Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Crema E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Crema E-Liquid

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Crema E-Liquid

The Crema the crop. It really doesn't get much better than this. Crema is a decadent cream soda which is enriched in french vanilla to give you a vape that is unique, and quite frankly, delicious.Prominent Flavours: Cream Soda, Vanilla

Vape Review of Fizz E-Liquid Crema E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fizz E-Liquid Crema E-Liquid

pleasantly found boys I'm the Scott
review thank you for clicking on this
video and today I've got another elekid
review and I've supported this video a
few days ago so I apologize for the
delay but I've been busy as fuck doing
you know life stuff and shit like that
anyway today we're gonna be having a
little fucking Vietnam taste of crema by
Fez no the description for crema by Fez
as as follows the crema the crop I see
what you did there the cream of the crop
it really doesn't get much better than
crema is a decadent cream soda which is
enriched in french vanilla to give you a
veep that is unique and quite frankly
delicious prominent flavors cream soda
and vanilla I like to go into my liquid
reviews blamed I like to try the liquid
on video so you can see my first
reaction whatever I did however try this
the other day because I was curious and
I've ate a good amount of it because and
I couldn't put it down
it was that good anyway this is a 15 mil
bottle I purchased this from UK East
like a few weeks ago unfortunately with
TPD coming in I've not been able to find
this in any sort of milligram any higher
than 10 because of you know TPD
regulations or whatever you can't you
say do still have it however in zero
milligram but it is no longer on sale
but anyway this is crema let's give it a
little over with the first thing you
notice as you get that kind of
carbonized fuzzy smell so it smells like
you are smelling a fizzy drink disorder
you also get the creaminess of the cream
soda and you get a head of the French
vanilla that as mentioned in the
description and it's it works together
really really well so yeah it smells
pretty fucking good let's get it dripped
let's get a feed so I'm gonna be
victimís on the comp life to post battle
deck I have a dual hive coil Beldon here
which is almond at 0.37 and Venus at 80
watts a second ago I guess
oh it's a fucking good one by the way oh
my god okay
Wow so this is 30 milligram it doesn't
say on the bottle what - the what - the
racial s but I had to walk online and it
states that there's 75 lens so kind of
what you'd expect from a lot of liquids
on the market really 70/30 so Cana seems
to be a kind of average kind of VG PG
ratio or at least one of the most common
ones anyway I was trying to see okay so
Fez by crema this is an odd one or key
no I don't know I don't understand how
they do this I don't know what came a
cooperative work on Centauri it does
this but it tastes fizzy
okay now that sounds fucking strange
because as you know it's clearly not
carbonated in any way but it leaves this
taste and your mouth that tastes like
you have just drank soda fizzy soda it
has this kind of strange busyness to it
but it's not fuzzy at the same time it
tastes fizzy
I'm not making any fucking sense
but um yeah on the inhale you get a
really fucking blast of dead smooth
creamy soda and then on the exhale you
get the cream soda with the the hence of
the french vanilla and it's just a truly
fucking beautiful vape it's super smooth
as Mason Lee and as easily an all day
vape yeah that's that's just fucking
I can't stop vaping it I cannot stop
eating this seriously I give that a nine
out of ten and is a solid smooth light
tasty vape and if you're definitely into
sort of Apes and you like creamy like
vanilla give it a try you will not be
disappointed as always I'll leave a link
to the the page in the bottom let me
just check online right here according
to UK Eve's egg you can buy this in 15
Mel's zero milligram $7.99 okay so I
purchased that in 15 mils and when I
purchase that it was only $1.99 for 15
mils that was part of the TPD sales they
still have it but they only have in Xero
and nicotine I will leave a link to it
anyway if you saw want to try it and you
can always just
next show or if you do have some
nicotine around you can't add that in
and and mix it to your preferred kind of
strength anyway guys this is Ben this
course review thank you so much clicking
on this video I appreciate you watching
the video if you like to give it a like
if he will definitely give it at this
lake and I will see you again in the
next video it's too fucking good

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