Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Kibitzer 10ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Kibitzer 10ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Kibitzer 10ml E-Liquid

Kibitzer. Part of the brand new range from Five Pawns. Developed for today's emerging sub-ohm hardware and advancements, Kibitzer has a higher VG content than previous Five Pawns liquids but shares the same meticulous attention to detail in terms of flavour.]

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Kibitzer 10ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Kibitzer 10ml E-Liquid

today it's all about new flavors from
five ponds hey there ladies and
KJ and EO is back in the house this time
is for some newly unreleased flavors
from fall ponds they have a new set of
flavors coming out they go under the
name taken three there are three
different ones there's ice Eleni brevity
and kibitz ER so that's what I'm gonna
go over today these flavors are really
really special I going to tell you that
right now
first of all five ponds has lowered
their suggested retail price on these
liquids they are only gonna shoot for
$19.99 for 30 ml bottles which is really
great it is a lot lower than 5 pounds
normally goes for I believe the nicotine
strengths are going to be 0 3 6 12 and
18 but don't quote me on that I'm not
exactly for sure they are targeted to be
released in April 2016
and I'm gonna go over all three flavors
and tell you what they're all about so
let's do it
and embark on the new journey of 5 ponds
the first flavour I'm gonna go over as I
shalini they come in these cool boxes
right here like you see you pull it open
like that bottle comes out and they are
typical five ponds looking bottles
here's an example right here really cool
glass bottles nice childproof dripper
tops everything you'd expect from five
ponds okay they have a lot number a date
number the first one I Shalini is a
thirty five sixty five blend okay they
have shot for a higher VG levels in
these new releases of these liquids and
this flavor is a glazed lemon zest sugar
cookie sounds good to me I love a glazed
lemon zest sugar cookie in real life
let's see if I like the liquid or
so I have this one loaded up in my
twisted messes RDA on top of the sigelei
foo chai and I'm gonna vape this one at
a hundred watts and here we go wow that
flavor flavor is so good it's so
reminiscent of the real sugar cookie
Wow usually when I get like lemon vapes
I'm thinking oh it's gonna be another
lemon pledge type flavor no no no not
this one totally smooth on the throat in
the nose the flavor though when I
cranked up the Watts a little bit I
don't think a hundred is doing it
justice let's go to 130
you know it's a trip because on the way
in I'm getting the sugar cookie on the
way out that lemon zest is coming
forward and is totally right there in
front and it's a nice lemon zest it's
like the real deal and then right behind
it is that sugar cookie it's really
amazing actually
and for a 6535 vapor productions not too
bad either see if I could do one in
front of the camera for you pretty dense
clouds right they drop down they linger
in the air a little bit
not bad for 6535 let's take a smell
check of this yeah you get that lemon
zest right up front the glazed lemon
zest it's like a sugary lemon zest and
then there's a cookie presence in there
as well that sugar cookie you could
totally smell the bakery out of this is
really good and drip a little bit more
on here for you the build I'm rocking in
here is a Clapton it's a 26:36 Clapton
resistance is about 0.57 crank up the
lots a little more I think is I'm not
really getting that warm vape it's good
a 1:45
there it is nice
this flavor totally is matching the
description a hundred percent so because
of that and the way I do my reviews
remember it's not whether I like it or
not it's whether it matches the
description this one gets a five out of
five for the flavor and the vapor
production vapor production I'm going to
give it three and a half out of five it
produces a good amount of vapor it is a
thirty-five 6535 blend so they're not
going to be totally dense clouds but
remember five ponds they're really about
the flavor okay so if you like a lot of
flavor and you like it to be very
accurate for the description I would
highly recommend this flavor I shalini
it's gonna be released like I said April
2016 so stay tuned and keep a watch out
for it alright let's go on to the next
flavor now the next flavor I'm gonna go
over is brevity now this is an
interesting one right here this one is a
Boston cream pie
a banana Boston cream pie in fact so
it's like the chocolate banana cream
filled pie which is really from what I
have known Boston cream pies they're
almost like cakes you know I love a good
banana Boston cream pie I would I mean
I've had a regular Boston cream pie but
never a banana one so let's see if five
pawns is nailed it I have a feeling they
did let's check it out
