Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Fresa E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Fresa E-Liquid

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Fresa E-Liquid

By Nataly Komova

This candy-like flavour is a mixture of sweet strawberries which is complimented with 'Fizz'.

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Fresa E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fizz E-Liquid Fresa E-Liquid

what the fuck is going on vape fam and
CV squad is your friendly neighborhood
hosts in a vapor Matt back to you guys
with another ejuice review guys today we
will be reviewing this is fizz Fresa
maybe they meant to say fresca like
strawberry in Spanish that's what I
think but so it's fizzy let's go over
the flavor profile and everything on
this right now I'll tell you where you
can buy it and I'll give you the flavor
description and everything like that on
it right now just grab this computer
it's coming off of breezy calm BR EA zy
calm it's coming for $19.99 that's on
the fucking pricey side in my opinion
you can get in nicotine levels at 0 3 &
6 yeah there's a picture here it shows
his craft soda eliquid so when I'm
looking at it and I'll explain what I'm
gonna get to just remember what I said
about that photo fizz craft soda eliquid
so what it says is on the flavor
description is a mouth-watering mix of
sweet strawberries complemented but they
fizz that one's old every palate the
lush candy like blending intended to
satisfy on any occasion primary flavor
strawberry in candy so those are the two
primary flavors that's it strawberry in
candy they don't specify what kind of
candy so let's dig into this right now
go ahead and we'll give it a smell taste
it wait the vapor production taste
throat hit all in a scale of 0 to 10
I'll just give it a smile right now just
let you know what I'm smelling
I've been vaping on it somewhat today so
far just to kind of get like an idea on
it kind of try to help break it down so
it's not just didn't totally drop that
bitch in him first impression there we
it smells like fucking cherry cola to me
it smells like cherry cola to me now
remember taste and smell is I remind me
I don't know about smell but taste is
subjective so always remember that but
in my opinion small is gonna be the same
so it all depends on what you're gonna
taste but it's I do cherry cola I did
like the little fizziness or something
if you kind of feel it when you're
smelling it and your nose I maybe that's
just like you're really a romack Cola
smell that's there and remember like I
said in the photo I was seeing gonna
breathe calm look out it says what did
it say like soda e-liquid or whatever so
that right there intends to me that so -
e-liquid it's gonna be like Cola soda
that's what it smells like to me it
smells like a Cola gummy almost with us
cherry or strawberry very hard to
differentiate though just because I mean
I'm so used to fucking cherry cola I've
never had a strawberry Cola before so
so I got the zombie infected mech mod I
got the twisted messes RDA sitting on
top just the 22 millimeter RDA the
version 1 I got to fuse Clapton sitting
in there that I built there oh man out
to a point 1 stainless steel fuse
Clapton's just the other samsung 25 are
on there you can see it's pretty nice
like of course you know you mean if you
want really good vapor production off of
your mech mod it always requires on the
battery you got in there in the build I
did not even see a pg/vg ratio on that
fucking site all because I'm blind and I
didn't look I'm gonna guess it right
here and then I'm gonna go and look
kind of looks like a needy 20 let's
let's go one more cloud they're pretty
nice doesn't sink right away I want to
say it's a 70/30 I just want to look
right now just really quick I'm sorry
that's feel like I'm wasting your time
my sincere apologies just bear with me
just because I want to just see the
pg/vg ratio just really fast already got
the website and everything pulled up I
just gonna reopen up the page and the
password I'm gonna see here no fucking
that Brees got this fucked up
breezy says the pg/vg ratios of 50/50
and that's bullshit cuz this should give
me heartburn if it was even a 60/40 so I
can't beep anything
PG BG ratio-wise anything less and
suddenly VG I get heartburn let's see
here I want to go to another fucking
website Breezies fucking retarded you
guys are fucking retards breezy
moans that fucking site or some fucking
idiots go to EG cisco yeah it says the
same fucking thing here 50 VG I don't
believe that shit honestly this ship's
not even that thin it was 5050 it would
look like water like honestly you can
see that that is not like watery at all
it's it's got to be like a 70/30 you
kind of see that it's still pretty thick
take someone on a 50/50 I'm gonna call
70/30 I don't know what these people are
getting their facts from I definitely
say it's a 70/30 look at the paper
production if it was up 50/50 you would
not do this
and it stays fogged out so I'm
definitely not a 50/50 let's talk about
the flavor though I'm the throat head
there's no throat hit at all it's
fucking nice and smooth and on the nose
and out of the mouth we're sorry
nose and throat super smooth flavor
let's talk about flavor I get like a
like a candy gummy almost like a cola
down the innocence I do almost I guess
get a sense of like a little illness
fizziness maybe just maybe but really
what I'm primarily tasting my
strawberries and uh or cherries and like
a cola
um what's really weird is is when I
first tried it just like with any juice
didn't really like it but if you keep
vaping it kind of try to let it break
down it grows on you my opinion that's
just the nicotine you're kind of getting
addicted to the juice because of the
nicotine in it so you're that flavor
starts to grow on you start to like it a
little more in a little more so that's
probably just what it is in my opinion
cuz my first impression on it I wasn't
very impressed if you found it on a good
deal maybe like 15 bucks I might
recommend the tribe but $19.99 I would
not fucking pay $19.99 for this juice
that's a sharee ripoff I mean I do give
it a thumbs up it's not gonna get to I
give like the throat hits like perfect
five paper productions nice like I
honestly it's not a 50/50 it's got to be
70/30 I only give the vapor production
at least a 7 7 out of 10 and then flavor
overall flavor I want to give it like a
six or seven probably like a six and a
half I'll give it a 6.5 on flavor and
the reason why I say that is because
it's just like like a cherry cola gummy
and there's a little bit of fizz there
it is good but it's not anything that I
feel straight really unique or isn't all
week vape to me I don't feel you need to
go run out and buy it I mean that's
nothing that I feel like hey you know
I'd really suggest you go and try this
and stuff you know I normally recommend
juices for you to try and if I can find
them for you for a good deal like 15
bucks because I'm not trying to break
anybody's wallet honestly 30 ml bottles
man you guys got us these sites need to
draw up the prices $20 $19.99 that's way
too much for a 30ml bottle honestly I
live in California people don't even
know the prices here for ejuice are
gonna go up next year in April because
of the taxes because of prop 56 or
whatever that bullshit was so it's gonna
put like a 62% vaping tax on all the
products here so people need a free
price shit if they're gonna expect
Californians and the stuff to fucking be
buying shit because we're the first most
populated state and you fucking US of A
you could check that if you want on
Google or wherever you want to most
population and the most people who babe
so but anyways thank you for watching
you guys
huge shout out to all of our subscribers
and stuff that always stay watching
these videos and we stay supporting us
and huge shout out to all the people
that have been subscribing and starting
to join and watch the channel and stuff
we greatly appreciate it you guys stay
tuned for that excuse review I'm gonna
keep trying to get daily views or sorry
for not doing these daily videos coming
every single day keep you guys with some
content and stuff so that way if you are
per say looking for channel for
something that has content on a regular
basis or does post a lot of content here
is so anyways guys thank you so much for
watching I'll see you on the next review

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