Vape Review of Five Pawns Grandmaster E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Grandmaster E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Grandmaster E-Liquid

This well-balanced taste of smooth, creamy, rich peanut butter and banana cream is drizzled with velvety caramel, creating a multi-layered and savory symmetry

Vape Review of Five Pawns Grandmaster E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Grandmaster E-Liquid

how you doing guys this is Maddy ice
this is JTG and we're from convicted
vapes we got another review for you
today Jeff what's going on guys
today we've got another review we
haven't done this one yet it's another
one from five pawns and I'm just gonna
read you the review real quick off the
off the website here to tell you what
the flavors they were doing Grand Master
Grand Master's described on the 5 pull
on the website as a smooth creamy peanut
butter with banana cream and balanced
with velvety caramel buttery and smooth
with a medium bodied throat hit just to
show you the bottle again I mean they
come neatly packaged nice you can and
here's the thing I'm not gonna show you
the dates and anything like that but
here's the thing that I think is cool
they give you a bottle number a lot
number the nicotine strength and the e
on the data was made which is which is
pretty nice because this is handcrafted
gourmet liquid all of that all of the
five-point stuff really is gourmet
handcrafted top-shelf liquid it is
top-shelf liquid I mean bottom line
whether you like it or not it's here to
stay it ain't going anywhere
and their flavors are fucking great yeah
guys tempered I have to agree with Jeff
I mean you're you know my you know from
my past reviews I love five points tip
you know everything I had so far is
awesome this this stuff this Grand
Master I love it man I mean everything
they describe it
I mean you taste you taste it's like
this rich creamy peanut butter man and
I've had peanut butter vapes before but
this really they they hit the nail right
on the head with this juice man it's
it's spot-on you get it I mean the
peanut butter overpowers the banana
cream and the caramel but you do taste
all of them and they'll be times like
you know with all five ones juice at any
any good a juice I'll pick it up at
different times of the day after eating
or after whatever I'm doing and taste
different stuff out of this juice you
know I might taste caramel I might taste
the banana cream I might taste
you know the peanut butter or I might
taste the banana and and caramel one
time it's just awesome juice and it's
this stuff is great
it's really good it really is Jeff I
like it it is it's it's definitely a
desert vape um I haven't had the
privilege of really vaping it non-stop
Matt has this bottle and I've been
vaping off of his on and off and he's
been vaping the bottle on and off for a
while and he's been he's been really
enjoying it I've always noticed that
he's gone back to this bottle time and
time again the flavor I get from it is
definitely and it depends I sometimes
I'll pick it up and I'll get more of a
banana cream sometimes like just now
when I was just taking those hits I had
more of a peanut buttery but the flavor
just like the queenside is a very well
married together like the flavors come
together like they were meant for each
other like it was love at first sight
with the banana cream the peanut butter
and the caramel it came together to make
a delightfully delicious dessert vape
that you know I you know I I could vape
it throughout the day I could I
personally would with five pawns I
consider it a gourmet liquid that's
really more of a tasty treat I wouldn't
vape it all day just because I would
consider that like a late night vape
like some kind of dessert for me yeah
this stuff is great after a meal like it
really is like dessert man like you eat
a good steak or burger I don't care what
it is any good meal man you pick this up
and up and vape it the flavor notes are
just so rich and robust and you know
this this stuff is just just creamy
buttery goodness man like it's delicious
it's I mean there's no butter in this
but it's buttery you get a buttery
aftertaste the Harry Potter yeah I
definitely give grandma I'm sorry I
won't say grandmas why I definitely give
Grandmaster a thumbs-up it gets a firm
solid thumbs up for me I will vape it
again alright because I enjoy it I like
it it's delicious and I do recommend it
if you're looking for a good dessert
vape and you're willing to spend the
extra couple bucks go with the five
points Grand Master work the money
everybody and just so you guys see you
know I didn't beeping the shit out of
this stuff look at this 30 mil bottle
it's you know it's almost gone
if you can see it's really good I give
it a two thumbs up I love it I keep
going back to it it's great I recommend
to go get yourself a bottle a Grand
Master until next time guys vape on and
take a deep V bond brothers and sisters

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