Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Lima E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Powell E-Liquid

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Lima E-Liquid

Lima, an exotic blend of citrus fruits and 'Fizz'. Eerily similar to a lemon-lime soda drink.

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Lima E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fizz E-Liquid Lima E-Liquid

how's it going my cotton killers all
good I hope side well guess what I've
got some more e juice and what I'm going
to do is I'm going to quickly flip the
camera around and I'm going to show you
what I've got because it will be easier
because there's a there's a few bottles
it'll be easier just to quickly give you
a glance of what it is and the cards and
whatnot and then I'm going to switch to
come back round to face time and I'm
going to get bit of a smell test on
these some vapor production and i'm
going to give you my honest opinion
these were gifted to me i didn't pay for
them but that being said if these are
shit i will tell you their shit okay i'm
not going to be around the bush i
wouldn't with anybody's juice you know
i'd like to think that appreciate the
fact that I've been honest about it so
that's what I'm going to do if they're
crap oh crap sorry but that's just how
it goes so yep without further ado I'm
just going to switch this round okay can
switch it around so i'll just have to do
it like this and hope that it's in frame
yeah fitness alright so yeah we've got
the fizz range today and the first one
is the crema off your creamer whatever
is a fresa and the liner ok so that's
this is the this is the line that I'm
doing today number when he juiced the
blue card there that's where I was
gifted these from brilliant website
absolutely amazing they've got so many
juices from the US and UK I'm just going
to put his coming down because I can't
be holding it the whole time solid yeah
so i'm vlogging from the bedroom today
not been very well but yeah Martin's not
very good is it
so yeah basically I'm going to get
straight into this guy's okay so the the
creamer or creamer a decadent cream soda
enriched with french vanilla that keeps
you yearning for more a purely
delightful desert brew that is perfect
all day vape for cream lovers everywhere
that sounds delicious so that's the
tremor creamer child rock always good I
still bottles only comes in three
milligram Nick these juices it's I think
it's an 8020 so it's very thick very
features these retail 849 a bottle 15
mil we can buy the whole rap the whole
line for 20 pounds and forty nine pence
so that's not bad for forty five mils of
juice is it right straight off the bat
this smells like if you got a glass of
lemonade and you dropped a scoop of
vanilla ice cream right in it and then
you smell the bubbles coming up hitting
that ice cream and it all going up you
know is asked what tale that's what the
smell comes off as is i dint that's what
it smells are identical identical
beautiful smell so if you want to know
it's now it smells like I'm sure it's
some stage in younger life your mum
probably give you a glass of lemonade
we've served with a dollop of all
screaming it mmm smells bleh of lovely I
was going to say you're me and lovely at
the same time and it was like yeah lovey
yeah nice going to drip this someone
Neal dark horse hair quickly try and
hurry the surf video along a little bit
because we started got free of them to
get free but straight onto this one
ok get your mugs out get your boxes out
and let's vape right this folks exactly
like it smells lemonade with a beautiful
vanilla ice cream and it's that's what
it tastes up because you get enough you
get that fizz you know the fizz you get
from drinking lemonade you get that nu
throat and it's it's very very unusual
to vape but I actually enjoy it it is
like vaping lemonade and got some
beautiful vanilla notes in there from
the cream but like I say because it is a
lemonade you kind of builds up that for
in your mind of a dollop of ice cream
vanilla ice cream in lemonade because
it's just don't it messes with your
taste buds that's the picture you're
mine sort of programs in your head when
you when you've a bit oh yes I've had
this before when I was younger so yeah
that's definitely what this one tastes
like so that's that one done right onto
this one which is the saucer which is a
mouth-watering mix of sweet strawberries
complemented with fears that will
indulge every palate a lush candlelight
blend intended to satisfy on any
occasion so strongly that night pink
lemonade toy Spencer miss over stuff off
it's pretty dry so this is the fresa so
I'm expecting some nice candy candy like
strawberry notes with that beautiful
lemonade which would again portray that
image of pink lemonade mmm Hot Diggity
damn that is fucking pink lemonade more
precise it's lucozade pink lemonade you
know the one I mean the pink bottle oh
yes beautiful candy large strawberry
notes beautiful so smooth this all these
juices so far so smooth on your throat
there's no burning no raspiness nothing
it's just silky silky smoove all the way
down to hits your lungs and then oh yes
hmm that's strawberry they using this is
bloody delicious and so moreish hmm
that's a that's a winner winner winner
chicken dinner right there goes that one
boon is banging
spit in my eye anymore fucking mrs. can
do that oh sorry vaping you out there as
you can see it blooms this bedrooms
vaped but fuck out a whole of Jesus we
set fire alarms off in a minute right
now last one the Lima Lima soften its
Lima Marva lemur so I forgot it wrong
please usually I've changed the cotton
but because they're all fees based
juices these they're all the same line
they've all got that similar note but
there's not really any point because
there's there's only two two things
going on in each of these juices there's
the flavor profile and then there's that
lemonade fizz and you can get them
through every time so here's with a
third one
hmm with this one again it's very nice
all of these are really nice and for 20
quid to get the whole line is a bargain
and you're going to enjoy these juices
this one if used to get glass of our
White's lemonade get some lime cordial
drop some land line cordial in that
lemonade Bob's you around his uncle
there you go lost weight I side simple
but Pleasant very very pleasant when I
hate these I can imagine myself laying
on a beach in my Speedos we've locker a
nice glass of lemonade possibly to go
with these might be or beer and just
fade away on this looking at the ocean
mm-hmm that's what I can imagine when
I've out this very nice so that's all
I've got for you on this one I really
enjoyed them I'm going to back the rest
of them right now where's that card gone
sorry there we go so this is the place
to get that stuff from guys there we go
pause it whatever it's got some Facebook
information Instagram all that lot
number 1 e joseph oh good company very
good turn around and when you get your
juices couple of days max there is an
option to get it next day if you want it
if you pay a little bit extra but in all
fantastic company and these juices
absolutely bang in see you on the next
one my cotton killers

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