
but the strawberry is is different it is
a different type of strawberry it's
almost like a like a strawberry liqueur
word licorice it's not like fruity it's
not like a candy strawberry or natural
strawberry it's like a fruity licorice
in cream yeah I used to really love this
stuff but I've ate so much I got so
tired of it it's good though how do you
like it I'm just gonna burn out from it
Victor is a good line I've never really
been unhappy with any other juices
though we have four flavors here and all
four were delicious
there you go four lovely flavors and I
think that's it so now announce the
winners so we can wrap this delightful
video up yes so we are announcing the
winners from the donuts by marina Bates
marina let me touch your vagina I don't
think she'll let you she might if I give
her a bottle illegally what is it to him
oh my name a vagina carry on okay we had
360 comments for that video the first
one is mr. cannabis what why was it hard
to say cannabis it's not it's CA a and n
a a B is okay so it says draw buried
donuts or surprise me
there you go so mr. cannabis you are our
first winner congratulations email him
there you go paper faggot
please do not have any good fatally oh
shut up our winner number two is John
say Si ye say what say what say it I did
no you didn't you said John say say what
do it screw around he says nice job guys
I want to try the strawberry donut one
Jerry going donut was delicious
look you got her don't look at her
she'll be she'll jump up here
congratulations John say John say and
mr. cannabis that was a pretty
interesting name but you guys are the
winners send me an email and for this
people way what you guys got to do of
course like the video make sure you're
subscribed and tell us which one out of
the four do you think you would enjoy
the most the milk of the poppy the rocky
isn't that rocky road rainbow road
rainbow road too right yes no pineapple
express loyalty - loyalty - pineapple
express no Rob and pineapple Express
there you go you need to get out of the
video here say hi
don't say hi go go to bed all you do is
eat you should be ashamed of yourself
nobody wants to see the dog what do you
want to see the dogs yeah alright we're
out here because the dog is not the
center of attention here I am thank you
we'll see you guys later or I'll see you
guys tonight on not another vape show
7:00 Central Time don't be putting your
stuff on my shelf alright bye

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