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BFB Straight Outta The Toaster Eliquid by Flawless is a 240ML bottle of creamy toasted pastries flavored e-liquid. This remarkable e-liquid blend features delicious and creamy toasted pastries that have been packed with fresh and juicy strawberries while being topped with a vanilla creme drizzle. If your mouth is watering already, wait until you try this delightful treat!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAWLESS BFB STRAIGHT OUTTA THE TOASTER EJUICE

what's going on guys mapping witasick
bait today got a badass bottle of juice
for you guys big and cheap all right
this is the straight out of the toaster
bye flawless and it says bfb at the top
I'm guessing it stands for big fucking
bottle no where can I find what bfb
stands for but I'm calling a big fucking
bottle it's gotta be it's gotta be this
thing's 240 milliliters of juice for 50
bucks 55 on phalluses website and 50 on
Bieber royalty and it comes with a 30
milliliter unicorn bottle gorilla
unicorn bottle and this bottles good man
it uh it doesn't leak when you squeeze
it onto a tank you're not gonna have to
worry about it
shooting the top off and spilling juice
all over the place this is legit bottle
so let's go over the description on
flosses website so flosses website says
let me switch over to it come on iPad
damn iPads fuck you Apple so yeah you
can get this in zero three and six
milligrams the description of this juice
is a creamy toasted strudel with subtile
pastry flakes filled with strawberry jam
topped off with sweet frosted icing and
a side of fresh strawberry slices 240
milliliters all right so on here it
shows you know the strudel pastry the
frozen pastry everybody's had when they
were kids or still have my kids eat them
I don't eat them but they do and it's
got some type of Baker man and a toaster
and some ice bottle you know not a bad
ball it's got all the warnings on it and
so they did a good job of this nothing
too extravagant but why should it be
I just want juice I don't care what it
looks like but you guys might alright so
why don't we do some rips on the sucker
and see what should taste like I know
what she tastes like but I'm gonna tell
you what she tastes like
mmm it's good
all right so hmm you get that pastry
taste from the beginning and it's really
good sweet and creamy and then at the
end you get more of the strawberry
pastry nowhere in this do I taste jam no
I don't taste jam anywhere happens do
one more pull yeah definitely pastry you
get some of that brown sugar taste to it
you know that sugary taste and then with
a nice hint of strawberry in it um it is
really good juice guys it really is for
50 dollars I'll tell you what there's
not too many juices out there you're
gonna get for 240 milliliters for $50
that tastes anything like this and the
vapor production from this is absolutely
incredible I'm guessing this is around
80 VG blend um it's really thick it's
very good for dripping you can use it
any RTA's and your tanks but you're
gonna have to before you wake up you're
gonna have to like really plan for using
this because it is thick when I use it
my VC MT and my aroma riser and my
cirrus tank you definitely have to
account for that how thick it is and
definitely thin the canal but for tanks
to TFP for it whips up fine I haven't
really been using it in any other tanks
so I can't really tell you but it is a
thick juice um but for me you know I go
through 20 milliliters a day around okay
so this juice is gonna last me quite a
while and for $50 example box don't even
selling sends you 20 240 milliliters of
juice for 50 bucks they don't and it's
by a reputable brand flawless they do
awesome stuff there and I'll tell you
what man I'm giving this two thumbs up
is it's really really tasty let's do one
more - uh right now I'm using this on a
succubus RDA authentic succubus and
copper limitless mod and I have in here
I'll show ya I have alien alien
Clapton's in there so you can get it I
got sixty frames per second so it's
taking a little bit but yeah they look
dirty but just clean them so they're
almost done with your life
but for the price of these coils you
really cannot throw them away too fast
all right
so juiced up ready to go let's throw her
back on there yeah but guys this juice
is legit man you know if you're you got
a strict feet but and you want the
biggest bang for your buck I'll tell you
what this is it this is it and the
unicorn bottle is good 30 milliliters
doesn't drip or the top doesn't blow off
because some of these other ones I'll
tell you what that's gets me so angry
when I'm driving or something I'm in a
parking lot
filling up my tank and that damn thing
pops off and I'm barely squeezing it and
juice just goes everywhere that pisses
me off and this bottle is legit oh I
guess I can say that enough right
alright as you can see the big thick
clouds this thing does been incredible
they just drop it just drops them
incredible awesome flavor not too sweet
but sweet and it's just it's a vape that
I can vape all day okay um and for me I
I'm very fussy with my juices I really
am and to have a juice that I can
consistently use day to day for 50
dollars is incredible
so like I said two thumbs up awesome job
job flawless I will post links in the
description where you can buy this to
places that I found it on
I'm sure there's ton of other places but
I'll just post a link to it anyways but
ya guys have a good one if I don't post
again because I know I'm not consistent
with moon posts
hopefully I see seeing you guys at
northeast alright guys have a good one

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