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Flawless BFB Mini Morning Fire 120ml is a raisin bread flavored e-liquid that's truly better than your Grandmothers, even freshly cooked! This delicious raisin bread flavor offers a great taste, but gets even better as it's smothered and covered in melted butter. It doesn't get any better than bread and butter!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAWLESS BFB MINI MORNING FIRE EJUICE

hey everyone it's saved by vape again
and I'm back today with another juice
review this one is on bfb morning fire
this is from the flawless company that
makes a lot of those other 60 ml juices
like game over they have like that fried
ice cream one you know the company it's
the like the F with the flag they have
drippers they have devices they have
everything Follis is a big name they
have this line of juice is called bfb
which stands for big fucking bottle now
that's pretty accurate because this is a
240 ml bottle of juice look at that
that's nearly the height of my head and
it Dwarfs this mech mod which is a 25
millimeter this isn't a tiny little
thing huge so basically what you get in
the package here you get this giant
bottle you get one of those somewhere
laying around here the cat's been
playing with it it's like one of those
remembers LIVESTRONG bracelets it's like
one of those but it has like the the
company name on it and then you get one
of these 30 mil it's empty when you get
gorilla unicorn bottles now one thing is
it does not come with like a spout to
put it in there so you gonna have to
carefully pour yeah whatever
you'll whiff it's not that hard so the
flavor description on this juice is
better than your grandma's grandmother's
a freshly baked raisin bread covered in
melted butter so well anyway let's first
state that if you're new to this channel
or if you've seen these videos before
from me then you should know that I
often do reviews on what I like to call
budget ejuice which is what I define as
40 dollars or less for a 120 ml bottle
that's about ten dollars a 30 mil this
juice depending where you get it but
most places it is 55 for 240 ml bottle
meaning $27 for a 120 ml meaning what is
it seven seven dollars a 30 mils
very within that budget friendly range I
cannot find the VG PG level on it but it
looks to be 70/30 80/20 territory yeah
let's get right to the tasting of it I
have it on my twisted messes v2 Trinity
glass top cap on the broadside mech mod
it's a point 1 5 own twisted 26 gauge
nichrome pretty simple coil nearly fresh
battery not not completely
the cloud production off of this setup
with this juice is fantastic um this
juice is ridiculous guys you know that
cinnamon raisin toast I believe it's
pepperidge farm might be Arnold not sure
doesn't really matter but if you know
what I'm talking about it's the loaf of
cinnamon raisin bread that is double
wrapped it's like plastic shrink wrapped
and then in a plastic bag
this shit's real wet and sticky toasted
with butter it's like unbelievably good
this is exactly exactly that so for my
rating systems one of them that I
usually do is accuracy to the
description and then accuracy to the
real-life item 0 for description being
it's nothing like what they said 10
being it's exactly what they said and
for realism 0 meaning being it tastes
nothing like cinnamon toast 10 being a
taste exactly like cinnamon toast so for
what they said cinnamon toast with
butter 10 out of 10 first one I've ever
given it's exactly what it tastes like
and then for realism it's also a 10 out
of 10 this is exactly a cinnamon raisin
toast with butter I mean you get
everything in this it tastes like bread
tastes like toasted bread somehow I
don't know how but it does you taste
sweet cinnamon it's not a spicy cinnamon
it is a sweet Bakery cinnamon you get
smooth creamy buttery mouth coating
taste and then somehow you get raisins
not grapes like grape out understand
like you know grape flavouring it's
pretty basic but you taste raisins not
grapes I don't know how they did that
it's unbelievably accurate yeah so now
it's gonna throw hit zero being zero
milligram nicotine no through throat hit
at all ten ten being harshest nastiest
juice you've ever tasted like if you get
those bunch of juices that have just
that awful nicotine you order three
milligram and it's still just impossible
to hit that's ten out of ten this juice
I'm gonna give it a three only because
when you first start vaping it literally
I mean first start first one two three
hits you get a little team
it's not painful it doesn't choke you up
it's not lingering it's just you feet if
you vape it you know there's nicotine in
it that's pretty much it after the first
few drips first few hits gone like it
was never there I got that little bit of
a throat hit this morning when I started
vaping I stopped and started multiple
times since then the throat head hasn't
come back smooth has butter overall vape
ability flavor quality zero being a
comment Asus wants an ever vape but
again ten being I'm gonna beat this all
day every day I'll give it an eight it
is absolutely delicious to the point
where you can vape this first thing in
the morning with coffee I did this
morning with black coffee perfect
pairing you can vape it at night as like
a midnight snack make it to paper during
the day whatever you can make this any
time now for those of you who don't
really like sweet juices this won't be
for you because it's very sweet it's
very very very similar very exactly like
that cinnamon raisin toast
except honestly it's a little bit
stronger because you get that same
full-blown fresh full flavored taste of
that cinnamon toast with every single
hit it is not so um flavor intensity is
another category I'm gonna be adding to
this zero being pretty much it tastes
like air you might taste like you know
say this is cinnamon raisin bread and
you vape it and you taste like a crumb
of cinnamon raisin toast if that that's
a zero ten out of ten
being super intense coin like so strong
you don't even want to be bit give this
one a seven because it is powerful but
it is not sickening it's not overbearing
it's delicious
from value it's a ten out of ten I
haven't done that category before but
this juice is bringing it in there
because in terms of cost fifty five for
a 240 mill flavor being absolutely
delicious and accurate clouds being nice
satisfyingly sweet it's a ten a ten
value you will get your money's worth
for this and if you like cinnamon raisin
toast you will like this juice it's not
like some juices where you like okay
that's it says it's a s'more so you
buying like it's kind of a s'mores know
if you like cinnamon raisin toast with
butter in real life and you vape then
there's no reason that you won't like
this I can guarantee that now it only
comes in 240 ml bottles so if you're not
someone who makes a lot you might find
this bottle actually will last you ages
I have a ton of juice so it is gonna
last me ages not because I'm not gonna
be able to love just because look at
this thing this is a 30ml bottle this is
what it comes in the uniform bottle that
comes with is really really nice it's a
that guerrilla brand so it's quality
good thick nice and needle nose tip so
it's easy to drip and easy to fill tanks
pours out really smooth it's just a nice
little bottle I know it doesn't matter
much you know gram bottles kind of a
unicorn bottle but it's a nice one so
that's a plus there um it's available
nicotine wise in 0 3 & 6 and nothing
else that's it 0 3 & 6 240 ml bottle 55
dollars everytime plus shipping I got
this at a bake shop so I can't really
tell you what shipping would be it's
really obviously like anything else is
gonna change with the website but yeah
I'm just gonna keep bantering on if I
don't end it soon so anyway is this
morning fire by bfb e-liquids which is a
subset of flawless it is delicious it is
well priced it is accurate accurate as
all hell
and every hits as good as the last the
smell unbelievable
alright really that's it thanks for
watching guys

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