Vape Review of Five Pawns Castle Long E-Liquid

April 20, 2018

Vape Review of Five Pawns Castle Long E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Castle Long E-Liquid

Our non-barrel aged version is a combination of the dark, refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon, accented with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean, and laced with a caramelized brown sugar.

Vape Review of Five Pawns Castle Long E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Castle Long E-Liquid

what's going on guys this is JT G this
is Maddie ice convicted vapes here we've
got another review for you today we're
going back to back to five pawns we've
got a bottle of their new mixology line
their mixology edition and this is the
castlelong this is not the reserve this
is the castlelong that's non aged barrel
version and it says on the website that
it is a combination of dark refined
spirit of Kentucky Bourbon accented with
toasted coconut roasted almond
Madagascar vanilla bean and laced with a
caramelized brown sugar and we're vaping
this this is a six mill nicotine like
most of the like all the five positives
at 5050 let me minimize this is great as
I make a nice big vapor that Jeffrey let
me pop out the bottle for you guys the
new mixology line here we have yeah
they're calling this castlelong I guess
the other one was called long castle
it's called castle wall reserve Castle
language or whatever it's just not the
reserve now I guess it's a regular
flavor for the part of the mixology line
like Jeff said six milligrams nicotine I
like it it's okay it's it's it's an
acquired taste I'm going to definitely
say in its acquired taste it's very
different it's a complex flavor um
there's some strange back notes going on
in there there's some strange strange
flavor notes I I dig it it's definitely
not an all-day thing for me yeah let me
tell you about my experiences I bought
it we both bought bottles at the same
time I got a bottle I dripped it I
dripped it for like that night that I
got it and I ended up selling it I
traded it all for a different bottle
because I didn't like it and here's why
first of all it's a really rich really
rich flavor for dripping it's too much
to drip so if you do get it I recommend
doing it out of a tank like a cave you
know whatever kind of nice
I read tank tell them what was more
vaping at this is what is this you got
this is thing this is the key I am okay
fun three point one on a Armada it's
just got to clear the hole clear the
clear cap for it I'm out of the tank
it's it's a lot better than dripping
dripping was just it was too
overpowering for me and here's what I
started to notice when dripping it I got
like this weird feeling in my sensation
in my in my stomach not even like an odd
Judah from getting it in my mouth or
anything like that it was like a sledge
it stomachache and honestly I don't like
long castle I mean I don't like out of
it out of the tank like this it's
bearable I couldn't vape it all day I
never will vape it all day I can see
like you know what I mean at night after
a meal like trying it every now and
again that's one thing I can't vape it
all day to me you know what it tastes
like but you're gonna think I'm nuts
because everybody rants and raves about
this little I think it tastes like shit
honestly listen I'm just gonna be real
with you you know fucking call me crazy
whatever I don't give a fuck you know
what it tastes like to me it tastes like
the smell like the fucking aroma and I
like a horse racetrack like some like a
taste it's taste like the smelly horse
stall it tastes like shit I don't like
it I don't whatever I'm gonna give it
the smell test here I'm not saying it's
fucking two cigar still in this it's
just not my speed I don't like it says
there's mid that Madagascar vanilla bean
something okay well I smell it I smell
I smell almond there's also some back
note some weird strange weird smell
going on back there and it's the throat
hit even at six Nick it's not a horse
throat it but you can just you can just
tell when you hit this that it's just so
rich it's like the richness hits you in
like a different type of way that I'm
not really used to it's I like it but
it's not something out vape all the time
like I filled that kayfun tank and it's
been filled for like three four days I
just once in a while I pop it on a mod
take a couple puffs here and there after
I eat take it off and put it away it's
not something that people that I could
see I could understand why Jeff hates
this way it's just a
awkward flavor to me it is I could like
people are really gonna love this or
hate it to be honest to do like I could
see that this is the type of flavor
where it's just you're gonna love it or
hate it and you could definitely taste
like alcohol like there's out its
alcohol like whatever they're using
whatever flavor in here is extracted
using out they say Kentucky you know
Kentucky Bourbon in it I guess I don't
know if there's ethyl alcohol or
anything like that in there but it's
just you can really it just gives me a
weird feeling in the pit of my stomach
when I've a bit it's not something I can
vape all day I don't particularly like
the flavor maybe I need to try the
reserve that's thirty seven dollars and
fifty cents a bottle this is just the
mixology line this just mythical reserve
eventually we'll get a review you know
whatever we can get our hands on it
since it's so super rare everything
whatever this is the type of a juice I
could I like I could see myself just
like sitting around sitting in like a
couple you know like a cozy comfy easy
chair by a fire on a cold winter night
snowy cold shit your granddad vapes like
on the porches rocking chair yeah
shotgun yeah this is like old man ejuice
yeah this is like grandpa juice this is
grandpa's e DRAM pausing juice I do
enjoy slightly enjoy it I'm not gonna
say it tastes like shit like Jason hates
I don't I don't know I it's a very warm
flavor yet it's a warm it's you could
taste the coconut and I enjoy the almond
personally in this flavor but it's an
acquired taste it's a very acquired
taste and I have a feeling the whole
mixology line is gonna be like that so
I'm gonna give it a sideways long thumbs
down I give it a Sode with I give it
alright guys enjoy vape on and take it
deep deep

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