Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Isolani 10ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Isolani 10ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Isolani 10ml E-Liquid

Isolani. Part of the brand new range from Five Pawns. Developed for today's emerging sub-ohm hardware and advancements, Isolani has a higher VG content than previous Five Pawns liquids but shares the same meticulous attention to detail in terms of flavour.

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Isolani 10ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Isolani 10ml E-Liquid

this is raymond with vaping 360 dropping
by the five ponds tasting bar with
rodney who has a whole new brand of
eliquid to tell you about it's called
taken three rodney what's the
inspiration behind this new brand the
inspiration was really came from years
of listening to our customers and their
wants and needs and answering those and
the first thing that we heard over and
over again was price that was probably
the first inspiration when we started
five ponds in 2012 we were developing
and putting liquid out there that was
being used in much different ways
temperatures and heat everything was
I would develop a 30ml bottle back then
that would last me a week and a half two
weeks today with some hardware
enhancements things are burning hotter
they're burning faster and we're going
through liquid at a must at a much more
rapid rate so the idea behind this line
was to do three simplified flavors the
brand by the way is called taken three
three more simplified flavors at more
simplified everyday prices and another
one of the demands was higher VG does
that also help with the sub-ohm tanks
and what vapors want today it does I
mean the main thing with the higher VG I
want to just go on record is saying that
we didn't do a higher VG line to appease
the cloud blowers that's not anything
that we have really been proponents of
we're a flavor company but we did do a
higher VG offering to enable people that
might have PG sensitivity or you know
irritated Airways dude to do to higher
PG concentrations and these are three
flavors that that very we have a 35 65
Viji and we also have a 30/70 pg/vg so
these are higher
I wouldn't call these max VG or high BG
lines they're just higher than what
people might be accustomed to with a
traditional 50 55 pounds further now
when people think 5 ponds they think
flavor complexity and flavor uniqueness
let's go down the taking three flavors
one-by-one and describe them in detail
for the people out there I mean these
flavors are designed to be more everyday
comforting more recognizable flavors a
lot of our five ponds flavors are so
complex that people want to save them
for special occasions or this is really
good after dinner after a meal these are
intended to be more every day all day
blends so I'll go through the three very
simple the first flavor is called ice
and that is a glazed lemon zest sugar
cookie we also do a flavor called
brevity and brevity is a Boston cream
but there's a story behind it where when
I was a kid that was my favorite dessert
and my mom used to make a rendition of
Boston cream pie which was a banana
Boston cream pie she'd make it for every
birthday every special occasion and that
type of thing so brevity is a banana
Boston cream pie and then the last
flavor or blend is called kibitzer which
is a grilled pineapple upside-down cake
I like that you emphasized the grilled
pineapple some people out there may not
have had the pleasure of grilled
pineapple how would you describe the
difference between grilled and fresh I
mean we've all been on vacation whether
it's to Cabo or to the the Virgin
Islands or Hawaii and you've had one too
many pina coladas and the acidic nature
of pineapple is something that can
really irritate your mouth I mean you
can get canker sores and it's acidic so
when you grill most fruits they become
sweeter and they become more
caramelized and I've never been a fan of
pineapple upside-down cake and and it's
funny the the name kibitz er comes from
a customer service representative that
works for five pawns who has never been
involved in flavor development she's
very involved in the day-to-day
operations at five ponds but she would
always be in my ear about doing a
pineapple upside-down cake it never
sounded to me like something that I
would wanna to vape it but the word
kibitz er in chess is somebody who
stands on the sidelines and armchair
quarterbacks so to speak and comments on
the game when it's being played and in
trying to alter the game well Brittany
was Mike abit sir and she was in my ear
enough to get me to do this pineapple
upside-down cake and it's now become my
favorite flavour and the entire taken
three offering fantastic I love how you
describe these as everyday flavors
because when I have something like
castlelong reserve I think of that it's
my Johnny Walker blue of my illiquid
collections I don't want to vape it
every day I want to save it for those
special moments so I don't want to call
taking three Johnny Walker black but
maybe let's call it green label yeah I
mean you can look at a lot of different
industries as a comparison you can look
at car industry and you can look at
mercedes-benz and the s-class and you
have the c-class you look at Toyota you
look at Lexus you can equate that to a
lot of different industries that are out
there alcohol being another one in
Johnnie Walker blue Johnnie Walker Black
I don't know about you but I'm not
drinking Johnnie Walker blue every day
so this is just something that is a
little bit more comforting all day that
that I can get into and I'll save my
cows along Reserve for after dinner
absolutely now I want to thank you for
joining me I know you've been traveling
the world recently just got back from
China any interesting stories from over
there you know we've been off the trade
show circuit
all of 2015 and it's actually been
really refreshing to get back to doing
some shows so far this year I think so
far it's what April and we've done for
so our schedule is is kind of still up
in the air on what other shows we're
going to continue to do throughout the
remainder of 2016 but we were in London
I was in Paris just got back from the
show in China and international markets
are always interesting and full of many
stories a lot of which I probably
shouldn't shouldn't talk about but we we
had a great time people in China are
wonderful and I'm only speaking of China
because it was the most recent trip but
we have done very well over there for
for many years now we've got a
tremendous distribution model over there
with some people that really take great
care of our brand one of the interesting
things you know doing all of this
international travel and why we
introduced taken three at a lower price
point being $19.99 for a 30ml bottle
people in China are more into high-end
luxury brands they're very into American
culture and whether it's you know a
Louis Vuitton Prada Gucci they love all
that type of stuff over there and one of
the things that was refreshing is that
we weren't hearing anything over and
China do the price it was all we want
the we want the premium brands so taken
three was very successful in our launch
over there even outside of China
Malaysia Indonesia a lot of our markets
and in the Asian market have already in
week one and a half week two have
already sold through all of the taken
three product and are in a reordering
mode right now but they're very very
into five ponds and we have great
customer base over there that
loves everything that we do so it seems
like already you've had a very busy year
getting back in the tradeshow scene
you've launched taken three you had the
relaunch of Black Flag fallen what's
left four five pawns for the rest of
2016 the the next big release is going
to be something that I'm working on
right now four or five bonds not for
taking three we're gonna let taken three
have its day in the Sun and enjoy the
feedback of people getting to use and
know this new product but I'm working on
something right now that will be
dropping information on it sometime in
the coming months but it's it's a
5-pound specific release I'm very much
looking forward to that if you want to
learn more about what five pawns is up
to including the new take in three brand
go to the five pawns website and for the
best vaping reviews guides and features
go to vaping 360 the home of vaping

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