Vape Review of Five Pawns Queenside E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Queenside E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Queenside E-Liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

Delicate blood orange intensifies this citrus based flavor. Harmoniously blended with creamy French vanilla for a gentle and exquisite balance that will carry from one flavor to the next

Vape Review of Five Pawns Queenside E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Queenside E-Liquid

what's going on guys this is JT G from
convicted vapes with Maddie ice so we've
got another review here for you how you
doing today guys today we're doing five
porns juice we're doing queen-sized is a
redo yeah it's a redo we we we did this
review already but you know the quality
was so crappy and it was like it wasn't
even fullscreen so we decided to delete
it off the page and just redo it so
that's what we're doing here today for
you guys and like I said queenside by
five pawns very cool bottle very cool
packaging is always by five pawns
official official packaging as always
bottles dated this stuff was actually
stuff was bottled December 1st 2013
very well steeped and I've had it for
you know for about uh steeping it for
about a month so this stuff is just like
steep to shit steeps to perfection aged
to perfection
there you go
so this juice we're reviewing today out
of the MER axis clone with the eh pro
3.1 kayfun tank this is the full-size
kayfun we're doing this out of at a one
point one wrap and I have to tell you
the way I'm feeling about this five
points queenside is good I like this
juice a lot I really like it
Jeff what do you think about this juice
I like it but I got a vape on it
I got a vape on it mmm we popped on it
before and it really is a creamy orange
flavor do you guys see that vapor
production this is a 50/50 juice 50/50
percent VG 50% PG and I'm blowing out
clouds like it's a hundred percent VG
juice this is just unreal take a look at
and if you hear that sound on the mod
that's making this he's vaping out of a
real cave fund like the official cave
fun with the airflow open all the way
yeah so it sounds like it sounds like a
pressure-release Valley I don't know if
you guys can hear this or not this thing
is ridiculous dude why don't you take a
listen to this Jesus I don't know if you
heard that or not this thing is like
just roasting it's not too much though
it's you know it's it's not burning the
juice so yeah so let Jeff smoke this
little Jesus Christ man holy crap okay
so the five pawns describes this
queenside on their website as a blood
orange with french vanilla they don't
specify if it's a french vanilla
ice-cream or what i guess they just mean
it's french vanilla flavoring that's
what I'm getting from this troops it's
delicious I taste the blood orange
citrus and I taste the the French
vanilla it's very delightful it's like
it tastes like I'm vaping on the stuarts
I don't know if you guys know the the
orange orange and cream Stuart's drink
not the root beer the orange one the
oranges and cream it's it's exactly like
that it's not like a Orange Dreamsicle
it's it's it's the orange cream
Stewart's all day long it's delicious
very full-bodied thick robust flavor out
of this juice it's just delicious
I don't really get I don't get is full
of a flavor as I do at other juices five
pawn is is great everything I've had
from him so far isn't delicious it's
worth the twenty seven fifty a bottle I
said it before i'ma say it again I love
it I'm gonna keep paying it i if it goes
up that's another thing you know I think
my limit is twenty seven fifty for the
30ml bottle but it's worth it
what I feel about this with these juices
and a lot of five pawns juices I really
don't think or all-day vapes
I mean I'm sure you don't like any juice
you can vape it all day but I consider
them more of like an after-dinner vapor
after like a meal
like you know what I mean like a treat
but queenside is one of their juices
that I really can vape all day I love
the flavor it reminds me of like alright
if you've ever been to Florida I know
it's big down there the Orange Julius
used to get an orange juice is like a
frozen orange drink but don't get me
wrong not talking about the frozen part
with the flavor it's it's like a very
creamy orange it still it's delicious
the flavor is great and it's not like
your typical orange it's like an orange
cream and it's it's really good the
flavor is great the vapor production
work I mean we get on it is great given
we are using you know a chemical the
flavor is great the vapor production is
great it's just it's just a what would
you say about the throat hit on there I
would give it a throat it is excellent
it's it's like a medium it's I would get
they describe it as this on the lighter
side of a medium I would think they
describe it on the website I think is a
mild to medium body throw hit this
queenside and that's exactly what it is
but I mean if you really I mean if you
got this in a kayfun tank or a época
tank or a tie fun tank a flash to
anything hard eating RBA tank like that
it's gonna you could really just fuckin
hit the shit out of it and get a serious
throw head I mean it's a 50/50 button
but you're you're pulling out clouds man
it's not your normal 50/50 blend what
you're just blowing out little little
puffs of smoke this you could really
cloud chase with this stuff if you drip
it on an RBA I definitely give the
flavour a thumbs up the liquids great
it's handcrafted gourmet I give it a
thumbs up what do you think I give
queenside a two thumbs up because I can
vape it all day and it's one of the it's
one of the flavors from from from from
five points that I can vape all day and
the flavor is great like a lot of
oranges you just get tired of but this
is a creamy orange it really is and and
with the with the subtle notes of the of
the vanilla it's like it's not
overpowering it goes together very well
the flavors are married together it's a
great flavor I suggest you try it put
that in your tank and vape it guys both
of us give a thumbs up enjoy the bomb
vape on guys vape on please vape on and
take a deep take a deep

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