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Flave Lab American Dream 60ml eJuice is a delicious mix of ripe strawberries with sweet blueberries and topped off with whipped cream. Bottle Size: 60ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FLAVE LAB AMERICAN DREAM EJUICE

what's up vape Ambe plan big community
YouTube Facebook whatever whatever
this is annamaria reporting live from V
oh yeah here we are today with just
another ejuice review today we're going
to be talking about someone from Toms
River New Jersey that's right we're
hitting home today it's actually a
family friend friend of the family
however you would like to put it his
name is Christian I believe he is 21 or
22 and he's already doing big things for
the community and the e-liquid company
he has his own is the owner of the
American Dream illiquid and I could tell
you that this guy if you don't know
Christian he has a heart of gold he will
take his shoulder his shoulder his his
shirt off his shoulder for you guys he's
just a really nice genuine guy heart of
gold the big heart so today we're going
to be reviewing for different ejuice
eliquid let's see what we got in store
today we have four different ones I
believe yes he did say that they are his
top seller we're going to be reviewing
his four top eliquid best sellers in his
line he has a couple and he also has a
sample pack very affordable prices
quality is completely there and it's
just something something that I wouldn't
expect from just I mean I know age has
nothing to do with it but the quality is
just out of this world and he is just
hustling his heart out for the vape
community you could tell that when you
vape his juices that love and passion
was was in the recipe so we're gonna be
vein we're gonna be vaping on a rainbow
shrub a thunderstorm and blue pearl
Brule I don't even know how to say it I
always stumble upon that word it's a
tongue twister for me but that that v
that ely illiquid is actually just a
limited time
so if you would like to go ahead and
check him out he is at ta de liquid comm
so it stands for the American Dream
illiquid calm in other words it's tag
e-liquid calm if you would like to go
ahead and order his product you can also
pick it up he has a special pickup
section and you can your orders would be
ready in a hundred and twenty minutes
pretty good if you ask me or if you
would not like to go on the website
because you are very old school or you
would like to go ahead and talk to him
on the phone you could go ahead and call
the business number at seven three two
five zero three eight three four one
that's seven three two five zero three
eight three four one and you know that I
am a marketing freak so first things
first we're gonna be talking about the
marketing of these products okay the
American dream so obviously we're gonna
be looking for something to do with the
the American dream something to do with
the American flag maybe just maybe the
state bird the state flower the state
flag let's see what he pulled out of the
magic hat looking at the American dream
of rainbows alright so here we are this
is the bottle marketing bottle is a
green a green like a sea glass of green
okay we have the childproof safety drip
dropper I respect that
shout out to Christian keeping up with
the times all right
the label is straight clean to the point
and like I said what were we looking for
the American the American flag right
there with the evil okay there's the
eagle with the American flag right in
the middle so straight to the point the
American dream
keep keep away from children the warning
okay there's a warning on there thirty
MLS okay
the American Dream illiquid LLC has
rainbows right over there what I like
about this bottle is that it says the
board on date so it was born on 9 2015
so it's been steeping for quite a while
and it's batch number two and it's it
also says the 3 mg Nick and my favorite
of all favorites it says a 70 bg-30 PG
so you know exactly what you're vaping
there you have it guys the American
Dream marketing and we're not going to
be depicting the marketing shirt across
the board we're just going to be giving
it a number because the bottles are all
predominantly the same except for the
limited time offer one because he ran
out of the league links because they're
going like water so the marketing I like
because it's not directed towards kids I
like it because it's a clean label and I
like it because it's a sea glass green
so that represent to Jersey for me
because but by the shore so marketing
for me does get a solid force now when I
look for different different things on a
bottle and I would see the name of the
company or I don't see the VG PG or I
