Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen - Enriched 10ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen - Enriched 10ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen - Enriched 10ml E-Liquid

Black Flag Risen Enriched is just that, an enriched version of the also popular original Black Flag Risen. Though with similar flavour profiles, enriched adds a hint of flue-cured sweet Virginia tobacco leaf which makes the two different, but equally spectacular.Prominent Flavours: Flue Cured Sweet Virginia Tobacco, Cappucino, Light Truffle Cream, Mocha Dusted Black Walnut

Vape Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen - Enriched 10ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Five Pawns Black Flag Risen - Enriched 10ml E-Liquid

hi everyone Martin here welcome to
another video illiquid review now I'm
not going to get into any drama over
this okay the liquid I'm gonna be
reviewing came out to me from the guys
at live up there a UK importer and it's
one from a brand that I'm pretty sure
we're all familiar with it is from five
pawns okay now this is one of their
latest additions it's the black flag
risen enriched version okay now I can
see by the expiry date that this was
made just at the beginning of tour the
end of December so this is very much up
to date so any of the concerns that
people might have had over five pawns
they are one of the largest e-liquid
manufacturers I'm sure have all been put
to bed now so this is the one we're
going to be looking at now what I'd like
to do is just to read you so bear with
looking at my face but bear with me the
description says remember last year's
debut black flag fallen 2009 no 2015 of
course MX m MX v that the decaf double
expresso infused with black truffle
cream well this year five pawns have
taken this great flavor and done the
impossible from fallen to risen they
have perfected this flavor not once but
twice offering two versions of the same
original and enriched this new version
of black flag risen has been inspired by
an eccentric drink called cigarettes and
coffee at a local watering hole five
pawns has gone where they've never gone
before they've introduced just a hint of
flue-cured sweet Virginia tobacco leaf
to Black Flag risen to in order to mimic
two flavors that go together like no
other enjoyed decaffeinated cappuccino
infused with a light truffle cream
accentuated with maca dusted maca dusted
black walnut
and just a hint of flue-cured sweet
tobacco okay so that's what we're led to
expect now at live app at the moment
they have an offer on for the month of
February and we're halfway through that
as of recording $19.99 for 30 mil I've
got it in three milligram let's take a
look at the bottle so there's the bottle
for you black flag risen enriched now
you can see that it's got a seal on here
which I'm going to have to break so
we're going to give it a shake and we
will give this a try now anything with
tobacco is normally out of my flavor
profile I did review the five pawns
some time ago early last year I think it
was or before and they're okay they were
all a little bit too complex for me and
not really in my flavor profile but I'm
committed to giving this one a try so
let's have a little smell and see what
we smell that is a a proper coffee
tobacco I can smell the tobacco and I
can smell the coffee this is going to be
maybe not for me from that smell but
it's going to be one that I'm sure some
people will absolutely adore now I'm
using the hexohm I've got the doze v3 on
the top with my dual coil count our
build focus dual coil count I'll build
with organic cotton Japanese cotton
nothing special its vaping in about 0.37
ohms or it's firing about 0.37 ohms
which is just within the tolerances for
my hex now this is a nice thick liquid
it's going to be a relatively high VG
liquid that isn't actually stated
anywhere there's a definite I say they
say in their description a mild flu
cured tobacco well I'm smelling tobacco
but I have to say it's not a bad smell
okay I've just put a small amount on to
start with and we'll give it a try
ready okay now that is an unbelievably
unique flavor now they do it in zero
three six twelve and eighteen milligram
and I'm just looking to see if I can see
a I can't see a pg/vg on here here it is
it's a fifty fifty two fifty fifty folks
I don't like tobacco flavors okay the
only tobacco flavors I've ever been able
to deal with were mana bush which was
something different with tobacco this
could actually change my opinion on
tobacco flavors Wow
that is stunningly good okay let me see
if I can describe this flavor now am I
going to be able to pick out black
truffle cream or dusted walnut whatever
it was no what I've got here is a mild
coffee flavor
a mild coffee flavor I'm smelling a lot
nose run gotta be good I'm smelling like
a latte or latte type coffee flavor and
then I'm smelling a more bitter
excuse me bitter coffee flavor now then
the tobacco comes in I do not like the
flavor of tobacco in eliquids because
it's not authentic it's not how I
remember smoking the flavor I'm getting
on here is I remember this as a child
and that's when I started smoking when I
was 11 years old believe it or not this
flavor is like taking a cigarette a good
brand cigarette and sucking on that
cigarette without lighting it it reminds
me of gold leaf my uncle smoked gold
leaf and I used to smell the packet
that's the smell that's the taste that
I'm getting one of those not these
modern cigarettes that are just you know
gross basically but it reminds me of
your sort of gold leaf number six
embassy and if you just took one and
just sorry about that sucked on that
without lighting it that's the flavor
I'm getting now that's really hard to
describe and really really difficult but
that's what comes into my head as soon
as I taste this
well the aftertaste is really nice it's
like it's like tobacco without all the
horrible taste
there's a sweetness to the end of this
fate like a sweet creamy flavor at the
end maybe that's the the truffle that
they're talking about it's much it's
most definitely complex and this is
nothing like I expected it to be like in
actual fact when you smell it
you think I is tobacco in there but this
flu cured Virginia tobacco or whatever
is well I've never tasted anything like
it I think the biggest I mean look I'm
going back to the bottle again and again
the biggest compliment that I can give
this is I hate tobacco flavor and
anything with tobacco in it but this I
love it's just a remarkably unusual and
I'm going to take you through the vague
one more time sorry to bang on about
this smell it it smells of tobacco e
coffee okay inhale nothing much on the
inhale as soon as you start to exhale
excuse me as soon as you start to exhale
you start think oh yes it's a bit
tobacco e then it goes coffee like and
then there's this sweet creamy flavor at
the end of it and then you're left with
a combination blend of those three in
the mouth which mutes the tobacco flavor
and as I can only describe it it's like
sucking on a tobacco on a cigarette that
hasn't been lit good lord
try and put the tripod the tank in your
mouth before you fire fire it mine
I I don't I'm lost for words I'm lost
for words cigarettes and coffee it was
called that that local drink that
they've based it on and it goes on
believably well with coffee this
e-liquid is 5 out of 5 on my rating
I'm just I'm lost for words I would go
out and buy that right now bastards
I don't like tobacco it's phenomenal
it's an amazing flavor that I just did
not expect I've been putting off
reviewing this one because I thought
I'll this sent me a tobacco flavor I
don't do and I don't do tobacco but this
is something special
this has a complete complexity to it
which I absolutely love and that's where
I'm leaving this review if you follow my
ratings a 5 out of 5 means that just go
out and buy it I think you'll love it
and I'm prepared to stand by that it's
very unusual and for somebody who prefer
cereal custard dessert vape stew like
that and give it such a high rating you
hopefully can understand that that
really floats my boat when it comes to
flavor that's all I've got to say folks
I'm really grateful to live that for
sending this out because I would never
ever have tried this otherwise so that's
it five pawns
black flag risen enriched I've got no
more I can't believe it thanks for

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