April 19, 2018



Flawless Infamous 120ml e-juice is a straightforward blend of apple, pear, and kiwi taste! The inhale begins with a pear undertone beneath the subtle tart taste of a green apple. Bottle Size: 120ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAWLESS INFAMOUS EJUICE

what's up YouTube I'm back with it's not
a liquid review today we're gonna do two
from infamous that tough cookie and
trill I'm gonna start off I'm gonna
start off with trill will do puff cookie
second all right I got from giant vapes
1999 for 230 mills at zero three and six
milligram Ditka teen they also have it
at 120 Mills for $65 so you have that
option if you want to get a bigger
bottle let me read you the description
real quick
insulting hip-hop trill is a name that
means something is real and true
infamous trill is just that staying true
to the infamous lineage trill is a
perfect regional blend of black berry
strawberry and custard that is truly a
100% all day Betamax VG liquid also
here's the bottle I'll show you the
bottle real quick alright Premium me
drew infinite is true and I see at the
bottom that I got two zero three and six
beams is a 6 this is a 6 milligrams yes
it is alright oh well on the pile they
got the warning on the one side they're
not drink of course do not spill on your
skin keep out of reach of children and
H as their prop 65 doesn't set on say of
anything about prop 65 it does have the
warning that you know product contains a
chemical known as doing the cause birth
defects and all the reproductive harm it
doesn't say anything about the state of
California but whatever it is what it is
alright let's see let's give this a
smell it does have a nice a good smell
to it it's different it's a different
type of a smell I get the blackberries I
get a lot of blackberries with into
strawberry in the and the custards in
there but it's a um
it's gonna it's gonna may smell too well
what else well can i friggin say it's
kind of my smell all right I'm gonna put
it on there we got the mutation excess
stal it'll little Shruti guys that are
reviewing this a while back if you want
to go watch it it's a 1 point 4 ohm
build single coil build two flavour
build 35 watts of my tribe a banner that
I'll start it there because it's a high
own build all right I think it's well I
know it's it's about 9 10 wraps 24 gauge
nichrome alright so there it is go ahead
and pull them we're looking because
because I need to I'll put it on I'll
leave it on 35 for now you see what that
does ah the airflow will cover up the
one side I leave the other side open
beings that it is only a single coil
build then and we have both bottom air
flows open alright let's try like a see
what we get already trill mmm
it's got clouds you can see the clouds
are there no throw head even a six
milligram try sorry I'm gonna bump us up
to 40 watch watch
this is a tasty mother fucking pardon my
language vape very tasty it got great
reviews on giant beeps and I could see
why I've acting a bit of it I guess not
I have to bow all right black berry
strawberry custard
bethenny definitely get blackberries
hints of strawberry there in there but I
think the BlackBerry takes over a little
bit which is great because it's a good
blackberry flavor and the custard just
brings it all together it's it's rich
it's like a smooth creamy debate that
that custard usually gives you and
there's there's not there's nothing
custard wise with a lot of Custer's you
know it's I've been all the costumes so
you get that also almost kind of like a
creme brulee maybe type of a type of a
flavor or something smoke not a little
smoky going on but something in there
that doesn't really have this I can't
explain explain the custard flavor but I
mean I guess I just kind of did but I
can't I can't really pinpoint exactly
you know what kind of I mean it's a
strawberry blackberry custard yes it's
not a vanilla custard or anything like
that by any means but just just say that
there's no there's no smokiness or
nothing to it there's no um you know
anything like that it's a it just all
comes together really well and it's a
very tasty very smooth creamy liquid the
blackberry it's not too sweet by any
means it could be an old abate it's not
it's not too sweet and I just think that
they did a really good job of it I like
it I recommend it I recommend if you
want to go around do what I give you
know give it a try I recommend it
I saw some young kid I don't know do a
review on YouTube about it saying it
tastes like what the frig I read spree
you know to sprees those little round
candies don't plays anything like a red
spree in my opinion I don't know where
you got that from but alright so that is
drilled by infamous I highly recommend
it's a good liquid it's a it's a fine
liquid I really can't say I can't
compare it to anything taste wise what
it tastes like but but besides that beat
the BlackBerry in the strawberry custard
just dish other than saying that it's
delicious and you know that's about it
alright I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna
