Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen Original E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen Original E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen Original E-Liquid

Black Flag Fallen original flavour has been altered. Prominent Flavours: Cappuccino, Light Truffle Cream, Mocha Dusted Black Walnut

Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen Original E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen Original E-Liquid

hey what's up
Chris Wood's here gonna do a quick
review on the five bonds I got in this I
got it in that we have the original and
we have the enriched what am I talking
this is the black flag arisen to
decaffeinated coffee cappuccino with a
light truffle cream and is accentuated
with mocha dusting and some black walnut
this one it's the same as that one
but with Virginia cured flu tobacco so
little drawing down the line I have two
mods both at 42 watts standard for me in
my vape I've already put the juice on
I just unbox that it came with super
sexy sheet of scientific madness of
what's included I don't know because
could read that and stuff lab tested it
was packaged well look at that really
nice cut down on packaging and a really
nice cheater sheet playbill of flavors
and everything right here
very nice pythons always go above and
beyond the way you guys package and just
do your business everything was sealed
they got their lot numbers on the bottle
can track every single one smell when
you open it up you're definitely getting
that light walnut and a little bit of
that cream and mocha come out kick it
first with the enriched the Virginia
cured tobacco is kicking out strong it's
almost overpowering so we'll see I might
have to kick down the watts on this for
me to back o vapes tend to come out
longer and faster when I kick up the
watts it's more tobacco so I'm gonna
start off at forty two I'm gonna go down
to forty on this one this is one our
sleep at 42 again it's just how I vape
you guys
sigelei 150 kanthal 26 gauge regular
use on let me give this one a go
now this juices of 50/50 but I gotta
tell you I'm in love with miss stuff
right here this is really good this is
definitely an all day vape I drink
coffee all day so this is gonna go
really nice with a cup of black joe also
just about everywhere else I go put this
down I really want to get to this one
this one is the cured tobacco enriched
same as this one well that's actually a
really wet vapor I thought it was gonna
be a lot dry cuz you fit your walnut
even though walnuts kind of waxy figure
the walnut and the Virginia cured
usually has that like Redwood dry
humidor box type of feel to it well this
is actually a really wet vape
I think the the truffle cream is making
that wet and of course the cappuccino
let me crank this down to 40 and see if
it changes the flavor your results may
40 seems to be words out for me it's a
little bit less of the intensity of the
tobacco leaf don't let that fool you
though I mean this is probably good with
after a steak with your steak dinner red
wine that kind of thing maybe with your
first morning cup of coffee if you're
getting off of cigarettes and you're
looking for something that's very close
to a like an American spirit kind of
thing or some kind of uh you know not so
processed tobacco leave but very well
done well done five pawns I can't
you guys are really cool sending this
out to me some vape mail I really wanted
to take some time to open it up you guys
pick up some five pawns Black Flag risen
either the original or the enriched I'm
gonna go back to this one
and I'm gonna kick it up just a bit yes
42 is perfect for me I just want to see
how it handles it like 50 see everybody
makes differently it is a 50/50 so you
might want to you know adjust
accordingly your vapage but that's a 48
that's still smooth for a 50-50 and I'm
producing clouds you guys don't have to
get crazy with the 8020 the max VG all
that stuff 5050 is fine
I'm not giving some instant gunk you
know sometimes when you vape it
instantly Gunks up it is a darker liquid
my coils still look clean and whether
you drip or use a tank
yeah there's no I mean look at that
there's nothing it's darker liquid you
know you'd figure this one would be a
lot darker because it has the infused
but they're about the same the born on
dates December 7th so it's been steeping
a little bit I'm sure that's fine right
when you get it I got no complaints five
pawns eight plus both of them I like
them both I'm sure you guys do treat
yourself to some five pawns maybe you
don't like these flavors they also have
gambit which is another flavor that I
love they are on periscope - or you guys
on periscope follow them on periscope um
you can track them around you're gonna
follow at periscope TV front slash five
pawns written out they're also on
Twitter or five on Facebook five pawns
you guys know how to five five pawns
five pawns column that kind of stuff any
questions I'll put in the comments below
let me know if you want me to do a
review on something else
other than that I'm gonna sign off you
guys I'm gonna vape a little bit more of
this I'm gonna take this with me
tomorrow and vape on this and I'm also
gonna sneak this one with me too
looks like I'm gonna have double fisted
five bonds in my near future you guys be
safe this Chris wicks thanks for

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