Vape Review of Five Pawns - Castle Long Reserve E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns - Castle Long Reserve E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns - Castle Long Reserve E-Liquid

Castle Long Reserve E-Liquid by Five Pawns contains a range of flavours; Coconut, Roasted Almonds, Brown Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla beans, French Vanilla, Kentucky Bourbon and Charred oak. Available in a single 30ml bottle with 0mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Five Pawns - Castle Long Reserve E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns - Castle Long Reserve E-Liquid

vaping friends rooby-roo here Bolivia
where um I'm actually shooting my intro
today at the beach um this is where I've
been hanging out for whole week while
I've been on vacation I'm wrapping my
local vape at although might be
I've been stealth aping because I don't
think you're allowed to pay here but I
don't care uh okay fun light Plus really
crew hexam hexam really enjoying my stay
um today's video I'm actually going to
shoot from our patio because you'll be
able to hear me a lot better and you
know it won't be like just at the beach
I don't know can I just show you guys
where I've been Holden and I don't even
have my tripod so we're just and I'm
shooting this on my phone so we're just
going to kind of follow me people this
is where this is the umbrella oh and
it's right whoa
the beach here immense me that I've been
staying at
so gorgeous it is just fantastic and
beautiful and we have been thoroughly
enjoying our time here in California
so what I'm going to do right now guys
take you to the back deck and we will do
our review for castlelong sir
later alright guys so we are back here
on the upper deck of this really rad
home but we are renting for the week and
it is so lovely here in California so
lovely here is kind of a busy road over
here so if you hear that there's planes
and stuff
but whatever okay we're just gonna do
juice review right now so um what I've
got to talk about today is a castle and
dessert from five ponds okay castle and
zero if it comes in this crazy tube
thingy and this is what the bottle looks
like okay 30ml bottle childproof cap
glass dropper in there this is a 50/50
PG VG and I'm vaping this at six six
milligram put loads of information here
about the liquid and the bottle and the
packaging is beautiful as we expect from
five pawns
so I actually purchased this e-liquid
from skyline vapor calm that correct yes
smell and vapor calm they are currently
out of stock
um there's going to be another release
later this fall so I'm not sure if
that's going to be through their
retailers or just on their website you
can also check out five pounds up their
website which is five pawns calm now
five pawns is a very very popular
eliquid line we know about them they
they have created quite a buzz since in
the last year really and they've got
some beautiful beautiful a liquids but I
bought this because Castle Reserve as
they're like you know supposed to be
like their premier illiquid and I wanted
to just see what the fuss was all about
you know I just wanted to test it for
myself and see if it was really worth
the 3750 that I paid for my 30ml bottle
and that is I don't know if that's the
most expensive liquid you can buy it's
certainly the most expensive like what
I've ever purchased um yeah it's
expensive oh let's just get that out
we're sure and it is difficult to get it
is considered a premium a liquid that
goes through a very special aging
process which I will I'm just going to
use they gave me this like it comes this
like little description Oh No the
leafless thing um so castle on reserve
third release barrel date six sixteen
fourteen what's in this spot what's in
this bottle is special
castle on reserve has been aged and
steeped and treated oak barrel in a tree
hook trial for three weeks
you'll taste toasted coconut roasted
almond brown sugar two different
vanilla's Madagascar vanilla bean and
french vanilla Kentucky Bourbon and
charred oak um so the liquid is then
extracted from the barrels and it then
they filter it before bottling so there
you go that is a that's a little
description that comes with these very
fancy packaging this type of packaging
reminds me a lot the packaging that you
get like single Maul are really nice
fine tequila or a fine bourbon
um the packaging is pretty and I think a
lot of the price has to do with
packaging that's just my opinion
so we date it I think we should
I've just got here this is the plume
veil clone I've got a a review coming up
for this soon unveil clone on the exome
would let's tape it I've got it set to
something hi ash
gotta love that heck zone and the vapor
production isn't going to translate all
that well out here because I am outside
for me I'm getting a lot of that yummy
roasted coconut the almond comes forward
a little bit in the middle of the vape
