Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Brevity E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Brevity E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Brevity E-Liquid

Developed for today's emerging sub-ohm hardware and advancements, Brevity has a higher VG content than previous Five Pawns but shares the same meticulous attention to detail.

Vape Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Brevity E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Taken Three Brevity E-Liquid

what's up motherfucker welcome to Boston
ku reviews you fucks with me it dude I
am Busta
we got another ejuice review for that
fucking ass fucking shocking it is
at first I thought all was all purely
speculation but here we are we're doing
it and I'm a glutton for motherfucking
punishment I thought I was done with
five pawns apparently not the dude and I
went on a tour of some vape shops and we
wanted two things we wanted a fucking
gummy bear and I wanted a Boston cream
cuz I love Boston cream pie that's the
shit the dude got here did a 50/50 gummy
worm so we won't be fuckin revealing
that cuz look didn't know it was 50/50
until I got home and I specifically said
it has to be 80/20 yeah fucking annoying
but five fonts came out with a Boston
cream pie that's it ah fuck down I'm not
paying $28 the 30 mil and the guy in the
shop was like oh they're $20 now so I
got fucking throw it on you know I'm
saying oh so here we are
it comes in this fucking nifty box the
sub line is taken three like taking
three dicks and a bloody asshole and
fucking in there fuck that
just 70/30 it still gives you a lot
number the born date which is March 15
and I'm vaping at 3 milligrams I'll be
vaping zero per usual and it's no longer
50/50 anymore it's actually a 30 PG 70
VG 70/30 well not according to them bad
the PG first but this shit is dark is
fuck like fucking whiskey give this shit
let me get a description real quick what
they say it is before we get into what
we think it is hmm well what it actually
hmm I don't know they say flavour
subjective but when you
tastes something and it's supposed to
taste like it says okay all subjective
you are alright let's see here a product
description this blend is intended to
mimic the traditional Boston cream pie
but a ripe banana flavor contribution
for those not familiar with Boston cream
pie there are many varieties in the
traditional sense it's a dense yellow
cake that has been cut into two separate
hemispheres a rich creamy filled filling
in sandwiched between the two halves and
the entire cake is then put back
together and coated with a thick milk
chocolate frosting it's really more of a
cake than a pie title suggests and
banana slices have added to
differentiate this particular cream
filling does this look like a yellow
yellow pie here okay so basically they
named it Boston cream pie but it's not
Boston cream pie is what they're fucking
saying it's intended to mimic intended
whatever the fuck how's the fake
how's it vapor smell test overly ripe
banana as described in that chocolate is
that fuck that fucking nasty like shit
choc dollar-store chocolate yeah Oh
bananas that's what I'm getting I'm
mainly getting - alright that's not -
pleasant smelling first fucking question
we always ask here at Busta inker
reviews is your sister single if so is
there a rectum intact it's the second
fucking question we always ask yeah can
her pussy take a few dicks if so I'm
gonna triangle that shit up with this
one called the takin three line could
she take three in the same hole yeah
three in the mall's just fine too
one of the other this is called the
fucking brevity from the taken three
line and y'all know where to get fucking
five pawns WWI pawns calm twenty dollars
as opposed to 2795 I'm not a big five
pawns guy I fuckin hate most of their
juices a lot of people like the gambit a
lot of people liked fucking Boden's mate
I really like Boden's mate that was it
the rest is fucking garbage back in the
day I like those made definitely
overpriced juice it comes in zero three
six and twelve milligram Nick I'm vaping
in at three yeah zero as y'all know
alright so it smells like an unwashed
twat now for the true question we always
ask here busting through reviews hello
fuck is a cloud that's what that or does
it I'll take it away oh yeah that's
fucking disgusting
alright definitely better than it used
to be in the college department they're
not really sticking around they're going
away pretty fast it's respectable I
don't care if you closed for days or not
I got a drip a little bit more on you
gateway the element alright
the inhale I'm getting like you just bit
into a over over overly ripe banana with
a little bit of dollar-store chocolate
drizzled on there that's the inhale yeah
it's kind of like your roommate came
home before you and took the most rotten
banana in the house and then rubbed this
dick all over it just like that just
nice and slow long and then some fast
beat ups at the end cuz he saw you
coming down the driveway and then you
stick that overly ripe dick juiced
banana in your mouth that would be an
appropriate description of the inhale
correct it's very very accurate it's
very very on point yes nasty runny
rotted banana oh fucking man juice on it
all over all right
fucking exhale all right my lost hopes
and dreams mixed with cheap cheap
fucking chocolate well and before we
start a review he mentioned cinnamon and
I didn't taste it
well I taste some kind of senators
walking cinnamon in the back there -
there ain't no cinnamon and in my ideal
version of a Boston cream pie especially
not this kind of cinnamon wool cheap ass
fuck everything everything feels well
not feels but tastes fucking cheap like
a fucking $2 hooker when Budapest like
not only was it from the dollar store
but it was also in the corner of the
dollar store on the floor that he kept
sweeping it underneath the counter and
then they say oh look what I sell this
now you're fucking on Cindy gives it to
you like thanks you fucking twat and
it's so pleasantly disgusting
nasty now see the dude hasn't been
ruined by fucking cloud baby alright as
you notice he's hacking a bit more than
I am the fucking cloud baby has stepped
up my game well I can take the nasty a
bit more now I'm gonna give this away to
some poor honest unsuspecting fool okay
five pawns men shits the balls they put
up motherfuckin dudes they're always
bumming juice off you yeah give it to
some fool where do you do that gives
yous to everybody but you yeah egos
don't stir but try this out Sophie oh
you fat fuck yeah it's always giving
juice out this dude I know everybody try
a dozen but do I get any no he's gonna
get this bottle yeah motherfuckers
assume because you're a reviewer you
just get your handed to you everyday I'm
dripping any more on there I'm done with
it we're gonna do a duel through the
nose homie ah son of a whore bag mm-hmm
it's just nasty reviews gotta be done
it's a runny fucking chocolaty rotted
banana mess this so I fuck it it would
feel good being fucked at that
description it's like you wake up Easter
morning and you're excited about the
chocolate bunny in there you take a bite
out of it and it's rot it's just so what
do you call that when I get the white
coating on the chocolate bunny and it's
stale as hell just well maybe I just on
Easter Bunny cheese then chocolate
Easter yeah like uncle Charlie fucking
whacked off on your Easter Bunny
alright I'm ready through the nose
motherfuckers is what I wanted my
fucking vaping day ah Thank You cloud
I can definitely determine something
that's disgusting but it don't murder me
no more ahh
this shit is disgusting a fucking
bullshit I gotta change the fucking
cotton in my RDA enough then fucking
Cotton's gone dude ruins we're gonna
need some fresh air
yeah who can recoup from this yeah let
me do one just take one for the team
that and it fucking just sits there in
the moth after to like someone took a
shit in your mouth
I hate overly ripe bananas especially
too right
it's just nasty yeah there's a certain
percentage of ripeness you want to go
for evil make it banana bread
this is like far past this is like the
bananas fucking black we're supposed to
throw it away at that point right just
chuck the shit away this is fucking
garbage five funds once again Here I am
sitting with one of your overpriced
fucking juices fucking disgusting going
to you asshole it never gives me juice
go fuck yourselves once again this has
been another bust anchor reviews and
yeah I gotta say that sir always
remember fuck five pawns yeah you
overpriced fucking cocksuckers I don't
care if it's $20
fuck you let me all pissed off peace out

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