goodness oh my this is great
this one I got on my support RDA on my
snow wolf 200 I'm vaping it at 100 watts
this one is a more simple build it's 22
gauge five wraps dual coil and it's
resistance is point two Wow the flavor
though interesting on the way in I'm
getting the banana cream mostly on the
way out though wow that chocolate it's
an authentic chocolate it's not a lot
it's not like a lot of the other vapes
that I've had that are chocolate it is
really delicious and then the banana
cream is tailing right behind it I
almost think I taste some like graham
cracker in there I don't know yeah I'm
pretty sure I do
I think there's some graham cracker
involved maybe at the tail end totally
totally nailed it you guys oh my gosh
really good stuff so this one this one
the flavor
five out of five I can't rate it
anything else this is like totally
matching the description and oh yeah
this one the VG PG ratio this is a 70/30
so this one's a little bit higher okay
and I could tell I mean I'm getting a
little more clouded they're a little bit
denser clouds see how that is definitely
a lot denser I got a drip some more of
this running dry yeah Wow
so yeah the vapor production it's a
70/30 I'm gonna give this one a 4 out of
5 for vapor production very good very
well done I myself like higher VG
liquids this is perfect that's really
oh man that flavor though so good so
unique alright let's go on to the last
and final flavor alright the final
flavor I'm gonna go over is kibitz er
this is another interesting one Wow this
one is a grilled pineapple upside-down
cake the ratio on this one is 65 35 like
the first one a grilled pineapple
upside-down cake sounds so good this one
I have loaded up in my newer Alliance
version 2 big boy RDA right here on my
sigelei future resistance is 0.5 I got a
Clapton build in here Oh same thing
26:36 like the first one gonna try it at
a hundred watts here we go okay at first
it's wrong with me I'm getting ahead of
myself you know first let's do a smell
test I'm getting the pineapple first and
foremost and it is like a grilled
pineapple if you ever grilled pineapple
you like kind of like flashing on each
side Wow
and the cake the cake presence is
totally there as well so let's see how
she behaves
Wow really good think I totally need to
crank up the lots though not enough it's
good 140 there we go
Wow Sarge described as a lot going on
here on the way in I'm primarily getting
that grilled pineapple on the way out
same thing up front but right behind it
is that cake it's really a good flavor
Wow yeah this one there's totally a lot
going on it's more than just pineapple
and cake I'm almost getting like some
brown sugar
wow that's really good and maybe a tad
bit of whipped cream I don't know
there's a lot going on with this flavor
totally smooth out the throat in the
nose just like the other two they're all
really totally smooth totally delicious
too yeah so like I said it's pineapple
mostly in but on the way out there's
cake maybe a tail end of brown sugar
that's what I'm getting at least not
sure if that's what they intended but
that is exactly what I'm getting so
based on my knowledge of an upside
pineapple upside-down cake I have to
give this one uh
five out of five there we go five out of
five for the flavor totally deserves it
delicious stuff you guys and the vapor
production it's a 65 35 puts out a lot
of clouds but they're not quite as dense
as the last one so the vapor production
I'm definitely gonna give three and a
half out of five that's where I stand
with it
really delicious liquids folks I'm gonna
tell you that right now and if you
haven't already tried five ponds this is
a good way to start them right there
because some of their liquids they're
like around 27 something dollars for a
30ml these are only going to be $19.99
for a 30ml okay so it's a lot more
budget-friendly for all you vapors out
there that vape a lot of juice highly
recommend this guys go to 5 pounds calm
fi ve PA wns calm you won't see these
flavors there right now like I said they
are gonna be available in April so just
stay tuned and keep checking their site
probably around April okay and that's
about all I could say about these
flavors totally delicious double thumbs
up KJ an do recommended man I would say
get yours today but you can't they're
not available yet I'm so lucky to have
these on my hands you know Wow really
good stuff again alright guys thank you
so much for watching if you enjoyed this
video show me some love and support
click that thumbs up button you know you
want to do it and also if you haven't
subscribed go ahead and subscribe to my
channel I got a lot more content coming
I have boxes and boxes of stuff just
stacked up here waiting to go alright
thanks again you guys have a stellar day
be excellent to each other and most of
all remember me
I am KJ Andy Oh your host with the most
I'll see you guys on the next video bye
for now

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