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By Ksenia Sobchak

Flawless Legend 120ml e-juice is a refreshing blend of strawberry, watermelon and lemonade to create a perfect balance of sweet and tangy for the perfect all day vape. Bottle Size: 120ml



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAWLESS LEGEND EJUICE

what up you two who got a review for you
today it's an e juice review I know man
I know less and less e juice if you use
you guys love my other one bye flawless
called game ovah got a little hot mess
for ya
alright I purchased this from WWWE in
KCMO shop comm link on screen and
description just about $27 there if
you're in the boston local Quincy mass
area definitely check out that shop if
you not you can go to www.hsn
they have it there for $24.99
twenty-five bucks on most online
websites they made a game oval which was
a cereal ice cream man they came out
with this man that comes in zero two
four and six milligrams and nicotine
it's a little different on the nicotine
I got two milligram alright and what
this is supposed to be is well a nice
warm delicious churro top it off with a
smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream
what's better than a warm crunchy on the
outside and soft and the inside churl
sprinkled with sugar one top with a
smooth creamy ice cream made by one of
the most beloved manufacturers of
products today it's an 80/20 VG PG ratio
making it a vapor Monsta incredible
flavors incredible prices no compromises
that's the description of it that's the
information of it give you inhale exhale
flavor vape and throwing it on what to 5
scale 5 being competition juice all day
vapor kick to the throat you want to see
a three-ton all day bake for throw hit
all right so it's gonna come with a
regular top and you can and it also
comes with an additional top like this
it's gonna come with a regular top and
then you can put this top on it alright
60 mils you get 60 mils for 25 bucks not
a bad deal bro I love my ice cream
churros hit a miss smell test there's
like a little bit of cinnamon like very
subtle subtle spice like to cheer oh you
know II mean it's got a little bit of
that cinnamon it's done right though
it's definitely done right get the ice
cream vanilla ice cream mmm smells
it smells smooth we're gonna find out if
it lives up to the height you know I
love the game over so I've got the RX
200 with the bb-8 from Star Wars J rap
on it
doesn't really look that good I thought
I was gonna be like a color J rap it's
kind of a see-through I'm not really
digging that but it's on there got the
revolt RDA clone on top let's have eight
Oh Oh guys I'm telling you man I'm
telling you
this shit's on point I actually think I
like it a little bit more than game over
man so creamy got the you got the nice
ice cream like on game ovah and that
churro man the churro churro is very
smooth it's very balanced it's not crazy
or anything like that it's got just a
hint it's a hint of cinnamon it's sweet
it's bold to bold flavor I love my bold
flavors and I think they I think they
hit it on the head with this man I
definitely think they hit on the head
with this man this could be an all-day
babe hands down hands down smells it
smells almost just like a taste man I
highly recommend this juice dude price
point sixty males can't beat it now the
manufacturer of this is lung candy they
teamed up with flawless alright so if
you I did a review on lung candy you
might want to check out their juice as
well they got some pretty fire ass juice
as well BAM but definitely recommend
this stuff man definitely recommend it
if you found this video helpful leave a
like share subscribe and remember
smoking is gone
vaping is on babe on guys

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