don't see what Nick is on it or things
of that sort that's what degrades from
the actual grading that I give it now
like you guys know I've been trying to
be more professional with my videos I'm
not doing it on a cellphone anymore
I am doing it on the Mac I haven't been
doing it at any any random location I've
been trying to keep it with one location
so you guys know that once you see that
background that knows that work that you
guys know that we're down to business
and also you guys know I'm a marketing
freak so um I think I'm gonna be
changing my grading system instead of a
one to five on marketing I'm gonna be
doing an A grade to eighth grade so I'm
gonna be changing that grading just for
marketing so this marketing the grading
system is going to kind of be like on
the market
teacher the e-liquid bottle so if I was
a teacher and we were in marketing class
this bottle would receive a b-plus okay
there you have it
now let's get down to the nitty-gritty
the fun stuff all right
smell and inhaling lung-lung get nose
hit and cloud production right so today
we're gonna be using the below 200 okay
with some some MTurk alien clapped
infused collapses in there okay and
we're going to be hitting it on the
a-list like so first runner-up is
rainbow okay so for a 30ml of this
bottle it's going to cost you roughly
around $20 I'm saying $20 because
shipping and handling is around 325 and
the bottle goes for 17 dollars okay so
17 dollars for a 30ml also for 60mm $27
and for a hundred and twenty it's gonna
cost you $40 we're already affordable
prices for quality a liquids the first
one we're gonna be looking at is called
the rainbow the description of rainbow
is a rich dry cereal that has many
little flakes in color reverie subtle
hints of creams that Breakfast Blend
everyone comes back for it and this is a
thirty PG 7 d VG juice and it comes in
nicotine levels on the zero MD 3 mg and
6 mg alright
we're gonna be vaping at 80 watts okay
we're building at 0.14 and it's 3.35
voltage alright so before I go ahead and
get into the fun stuff let's go ahead
and smell this bad boy I know I know you
guys are probably so sick and tired of
breakfast meats and cereal napes believe
me I am too but I think
I believe that this line is something
different something special something
unique so let's go ahead alright so as
soon as I smell this juice I'm getting
the picture of two can't Sam right in
front of me
Froot Loops all the way a high note a
high notes of lime and lemon and I'm
kind of getting the texture of like you
know when the the cereal bag is done and
you have the crushed up fruit loops at
the bottom that's what I'm getting out
of it I don't know why but that's what
I'm getting
let's see if I still get that yes oh man
this is I could tell that this is a
different cereal it's not like the milk
from Tilly O's it's not like fruit ninja
from Nick Bristol brews it's something
different let's inhale and let's exhale
and let's give it a grade all right so
we said marketing it to for the smell
test because it's so different it's
gonna get a 5 ok on the inhale I'm
getting like a rice krispy but not the
rice krispies made the real I'm saying
it is because I'm getting a dry cereal
okay I'm not getting any cream to it at
all on the inhale I'm getting a Lyman
lemon line so I'm gonna say Lyman of the
cereal I'm getting Froot Loops but it's
like the texture that I'm getting on the
inhale is like a cut-down all crushed up
cereal and on the exhale
this when you got that full drape you
get that cream that's subtle cream to it
that curves the the cereal the fruit
loops around turns the tables around it
makes it a completely different big
completely different serial rapes so
you're not just vaping another serial
baby that's not just any other serial
rape it's very very very different so
there you have it for the rainbow inhale
and exhale now through the lungs through
the nose let's see what we get because
on the inhale and on the exhale I'm
giving it a solid a solid four okay so
let's go ahead one get down oh wow
through the lungs through the nose no
throat hit no throat what to speak of
whatsoever not even a kick through the
throat you know not one single one
single scratch not one single itch it's
completely smooth silk like a baby's
butt there's nothing nothing that you
can complain about when it's going
through here lungs now through the food
through the nose it enhances the flavor
tongues three yeah so so much of that
dry citrus cereal and I know what you
think it all managed us another cereal
babe but no once you get that that's so
hint of cream
that's so hint of cream we'll change it
all up and make it different I'm telling
you there's something different about
this baby