change my wick and be back with tough
cookie for one sec ready I am back with
tough cookies alright Internet you just
did true I'm gonna do tough cookie
here's the bottle killa bottle was green
and orange real orange orange and black
tough cookie is the green and black same
label same warning same stuff only the
names there's a tough cookie
obviously $19.99 for 30 mils same as you
know same as the whole line 120 mils $65
zero three and six milligram neck now
let's read the description because there
is my opinion well there's a little bit
of an issue it says the only thing Girl
Scout about this cookie is that it
probably where's the merit badge for
awesome with its delicious sugar cookie
blended with just a tiny bit of lemon
then it says primary flavors sugar
cookie and lemon max VG liquid okay when
I got this I opened it up I smelled it
it smell cinnamon I don't wake cinnamon
babes now if I didn't know that there
was cinnamon in this I would have never
bought it it's not a disc
doesn't say too much in in the comments
the the reviews anything like that about
it being cinnamon and so I want to go
look after but um it's it's not a lemon
sugar cooking it is basically a
snickerdoodle cookie which basically a
snickerdoodle cookie I think is it's
basically a cinnamon sugar cookie with a
little hint of lemon so if you don't
like sending the beeps I will recommend
buying this because it's got cinnamon in
it you taste it - snickerdoodle cookie
it has cinnamon now I'm not crazy about
cinnamon of age but I will say that this
is pretty good it's not a strong
cinnamon it's not it's not like you know
like a red hot cinnamon or anything like
that but the description should be
changed it's not a lemon sugar cookie it
is a snickerdoodle cookie with hints of
lemon okay but that being said like I
said you could smell the cinnamon and
now that it's been steeping for a while
you get a little bit of lemon in the
alright smells like a snickerdoodle
cookie with hints of lemon okay that's
that's what that's what it smells like
so go ahead let's strip some of this
we'll try it out we'll see how it vapes
check out the flavor now like I said I'm
not really crazy about cinnamon vapes
but well let's let's see
I put this up a little over 42 watts so
let's let see what we get I apologize my
clouds are there six move in no throat
hit it's a smooth liquid I recommend
this for somebody not liking cinnamon
that should tell you something that I'm
recommending this if you like a
I had snickerdoodle cookies in the past
stick or doodle liquids and this is good
it's the best one I think I've ever
tasted like I said I don't like
snickerdoodle pie babe stand tight babe
so anything like that but this is a good
one I would highly recommend this if you
do like stick a duel and the thing about
it is that every once in a while in the
background you'll get the little bit of
lemon sneaking through which is a which
is pretty cool because it does add
something to the liquid and I can't
explain it but it when you get that once
in love a little bit of lemon in there
you're like you know I like it like a
compliments the the cookie yes
snickerdoodle cookie well like I said
you know just the right amount of
cinnamon just the right amount of
sweetness it's not overly sweet so it
could be an old daibei for you so yeah I
mean like I said I I highly highly
recommend it's all cookie
yeah it's a it's a good cinnamon vape
it's a good that's a good the good
cookie oh you you get that cookie flavor
to that that that cookie note that that
you know the pastry aspect of it I was
talking about that before and a lot of
liquids they'll say yeah you know it's
oh not this a cake that cookie that but
you don't get the actual cookie or the
actual donut or the actual cake flavor
the you know you'll just get if it's a
strawberry donut you're getting a sweet
strawberry taste there's no actual
limited with it
if it's a alignment pancake you're just
getting something like a sweet lemon you
know you don't get the actual cakiness
to it but with this you actually get
it's not just like a like a cinnamon
vape with hints of lemon it's a cinnamon
it's a snickerdoodle cookie you get the
actual cookie in with the cinnamon and
I'm the lemon so I would describe it as
a cinnamon sugar cookie with into lemon
which is basically a snickerdoodle so I
think I were able enough I recommend it
I would go around buy it if you like we
heard go round by and give it a shot I
don't think anybody will be disappointed
and that's it alright I appreciate you
watching I got another I got another I
got I got tons more liquids to do and a
couple mods and just mainly liquids
though I do a lot of liquids so like I
said if there's something you looking
for you might want to try put it down in
the comments I might have it I'll do it
for you and that's it don't forget to
subscribe and I'll trip and drive
through a different Drive have someone
in the car do it for you alright that's
it until next time see is thanks for
watching have a good one people

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