and towards the exhale also right in the
middle of the vape you're going to get
that bourbon flavor and that charred
sort of flavor and I wish that I could
compare this with their standard
castlelong but I don't have that because
it's expensive also
it is a very lovely vape it's really
decadent and I'd say it's really sweet
this is a coil gunk er my sister-in-law
um who has been who just started vaping
recently this is the e-liquid that she's
currently vaping on as well um my
brother-in-law got her two bottles for
her so yeah Wow big money right um and
she had it in her kayfun and um she
hands it to me a couple days ago and was
like does this taste funny to you and I
faked it and I was like yeah it's
tasting will burn so I um took it all
apart pulled out the cotton and it was
gross um driver in the coil new cotton
new liquid got her got her going again
so it seems to me about every three tank
foals you're going to notice a fairly
significant flavor change and when
you're dripping it you're just going to
need to change that cotton up quite a
bit as well it's really sweet and it's a
gunk er
and I need to read get so um let's just
talk about I don't know is it worth the
money I feel like that's the direction I
want to take this video this review is
Casa lungs are worth the money here's
what I feel about Casa long lizard
I feel remember these are only my
opinions you guys just hear that in mind
I I I am but one woman with opinions and
YouTube channel who likes to be so
here's what I think I think that flavors
are exceptional the flavorants are
gorgeous lovely beautiful crafted
illiquid however I think for the price
it should be a higher VG ratio that is
my opinion I would love to see this in a
max VG blend maybe they're planning that
for another release down down um
in the future
yeah I would just like to see this in a
higher VG blend I would probably make a
lot more of it if it was more than 50/50
I think that crime ponds needs to catch
up a little bit with the times
especially since they're Cali brand like
they're made in California so many Cali
illiquid lines are higher VG and I would
like to see that from five funds
um so yeah for the price I want more I
want more I want more vapor that's what
I want you're getting a solid throw it
from this and I have the airflow fairly
open you know not too open cuz I really
want to be able to taste everything but
yeah I I think I think it's well made I
love that it's barrel aged the flavors
are outrageously delicious but this
isn't the type of thing for me that I
could be up all day it's too sweet it's
a 50/50 it wouldn't I don't know for me
it's not like sustainable but if this
was a little less sweet maybe in a
higher VG blend I would probably buy a
crap ton of it and babe a lot of it so I
will leave the pricing issue up to you
guys is it worth the 3750 I'll leave
that up to you for me I don't know it's
not quite worth it but again if this is
the liquid that you're vaping for the
first time something and this is the
liquid that gets you off traditional
tobacco cigarettes then yeah it's worth
it it's so worth it so keep that in mind
guys um
I don't know I think that if this is
your all day vape you would go broke oh
there you go
I'll show you do if a parent I think
that Briggs is taking time out here on
the back deck scooters
there's a bus just playing so much
so today we are pairing castle 1 reserve
and I should probably be pairing this
with like a nice rich stout or a single
malt but I am pairing it with a Jim Beam
and coke
yeah the Kolar works quite well that's
to me this liquid tastes mainly like a
macaroon like not not the French style
that they lick American style like the
coconut found that style of macaron well
if you're a macaron fan
this might be your thing
I'm definitely getting more of the
bourbon flavor with the Bourbon of
this is actually kind of taming down the
sweetness of a vase which is good
because like I said this is fairly sweet
this is something that you might want to
get if you just want to like throw in
like maybe one one fellow the kayfun or
just drip it for like an evening maybe
after dinner or something
I don't consider this an all-day bait by
any means it's too expensive and it's
too hard to get and it's too sweet and
it's a 50-50 oh oh I'm being so picky
and mean but that's what I think so that
was the pairing those are my thoughts
about castlelong reserve thank you so
much for watching guys I've thoroughly
enjoyed making this video for you I've
been enjoying my vacation as well
I feel rested and yeah ready to bang out
some more reviews for you guys thank you
so much for watching today um you can
follow me on Instagram and Twitter at
rooby-roo babes you can also find me on
Facebook and if you've not already
please join us on org follow their calls
to action fight for your vaping rights
we've got a long road ahead of us guys
they've myth you got them Cheers

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