all right now cloud production keep in
mind that it is a seven well then that's
something that you never see on camera
well then some of the elite would kind
of ransacked my pants but that's okay
we still have
most of the bottle there thank God
because I didn't want to lose that
that's something that you don't see on
the videos alright so there's your
Easter Sunday laughs by the way happy
easter everyone all right
so where were we cloud production
because the lung and the nose hit oh
that's what we were speaking of the lung
hit is not to speak up not to speak up
okay and the nose hit does increase and
enhance the flavor so that does get a
solid five now we're going with the
cloud production and like I was saying
remember that it is a 70/30
70/30 VG PG that's the ratio and let's
see what rainbow has in store for us
well definitely milky dense clouds I
like them I like them a lot they
separate just in the right time of
matter matter of time however you would
like to put it and when it separates
it's not like I've aspirated to that
quickly the room does stay quite foggy
for quite some time and I do appreciate
that about us that might be 30 cloud
production gets a solid four and a half
excuse me now we're gonna write this
overall we're gonna give it an overall
rating of a solid four so rainbow gets a
solid four so don't be turned off that
it's just another cereal review review
and don't be turned off that it's just
another cereal you juice and you're so
tired of cereal don't write cereal you
don't write it off
just yet go ahead if you're looking for
a different serial go ahead and check
out rainbow by the American Dream liquid
okay he liquid you could catch the night
taa d-ii liquid calm and next on the
list is straw boule now trouble a we're
not going to go ahead and mark it give
it a market grading because straight
across the board they got a B+ and we're
not going to go ahead and talk about the
specs because we know that it's 17 for a
30 27 for 60 and 40 for 120 we know that
it's a 70/30 VG PG so we're gonna go
ahead and open up shrubbery and
hopefully it doesn't ransack in my pants
and we're gonna smell this bad boy wow
this has first before I go ahead and
tell you what it smells like let's go
ahead and talk about the description
straw boule when ripe strawberries
collide with a creamy custard topped
with a layer of brown sugar your tongue
will be ten tattled ten tasseled
whatever that means I don't know what
that means but it comes in a 0 mg 30 mg
6 I mean 3 mg 0 mg 6 mg and again you
could find it at his website so we're
looking for a ripe strawberry colliding
with a creamy custard topped with a
little bit of brown sugar so let's see
okay I'm definitely getting a red straw
strawberries right off the bat and as
the more I smell it the more I get the
custard cream to it and I just get a tad
bit if you just linger your nose on top
you get the tad bit of brown sugar so it
is a full-on V
let's go ahead and saturate these wicks
smell the smell of this I would have to
give it a five definitely a five and if
I think if by the the smell of it
it's what I think it is then this could
be an all day vape not for me right now
because I've been going strawberry after
straw burning hate so I need to take a
break from strawberry oh man that brown
sugar just makes it that much different
alrighty guys so inhale exhale okay
on the inhale again a tad bit of the
custard that they're talking about with
the right ratio of ripe strawberries on
the exhale I'm getting the just the
right amount of ripe strawberries with
that brown sugar that they're talking
about and guys I know it's just a little
bit of brown sugar but it's making a
whole lot of difference
this is a different strawberry vape I
haven't tasted a strawberry vape like
this quite yet so I'm gonna have to give
this a five on the inhale exhale now
let's go let's see what it does through
the lung and through the nose no throat
none to speak of and I think that's
gonna carry on through all of the juices
so I don't think we're gonna have to go
through the lung kit and through the
nose hit on all of them guys straight
across the board it gets a five-wheel
onion nose cloud production let's go
it's a 70/30 across the board so I
pretty much think that it's gonna get a
four cloud production across the board
oh yeah there is those milky clouds that
just take me away from the screen and
that's what we look for in our videos
you know that I know that we know that
the cloud production gets a solid four
guys this is an all-day vape and that's
in my opinion again again taste is
subjective so in my opinion could be
different in your opinion but guys
straight across the board cloud
production for those milky dense clouds
