Vape Review of Fetti Waff E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Fetti Waff E-Liquid

Vape Review of Fetti Waff E-Liquid

Fetti Waff E-Liquid contains the flavour of waffles. Available in a single, nicotine free 120ml (100ml of e-liquid) bottle.

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fetti Waff E-Liquid

fuck is going on in CB squad beef and
two friendly neighborhood hosts and
vapors madam Pat back to you guys with
another premium ejuice review food
shout-out to Chris Callie for making
this juice review possible we greatly
appreciate it bro this is a let's get it
to focus on this is called confection
pop or confection like a juice or
whatever Fetty pop I'll give read the
flavor description to everything right
now I have been going Yankees on this
bottle of juice as you could see fucking
vaping the shit out of it it is
absolutely delicious so just an FYI for
you but the flavor description coming
off a giant beeps oh come on say yes
70/30 juice we're baking it in a 3
milligram nicotine
like the delicious cake pops from your
favorite coffee shop then you pop is a
moist sweet confetti cake pop dict
dipped and a smooth whipped strawberry
frosting sounds good fuck yeah it's
really delicious so just an FYI
strawberry gross it definitely reminds
me of like something we baked before
only as I say that like it almost has
the same base to it as like you know Lee
designs yeah like it hella like and
hella reminded me of that just like the
smell of it even the quick feet but it
almost has it Lisa's quick big just
quick babes stronger on the fruity
pebbles so with the quick beep you get
more of the fruity pebbles this is like
it smells like the same base but it's
still different in its own way it's not
a really sweet like denali designs it's
not a really sweet like quick babe is
either to the point it kills your
fucking coils yeah
true so let's start off with the smile
worthy there's juice just I could do all
other juices on a scale of zero to ten
right the vapor production throat hood
and then we'll talk about the overall
flavor give it a rating but we'll just
give it a small right now kind of tell
you small what we're thinking or what
we're smelling and what we're thinking
to me like I'm a pad even said before
like it's got dem only has it more of a
same basis not only designs but it's
like it definitely reminds me of like
quickly to almost the same base just
because of the know there's this
strawberry in there I'm not sure if it
has any note but you almost like a
strawberry Nesquik I know that like
smell it smells like there's like some
type of like milk in there like doesn't
it yeah that's what I think
cuz you got like a creaminess you get
like a strawberry cream almost kind of
going on there maybe that's cuz of the
frosting and then you also get the cake
the confetti smells delicious check it
out put a little on there my pack go
ahead and get first taste when he's
thinking he'll be vaping this off the
twist that mrs. box mod twisted messes
RDA and what we got some Clapton's on
this yeah cheese Clapton's on there that
I built myself stainless steel fees
Clapton so I'm in two point one one
hundred watts here we go that's crazy
it's big I'm going to a point one one
but on my box and then fucking work
which should work down to a point one
that's what fucking pisses me off about
some fucking regulated boxes me honest
it will feel it yeah
well the check or whatever pisses me off
how that works that's why be state using
the Bateman was twisted for 420 light
will fired like anything and it's funny
like almost have the same name twisted
baby 420 the shits get though it's bomb
fuckin I definitely get like almost like
how they sent me the description we get
fuckin strawberry frosted confetti cake
pop let me yeah reminds me of like aqua
liquids the a confetti cake they have or
almost like the confetti cake dripping
dots I think it's called by a ruthless
vapors I guess almost any confetti cake
really good confetti cake me peep tried
yeah it reminds me that it's got that
same base to it yes it is like almost
like the tiniest tiniest bit perfumey I
just want to say that I know I've gotten
over it but when I first baked it I
almost know it's a kind of that same
perfumey taste that some of the confetti
cake babes have kind of like grew on you
though and it definitely grew it's
really good like the strawberry cream at
the very end of it I mean if your
strawberries and cream fan it's got that
Nesquik flavor at the end so it's got
like a nice really rich confetti cake
almost like a strawberry like cream
that's uh saying like a milky strawberry
cream tastes like no Joe so I'm probably
can everybody just like dip like a
fucking Fetty pop in the glass of milk
or something okay that's what I think
really good though the strawberries
really fucking good like
don't turn off that air filter and shit
I definitely recommend checking this
shit out definitely it's a $65 for the
120 mil off of gin beeps calm and for a
30ml it's his 2099 so it is on the
pricier side I wish they would lower it
down a bit you could probably find it on
another website for cheaper if someone
does know where you can find that
comment that down below that would be
greatly appreciated but I mean it's
awesome I definitely give this juice
like a solid 9 out of 10 do I consider
him an all day vape yes I consider an
all day vape do I can start an all week
faith yes I've been vaping this for four
days in a row now it has been my go-to
vape for four days in a row I'll
probably finish the rest of the bottle
it'll take me maybe another two to three
days to finish the bottle and between
vaping this is my go-to and then of
course we try different juices and stuff
and we have shit to review but this will
be my go-to I definitely I'm giving it a
solid 10 out of 10 - thumbs up I mean
it's really good I can see how why
Matt's been vaping this so quickly and
it doesn't kill your coils it doesn't
fuck up your cotton it's not one of
those are those sweet juices that if you
leave your cotton soaked can you forget
about you come back the next morning and
it's really black from the flavouring
it's not one of those juices some of
those juices that overly gunk up your
coils either were the point you can see
like a really thick layer like almost
like it seems like two centimeters thick
like a little nice layer I'm just cake
over your coils it doesn't even do that
to him so I don't like it's like too
sweet like it's like the perfect balance
you know I think no it is and if you
read the comments online and stuff - on
giant baby song people will say it's not
an overly sweet juice it's perfectly
balanced it's just enough sweet but it's
not overly sweet exactly I totally agree
with that
definitely a good juice to throw in your
rotation for juices oh yeah so make sure
you check some of this out hopefully you
can find it for a cheaper price than
what we mentioned off a giant bait we
got to get this review wrapped up
because the smoke alarm

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Vape Review of Fetti Waff E-Liquid

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