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Flawless Aftermath 120ml e-juice is a blueberry Vanilla Bean Glazed Donut Eliquid is creamy glazed donut Eliquid filled with juicy blueberry bits. Bottle Size: 120ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAWLESS AFTERMATH EJUICE

what's up guys it's Jay fury back with
another juice review for you
and I got a really good juice for y'all
we got flawless aftermath the stuff is
very good price premium juice I've been
trying to be honest what you actually
haven't bought any juice in a long time
a couple of months I was starting to get
bored with juices and was looking into
some budget lines I tried some cheaper
stuff just couldn't vape it found out
about two three flavors - I'm insane
about I'm gonna do this this juice is so
good each one of them has to have their
own video I was thinking about doing
both in this video but this juice needs
its own and the other juice I'm talking
about needs its own so look out for that
review that's coming up next
might even do that one today as well but
anyway flawless aftermath oh my goodness
this stuff is 25 bucks for 60 mils you
can get it online on flawless site and
there's mad sites that have it out there
just google it flawless aftermath I got
this from a local vape shop and oh my
goodness it's amazing it's a blueberry
what's a glazed doughnut with blueberry
bits vanilla bean ice cream and crunchy
berry that's the description of it and I
could give you the full description real
quick it says I'll be right back little
check it out a creamy glazed donut
filled with juicy blueberry bits served
with the side of vanilla bean ice cream
topped with a touch of crunch berries
that's the description this is by far
the best blueberry juice I've ever vaped
no joke I'm not exaggerating one bit
best blueberry ever had probably the
best donut I ever had without a doubt
the best blueberry donut I've ever had I
mean to me let's vape
let me vape it let you guys know what
I'm getting I got the the dna200 with
this danger on here still love this
thing man haven't been going crazy on
buying gear or drippers I'm happy with
what I got right now and it is what it
is kind of been getting a little bored
with the with the hobby of it maybe
because I'm sick of spending my money on
mods when I got like three that there's
really nothing out there right now for
me you know that's gonna do anything
better than what I got but anyway this
is a juice review so let's get into it I
got this on five hundred degrees at 25
watts this must be
I'm gonna bump it up just a little bit
so right now for me 30 watts is the
sweet spot for this juice at 500 degrees
I get I don't know if I get everything
in the description all right I get one
of the best doughnuts I've ever had I
would say this reminds me more of if you
went to an expensive Italian pastry shop
or an expensive pastry shop whether it's
Italian or not and got a really good
pastry with blueberry jelly in it a
little little bit of ice cream I get
from it I get I get the vanilla bean ice
cream thing a little bit but I just get
the best blueberry flavor I've ever had
it tastes like a blueberry jelly it does
like the jelly from a doughnut
imagine biting into a doughnut with the
jelly just squeezing in your mouth
that's what it tastes like I get a
totally different type of flavor if I
just go through the nose
if you just go through the nose you get
straight donut like almost a powder eNOS
I can almost taste a powdery nice like a
powdered donut I know it's supposed to
be glazed but to me it tastes more like
a powder puff pastry donut with
blueberry jelly a little bit of that
vanilla ice cream I think that all just
blends together with that and the crunch
berry which it says it's just a little
bit of crunch berry but this is
definitely the best blueberry doing I've
ever had I gotta hit it again for you
I've only been vaping like five mils of
juice a day I went down a lot and I just
got this bottle day before yesterday and
however many mills is that I just been
dripping it I can serve juice when I
drip I got the other juice I'm talking
about in two tanks I got it
I'll tell you about that in the next
review anyway I highly recommend this
juice flawless after Matt blueberry
doughnut the best one out there I
challenge you to try that and let me
know what you think because I don't
think there's a better blueberry flavor
period and all that a vape game I don't
think there's a better doughnut I don't
think there's definitely not a better
blueberry doughnut this stuff is out of
this world definitely check it out get
to your local bnm or order it online
you're still gonna get it for the same
price 25 bucks for 60 Mel's
and the other juice is even more budget
and this stuff is definitely premium
it's up there with any of the twenty two
dollars for 30 mil uses you're gonna get
out there if I was to say I really
really dug the after party by telling us
last year which was the raspberry jelly
filled pastry this kind of tastes like
that but a blueberry and that stuff
tasted like good raspberry jelly not
that not that same raspberry you will
get just like this don't taste like any
other blueberry you would get you get
the blueberry jelly amazing donut I mean
I could gush over this juice forever and
what highly recommended if you liked
this video thumbs up please keep
subscribing to my channel let me know
what you want me to review me I don't
really know how many devices I'm gonna
be getting my hands on and you know
unless I borrow some stuff from the shop
that I work at part-time to test so let
me know if there's any
you want me to get in my hands for a
couple of weeks to test and review for
you guys but the juice reviews are
definitely gonna start coming I'm gonna
start getting my hands on some more
budget juices and letting you know what
how they stack up to the premium because
you know I got a serious juice snob
pallet to be honest and this stuff man
it's I'm telling you right now I like
this and others do someone a review
better than anything I baked in 2015
nerdcore believe was my favorite juice
in 2015 because it just did something
real different with cinnamon and brought
me back to my love for cinnamon vapes
flawless also got a juice called hot
mess which is the cinnamon churro that I
tried in the shop I'm gonna get that
next week and I'll review that for you I
just didn't want to spend that much
because I'm gonna be vaping this stuff
all week so I hope you enjoyed this
review comment subscribe I appreciate
all the support out there on this
channel and I'll see you guys next time

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