Vape Review of Five Pawns Gambit 10ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Gambit 10ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Gambit 10ml E-Liquid

The classic, mellow apple pie makes a sweet and savory impression with flaky crust and decadent caramel, lightened by a dollop of French vanilla ice cream and unsweetened whipped cream.

Vape Review of Five Pawns Gambit 10ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Gambit 10ml E-Liquid

what's up guys this is Maddy Isis JT
Jake we're back for another review for
you guys today today we're actually
doing five pawns we're doing gambit
you know this juice I got a while ago
it's but it's actually you know it comes
steeped but I actually been having I
steeped it a little bit more and you
know I noticed a little bit of a
difference not much but this juice is
described on the five pawns website as
fresh apples pie crust velvet caramel
vanilla ice cream and unsweetened
whipped cream and I have to say that
they they hit the nail right on the head
with this juice I love it I cannot stop
vaping it everything I just described to
you I taste every time I pick it up I
might not taste it all at once but you
know depending on you know if I eat a
meal if I you know it just depends on a
lot of things you taste this juicy every
time you pick it up you taste something
different that's the beautiful thing you
might taste apples one time you might
pick it up taste the whipped cream
another time
you know the caramel another you know
it's it's awesome and I cannot get
enough of it I actually just got another
bottle because I was down to about a
quarter of a bottle so I just picked up
another one and it's it's fucking great
I'm gonna baby some right now
what do you think it is geez Jeff I
think gambits really good and here's
what I'll say about five pawns as as a
rule of thumb it is a top shelf gourmet
e-liquid they don't have many flavors
they've only got about what five or six
six including the long castle is a yes
six including the long castle reserve
it's the only one we don't have cuz you
have to wait for a certain you know we
wait till it ages to the right thing
before they even release it that's
already out in February the new batch
will be out in February I'm not sure
what number batch this is I know they
batch that a couple other times but it's
gotten great reviews so I'm definitely
picking up a bottle of February as soon
as it hits their website now the thing
I'll say about five pawns and I've
always said this that I it's it's $27.50
a bottle on their website right now a
lot of people don't want to spend
kind of money but like I said in my
earlier video when we reviewed a queen
side and Boden's me the liquid is great
the flavor is great and like i said it
is top-shelf so you aren't paying more
money and I always said this it was like
a really kind of like an after-dinner
vape not an all day vape I've actually
changed my mind when it comes to gambit
this is a fucking all-day thing I love
that of all their flavors this is the
one that I really enjoy the most so far
me too I have to say so far out of what
I've tried I've tried almost all of them
besides absolute pain in the long castle
and this this is awesome juice guys I
don't know what else to say about it is
just amazing I find myself going back to
it and back to it you know I think you
know a couple tanks I put some other
stuff in there and I just I went right
back to the the gambit is so good yeah
you definitely taste the different
different notes I mean when you take
it's like sometimes I taste like a like
a whipped cream and a pie crust other
times I'll taste a little hint to Apple
and caramel it's delicious every time I
try every time I try it I say oh wait I
said what is that don't like oh it's the
gambit you know that is the shit
gambits really good I mean I really
recommend it I really recommend if
you're gonna buy a bottle of five pawns
to give it a whirl dude
gambits a very good place to start I
definitely give it a thumbs up thumbs up
in my book and and like Jeff said five
points maybe a little expensive for some
people but it is well worth the money I
have no problem paying twenty seven
fifty for a 30ml bottle of five points
online I have no problem with that or at
all like I said it is well worth the
money they really know what they're
doing with their juice and you could you
could be sure that when you get their
product it's going to be quality I could
promise you that
I think it one more head for the road
it's so good it really is
oh it's delicious guys alright guys hope
you enjoyed yeah I hope you enjoyed in
yo gambit give it a whirl get a thumbs
up deep on

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