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Flawless BFB Straight Outta The Toaster 120ml is a creamy toasted pastries flavored e-liquid. This remarkable e-liquid blend features delicious and creamy toasted pastries that have been packed with fresh and juicy strawberries while being topped with a vanilla creme drizzle. If your mouth is watering already, wait until you try this delightful treat!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAWLESS BFB MINI STRAIGHT OUTTA THE TOASTER EJUICE

going on YouTube your friendly
neighborhood hosts and vapors matpat
back to you guys with another premium
ejuice review guys big shout-out to
Chris Cowell for sending us the rest of
this fat ass fucking bottle bfb you guys
the big fucking bottle bye flawless it's
a 240 ml bottle if you're wondering the
size of it it's pretty fucking big it's
like a mini shampoo bottle basically
basically I was gonna say though
yeah shops Chris Kyle the 240 ml spats
gonna give you a description on it what
it is and stuff what the flavor profile
is with the price well I guess not the
exact pricing but yeah nothing exact
pricing so this is coming off of ejuice it's gonna be cheaper than
$55 it shows on here but you have to
login and become a member
memberships free but - but it's so
anyways you gotta log in to see the
pricing the actual pricing on it but
it'll be cheaper than 55 so the flavor
description they got on here says
straight out of the toaster a creamy
blend of toasted pastries stuff with
fresh strawberries and a vanilla cream
drizzled on top and it says 8020 VG and
PG and yet they also have like another
flavor called morning fire which is it
says better than I would be on that I
don't matter dude and doesn't matter
this includes like glutes a 30ml unicorn
bottle to your purchase on there so I
mean got this probably with like good
hundred 20 mils in it the vaping on a
little bit I mean it might have been
more just case cry
is watching us one of the bottles was
leaking so I'm not sure which one was
leaking Leiden top in this one not
really sure but anyways besides the
point let's get it on the review smell
fresh strawberries yeah you definitely
do get a fresh strawberry smell like a
TF a fresh strawberry there's definitely
a unique strawberry smell to it almost
like I guess Pat like said before like
I'm not sure pubes smell one-hit wonders
milk man a sometimes has like a little
bit of an alcohol I smell water not
really an alcohol smell to it anymore
but it's almost got that same spot on
same strawberry smell that one hit
wonders milkman does and I mean I think
it does honestly honestly does it smells
pretty nice I don't I don't like I can't
smell like any like toasters like
Stewart I smell the pastry and I do
smell the pastry yeah you can smell the
pastry in the background okay I don't
notice that I can I just noticed like
the strawberry you could smell
strawberry I could see my pastry behave
a bit like a little creamy icing maybe
you smell that vanilla icing that
vanilla cream icing Maine so are we
doing twist message box Mon 65 watts
0.35 dual clap and build 26 gauge wire
I'm using you guys vaping really nicely
mm more of a hot build I want to taste a
warm toaster warm toaster strudel of
course and I don't want anything cold
you ever seen like freaking commercial
it's like so annoying like Ken who he
says like come strollin toaster strudel
like a little weird and like hey like
Buster's yeah yeah
pretty good pretty good
is that like fresh out of the toaster
you're straight out of the motherfucking
string it out of the sips trees nice and
warm get that nice rich fresh strawberry
flavor definitely like off top I'm kind
of getting like that cream in pastry
like icy creamy pastry I think it's
really good like to me like I am like
honestly like I could taste like a
fucking warm like flaky fucking toaster
strudels stuffed with some strawberries
oh yeah it's pretty good
240 ml bottle it is a lot of fucking
juice to buy but I mean if you're one of
those people that have been used to
buying one hit wonders 180 mils and
you've always gone through it I'd like
to keep it in your arsenal as rotation
on different juices this might be
something to check out it's pretty damn
fucking good yeah and I definitely
recommend it
fucking flavors kick in on that shit's
gonna get a solid 10 for a for a warm
toaster strudel vape yeah and you really
get like the strawberry around the
inhale and then you get that out what do
you call it
pastry and like I see nothing exhale
honestly yeah and it's like it's so it's
nice and smooth to like it like I think
it's all around a good juice like in
good price I mean you're getting 240
milliliters for less than $55 yeah it's
probably like 45 off Iggy's direct or
something they got great prices on there
great prices great this is a three
milligram nicotine it's nice and smooth
for sure
great flavor I could definitely make
this shit all day same here would you
say it's an all week though well yeah
this wouldn't be something that I could
vape all week and damn near kill the
I would definitely probably after vaping
it all day I wouldn't have a problem but
by the next day I'd want to switch it up
and vape something different for sure
definitely we're checking out there yeah
it's worth checking out it's worth
something about
keeping your rotation in your arsenal
and stuff it's the juices in two thumbs
up for me let me give it out I'll give
it a thumbs up I'm not gonna give it to
because it's not an all week vape but
I'll definitely give it a thumbs up for
sure to check out anyways you guys make
sure to LIKE share finger the fuck out
of that or sorry finger the fuck out of
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subscribe please show the videos you
guys it always helps us grow that much
more every time we see you share we
fucking start jumping up and down like
some little kids and shit I mean cuz
we're that appreciated dance Indian head
spins oh yeah
cuz it makes a channel grow that much
more you guys but stay tuned we got a
huge juice giveaway will be posted on
the details porting stuff so if you're
curious where it's at it's coming up pop
it posted by tonight stay tuned

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