that vibrate just in the right timely
fashion and just stick to the room and
makes it a cloud a fog machine okay
moving on to the next juice I don't want
to make this video too long so just hang
tight with me this is something
different I'm not sure if I'm gonna like
it or not but thus far I like all his
he definitely has quality quality juices
and thus thus far he's he's blown me
away I was not expecting these type of
quality juices coming from New Jersey so
I like to see New Jersey on the map all
right next up we have thunder storm
thunder storm this is one of our newest
flavors we are playing around with it's
a very unique flavor strawberries with
hints of cream tropics coconuts and
yummy stuff so he was talking to me
hopefully I can get the clear clip in
the video or on a different video but
this this juice actually has apricot in
it as well so we're looking for
strawberry aqua COTS and coconuts let's
go ahead and saturate these wicks with
and as a side note guys we're not gonna
be doing marketing or a cloud production
really anymore
just know that across-the-board
marketing and cloud production gets a
solid floor for a 70/30 mix alright
thunderstorm before we deep it let's go
ahead and some Mel oh man I just fell in
love I don't know if you guys are from
Jersey you're gonna know what I'm
talking about if you guys aren't from
Jersey hopefully you guys have a
7-eleven in your town all right so at
the convenience store you're walking
into 7-eleven there's the expensive
candy and there's the expensive candy
the cheap-ass candy that's the one I'm
referring to and it's the greatest
cheapest candy that you'll ever come
across that's right we're talking about
those Oh peach cream of rings you know
when you have the munchies and you kind
of just want to grab something and you
just go ahead and knock it off the shelf
and you go ahead and get those those
o-rings there Oh rings the peachy cream
Oh rings have pink half yellow tint to
it whatever you want to talk call it
that's what I'm getting and I believe
it's not peach it's the apricot that he
was referring to and I'm getting a slash
a tad of strawberry all right let's go
ahead and give that a solid five it's
knocked me out of the water that is it's
just made me fall in love and hopefully
it carries on with you inhale exhale
let's go through it on the end help you
get but it's very very subtle and the
exhale I'm getting the same exact thing
that I was just talking about I'm
getting those peach cream Oh rings
coming out it's like I'm blowing those
peach Oh rings it's like I'm blowing O's
with them and just gonna on a peachy
coconut strawberry note so it is
definitely a full nape definitely it's a
five let's go ahead let's see what it
carries through the long in the nose no
longer no no burning of the nose none
whatsoever but it does enhance the
flavor at times ten guys if you're
looking for something different
something unique something even if
you're not a fruity type of person as
I'm not and you want something that that
will change that this is something I
will definitely change that because it's
a fruity fruity vape but that coconut
just gives it that that that curve that
that tone that needed that it needs it
just turns the tables upside down and
it's just it's just the right amount of
fruity deserty
it just it's just right in the middle
it's perfect perfect if you're looking
for something different go ahead and try
the Thunder thunderstorm my Lankan nose
hit gets a straight five and you guys
know cloud production gets a four if you
guys want to see in the clouds just in
case you forgot now you can't see me and
now you can sort of see me so there you
go guys
it's gonna have to get a palm yes five
five stars five fucking stars guys this
this is juice man so far this this guy
has gone far and beyond my expectations
this is something that if you're looking
for something different something in the
middle of desert and fruity this
thunderstorm go ahead and get it act
Aggie liquids calm alright and we're
gonna wrap it up with the last and
finally juice and that's a limited
edition limited time offer it is a blue
of Burrill a okay
now blue brulee is a let's go ahead and
see what
it is it is a limited-time fresh creamy
blueberry custard infused with hints of
vanilla and just a touch of blueberry
the room the room note is as pleasing as
the taste in exquisite scent that is
sure to charm the vapors around you and
this is different because it only comes
in a three mg of Nick okay it only comes
in three mg so guys taste the subjective
right I don't really like blueberry the
only blueberry that I've really liked
and really enjoyed was blueberry yogurt
by Vivi vapes so for me to really rate
