Vape Review of FAR Strawberry Cupcake E-Liquid by Element 10ml

April 18, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of FAR Strawberry Cupcake E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Vape Review of FAR Strawberry Cupcake E-Liquid by Element 10ml

By Ksenia Sobchak

Specifically designed for drippers and mechanical mods, Fresh Squeeze e-liquid by Element is a vibrant, zesty burst of orange flavour. It's just the right blend of sweet and tangy. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Element E-Liquid Based in South Florida, Element E-Liquids uses superior ingredients and scientific precision to create a line of unique blends and tasty basics.

Vape Review of FAR Strawberry Cupcake E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FAR Strawberry Cupcake E-Liquid by Element 10ml

pretty cool right
I'll just fucking with you you see this
spray can well by the way what's up Mike
vapery here how's everybody doing today
you're probably wondering what the fuck
was he just doing it's made in the USA
Hollywood Florida if you have any
inquiries you can call seven four seven
five four two six zero 5500 or you can
go too far he liquids dot-com f ar e el
i qu i.d.s calm or you can go to element
liquids calm this is strawberry
shortcake strawberry cupcake sorry it's
a hundred MLS 3% nicotine 75 VG these
are cool fuckin bottles you see this
fucking thing how cool is this I like
like look at look at do it pretty cool
alright this whole fuckin bottle sick
and then on the back here you got your
nicotine concentration classification
category for Proposition 65 SR on here
ie liquid is not a beverage do not drink
intend for use for electronic vaping
devices allergens blah blah blah
ingredients keep refrigerated or in dark
hole place do not store above 25 degrees
is secured by child-resistant cap pretty
cool right spray bottle so gonna take a
spray kids it don't work though I get
watch this you ever going to like today
a fucking it's like the smoke shops
where they have like you know these
bottles for stashing stuff you know they
keep this stuff in there you want to
hide they what else they got they got
redbull cans fucking Arizona Bob
cans Snapple can whatever the hell they
got everything one of the kind of stand
spots so that's what this comes into
sprit a spray can this is the container
comes in 100 ml 's $50 comes out you get
your hundred ml bottle in here pretty
cool right
it's basically the same design that's on
here is on your bottle it's got all the
warnings bells and whistles exact same
thing that's on here is what's on here
this is just bigger product of element
okay this is called far liquids FA are a
liquids for a liquids FA are never heard
of them and from Hollywood Florida comes
with a 30ml bottle same thing same thing
that's on here same thing that's on
there same thing that's on this bottle
just smaller but it goes with a 30ml
bottle childproof cap on this childproof
cap on this pretty cool what else would
come a bike well it comes with two vape
bands pink and a blue let's say for
and this is I thought was pretty cool
comes with our driptip 510 driptip but
it's but it's rubber it's rubber pretty
cool right and it's got their logo on it
too but the whole thing is just rubber
pretty cool pretty cool what else does
it come with Mike comes with a fari
liquid sticker anything else yeah
another Florida that was sicker so you
get two stickers cool drip tip to cool
vape bands 30ml bottle 100 ml bottle
filled and the stash can 50 bucks now
advertising wise and whatnot like that I
have to say this is probably the coolest
because you know the other day did that
Mark II vapor with the that's a skull
I think this marketing is probably the
best one so far I mean the Bob this
stash bottle alone I see him going even
for like 15 20 dollars just for the
stash bottle just for this - stash
bottle you don't need I was telling the
guys at the store when I got this I said
all this is fucking perfect I said
because then every time I get juice I
could just stash it in this and my wife
won't even know I have it does your
bitch at me
pretty cool right well you know what
that's cool but I want to know how the
fucking juice vapes you know what I mean
you didn't give me fucking a $50 bill
stashed away in there and if the juice
ain't good you know I'm not gonna be
impressed so good marketing a plus our
marketing a plus C how about the juice
now smell test
I smell the strawberry
it's a ripe
I don't candies in there - it might be a
strawberry cream is what I'm getting
like a strawberry cream and this is
supposed to be a strawberry cupcake guys
ladies just say no strawberry cupcake
I'm getting the cake eNOS and so this
was like a strawberry cream in a cake
eNOS not bad smelling
not bad smelling so how's everybody
doing today
never he's doing good I bought this
bottle yesterday and uh I'm using my REM
Creations atomizer and what happens was
I had my old coils in here so I just you
know dry fired I'm gonna put cotton in
I started vaping it I started getting
like this nasty taste I'm like what the
fuck is it kind of chooses this turn-up
it wasn't the juice it was my nasty-ass
coils even though they were clean but
dagestan once I had you know juice on it
from previous that I didn't get fully
clean so I still had that taste of it
which fucked me up I thought it was a
bad batch of juice or it was like the
juice was that kind of flavoring I was
like fuck man I got beat but let's see
what happens vapor production this is 75
VG 25 PG
great vapor production perfect 75 VG
perfect perfect sick dense clouds they
linger in the air fucking perfect
fucking perfect man very happy with the
vapor production just like you would
expect with 75 25 you know I mean this
stuff is it's pretty thick you know what
I mean
thick juice let's see throw it hit silky
smooth man low medium high scale it's on
a low scale there's no throw it hit
whatsoever great nicotine they're using
good job now let's see about the nose
nothing no stinging or burning out the
nose which is perfect
you should not experience that if you do
there's some fucked up with the juice
nicotine more like as the nicotine began
to burn harshness you know that's good
let's talk about flavor I taste the
strawberries and I taste like a muffin I
guess that's the cakiness the
strawberries and cream and like a muffin
you know it just reminds me of this
juice it reminds me of muffin man mini
with not the cinnamon and not as sweet
to be honest with you Shu my bad my bad
my bad to be honest with you ah sorry
let me turn this back the juice is great
man good juice
excellent excellent juice they hit it
out of the park with this one this is a
really good strawberry cupcake it's not
like the other strawberry cupcakes you
get with that really strawberry icing
taste to it you don't get none of that
with this you don't get none of that I
same taste that you had it we're trying
to get a strawberry Cup they came out
with I can't remember the names I do the
reviews on them too but um this is just
straight strawberry cupcake which is
like a strawberry muffin that's it
there's no icing on it I don't like that
icing like I said this is not a very
very very very sweet juice which is
perfect I'm very very very happy with
this they did an excellent excellent job
with it man check them out
far e-liquids man fucking great juice
great great great juice hands down good
two thumbs up way to do it that's all I
got for you ladies and gents please
subscribe if you're not subscribed
already please sign up for casado org if
you haven't signed up already
make sure you like comment share most
importantly subscribe to my channel if
you need to reach me reach me on my
email @ m dot de li a9 0 for 3 and till
next time babe on

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