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Flawless Game Over 120ml e-juice is a creamy Fruit Loops Flavored E liquid that is sure to satisfy your cravings and boost your taste buds into vaping heaven. Bottle Size: 120ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAWLESS GAME OVER EJUICE

so what up YouTube I got another review
for you its ambitious vapor coming back
at you it's on flawless game boba
alright it's a juice that you can find
it we vape here calm I'll put a link in
the description no doubt probably some
other website as well this is made by
lung candy alright I did a review of
lung candy line great juice love the
juice very cool guys out there
shoutout to lung candy thank you guys I
bought this alright you can find it's a
60 ml bottle it comes in zero two and
four milligrams of nicotine it's a 60 ml
bottle it's $25 you know what I mean and
the description is a fruit loop cereal
with ice cream so it's very similar to
spotlight rainbow nuggets except to use
fruity pebbles instead of Froot Loops
alright mmm this grid this is what it
looks like boom it's got American flag
on there with the flawless game ovah
made in America 100% American made
alright 2 milligram says it right on the
bottle created by lung candy brought to
you by flawless alright I could tell
because lung keen just has 60 ml bottles
and they look like this alright so I'm
gonna give you inhale exhale
flavor vapor and throw in a 1 to 5 scale
5 being competition juice all day vape
or kick to the throat 3 is what you want
to see in an all day vape the throat hit
alright and yeah man people have been
telling me about this on my squad how
you guys doing
you told me about this guy's and I I
bought one and I've been diggin it man
I've been I've been digging this so far
so I got my ipv4 by pioneer for you and
my plume veil version 1.5 chuff top
alright and if you're singing any wire I
have a review coming up on the ipv4 soon
and yeah here we go
popping out at 100 watts 3.46 volts
point one to all
it's a 70/30 VG PG ratio and when I'm
getting on this guy's is I give you a
small test real quick before I jump into
that whoa it's strong it's definitely
strong on like the cereal flava got a
little ice cream in there no really it's
strong on the lemon is why I think of
lemon lime it's strong on the lemon lime
as well
tastes good guys it definitely tastes
good I'm getting on the inhale I'm
getting like a vegan you don't get more
of the cereal in the line in the lemon
and then the exhale it smooths out and
the ice cream comes in it's a good juice
guys 100% Flav on a one to five scale
I'm gonna give it I'm gonna give it like
a four to a four and a half it's it
could be an all day vape no doubt
I like rainbow nuggets better than this
one all right I'm comparing it to that
one because it's the closest one with
the description
you know cereal ice cream this is got
fruit loops the elements got fruity
pebbles but it's good man it's
definitely good they production is great
on a 70/30 I give the vapor production a
bottle for no doubt throw tint on this
two minutes two milligram feels like a
three all right so I'd give the throat
it I like it it's perfect though it's
like the perfect for a 3 milligram you
know II mean but it's 2 milligram so I'm
gonna give it to throw at about three
and a half on a throw get I highly
recommend you guys checking this one out
we veep here that's where I bought it
from good fast shipping
check them out link in the description I
did some other reviews with weave a pair
as well but uh yeah guys I like how it's
a cobalt bottle it keeps the UV
raise audio juice to keep the potency
intact all right
yeah man out the nose let's see what the
nose I'm definitely getting more ice
cream out the nose as smooth as hell no
stinging whatsoever it's a great juice
guys I highly recommend you guys to try
it out gets my stamp of approval no
doubt I've been killing this ball I've
got it like yesterday the day before I
mean I don't just vape one juice all day
I have a large rotation that I rotate
but I've been hitting this and hitting
this more and more definitely good
thanks for watching you found this
helpful please leave a like share
subscribe and remember smoke is gone
beeping is on vape on guys duce

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