something of the blueberry of the
blueberry family is really quite not
so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give
you my take on it but I'm also gonna
bring in a guest and he's gonna give you
his take on it and his eyes just opened
up because he really didn't know that
that was coming so what we're gonna do
is remove her leg by the American key
liquid and it's gonna be a creamy
blueberry custard infused with hints of
vanilla so it's not going to be
overpowering with the blueberry it's
gonna be mostly custard and we're gonna
go ahead and try it out he's gonna join
me in this is my little kozo join a
named Brandon he's vaping on my future
he thinks he's cool and smell this
alright so the first thing I'm getting
is that custard vanilla smell it's
overpowering the blueberry but not so
much that it's taking away from the
blueberry the blueberry is just supposed
to be a hint and that's what I'm getting
I am getting a hint of blueberry and
that's just how I like it and it's not a
blueberry candy it's not a blueberry
yogurt it's a freshly picked blueberry
that I am getting so it does make it
quite different let's go ahead and do
the inhale-exhale taste is your mutation
alright so this guy is a free type of
guy you know what I mean I mean I mean
so he's gonna be giving you the not the
other subjective side of blueberry since
he likes fruit and I really don't like
blueberry so he's gonna give you his
point of view I'm gonna give you my
point of view let's going in and head in
here an exhale so on the inhale I am
getting that custard vanilla taste to it
it's overpowering the blueberry but it's
not taking away from the blueberry and
on the exhale I'm getting those freshly
picked blueberries that I was smelling
in the smell test however it's the right
amount of custard because he wanted it
to be predominantly custard with the
hint of blueberry and that's exactly
what I am getting now what's different
about these blueberries is it they're
freshly picked they're kind of like ripe
blueberries they're not that candy
blueberry they're not that artificial
blueberry they're literally it's like
you went to shop right or you went to
the farm
thanks ooh any types of fruit anything I
would definitely recommend this as
blueberry because I'm not a very big fan
of blueberry at all but you like free
leaves but like it's a different fruity
vape it's like it's like
custard is taking it taking over it but
then you got that little bit of fresh
blueberry at the end of it it's not like
a coffee or food berry it's not like a
fruity artificial blueberry it's like a
freshly picked blueberry that you like
you just picked from the far honestly
and I'm not just saying that so let's go
ahead and what would you what would you
rate the inhale exhale yeah I'm getting
it I'm gonna give it a solid forward
overall let's go ahead and lug go ahead
and the lungs solid five guys there's
there's really no throw to speak of no
no burning of the nose if anything the
nose goes ahead and enhances the flavor
just like all the other flavors these
flavors are made out of quality cloud
production you guys already know that
it's a solid four overall rating on this
is gonna get a solid three and a half
before if you go ahead and love
blueberries this is a solid four in your
and there you have it guys the American
Dream a liquid that whole top selling
mind that he has out you could go ahead
and check out tad eliquid calm or go
ahead and call them at seven three two
five zero three eight three four one
just remember these are very affordable
prices for a great quality of illiquid
30 bucks for 30 mils for 17 bucks you
cannot beat that and 120 for 40 bucks
that is outstanding prices guys if you
want something different if you want
something of the quality go ahead and
check them out my personal favorite of
this line would be thunder storm and
that is that apricot peach that that
peach over the creamy o-rings that I was
talking about this is by my by far my
favorite of the line and if you want a
different cereal
go ahead and check out rainbow if you
want something of the strawberry family
go ahead straw boule and blueberry
Bluebird leg and I can never say that
but that's okay guys remember cigarettes
are wack okay and vaping is in so vape
on in and vape on out and vape on and if
you can and I know you can so please do
comment like subscribe do that thing and
join me on this journey I have vo Ian
that's right that's MEAP over everything
there you have you guys go ahead and
check out the American dream ela quit
Christian to thumbs up man you have the
vo pusat seal of approval let's end it
on a foggy note and there's guest star B

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