April 19, 2018



Flave Lab Custard Envy 60ml eJuice is a delicious creamy vanilla custard that you will not want to put down. Bottle Size: 60ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAVE LAB CUSTARD ENVY EJUICE

what's up
oh hello there YouTube and welcome to
another pasta and curry news with me
your dude reviewing for you the vapors
out there what is up what is happening
how the hell you livin I hope you're all
living alone today I'm doing a juice
review on slave lab custard envy vaping
it at 3 milligrams my simple label no
tempting child labelled or I like that
and where'd you get this flame lab
custard NV well I got mine over it a
juice direct calm ejuice direct calm you
head over there and you look up your
slave lab custard envy comes in a sixty
milliliter bottle only comes in zero
three and six Nick and here's the best
the price is $17.99 for a 60 ml not bad
at all I got mine during the holiday
season where everything was discounted I
think I got mine for that $10 a bottle
can't go wrong there how do they
describe this juice they describe it as
a as custard IV the sweet aroma aromatic
vanilla flavor and smooth creamy texture
of homemade custard this custard makes
our other custards jealous
it is a 70/30 70 VG 30 PG mix well now
you know where to get it what it's all
about what the price is here you'd use
direct let's see what it smells like
real quick I'm getting a crème brûlée
custard not your normal vanilla custard
a little more a little more cooked than
shall we say and first question we have
care have pasta and crew review this
does it cloud let's drip some in there
you see it's a little loose but it is a
70/30 but even though it's at least
let's see if she cloud does cups in any
cloud let's see think is she clouds yeah
yep she clouds still going
so she earns the class the days she
calls for days absolutely now you all
want to know what does this custard
Emily tastes like right well this is my
second second sixty milliliter bottle I
saved it for the review the other one
just went I just made the pic made sit
all day all right
what does she taste like it doesn't
really tell you my chair just describes
what it's supposed to be so let's see on
the inhale I'm getting like a sweet
creamy sweetness coming up it's like a
cream sweet cream sweet cream best way
to describe that that's when I'm getting
on inhale exhale
I'm getting a creme brulee vanilla
custard like they make the custard but
they cook it a little more on the
outside and make that top part nice and
cooked on the custard that's what I'm
good so it's like a creamy custard
whoa what a creme brulee reminds me of
another base I've had called last stand
by food base which is a local vape shop
in Connecticut and have several stores
they make one called last Anne which is
very similar but not exact this is more
of a creamy custard not too sweet it's
sweet enough for me I like my my custard
base to my a big good babe I like it a
little sweet but not too sweet well it's
going to hurt my teeth or make me
believe it is too sweet this is good
like I said the last bottle weren't real
quick so I had to save this one from the
review make a team very good doesn't
turn your stomach doesn't give you
sweats don't give you a headache very
good nicotine throat hit for me getting
zero throat hit maybe a little little
maybe from a scale to 1 to 5 it's a
point 5 not much at all well that's all
I really got to say about this slave lab
custard Envy 1799 not bad for 60 months
all right people this has been your dude
with another birthday and crew view
please give me thumbs up thumbs down
comment subscribe or don't
peace out you too

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