Vape Review of FAR Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid by Element 10ml

April 17, 2018 11 min read

Vape Review of FAR Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Vape Review of FAR Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid by Element 10ml

By Ksenia Sobchak

Tangy blackcurrant meets juicy red berries and mouth-watering watermelon in this cooling and stimulating vape. Capturing the refreshing essence of a real red slushie, this liquid is sure to keep you cool and collected, while delivering an unrelentingly sweet and satisfying flavour. Details 10ml E-Liquid 75% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 25% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Element E-Liquid Based in South Florida, Element E-Liquids uses superior ingredients and scientific precision to create a line of unique blends and tasty basics.

Vape Review of FAR Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid by Element 10ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FAR Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid by Element 10ml

hi I'm Tony this is slack welcome to
smoke vlog today we're going to be
reviewing three new e-juices from
element in their far range yet so we've
got marshmallow breeze melon ball and
neon red slash exciting times shown okay
welcome back guys and as you can see
we've already smoked out the room
while just getting the first juice ready
and however while this is only going to
be a quick review because we've already
done the original fob range it's like a
top up review if you will with their new
juices you know we'll quickly go over
our testing methodology so yeah we got a
test each juice on a dripper and in a
tank for the dripper I've got the Royal
Hunter from Council of vapor we've got
dual clap sands in there reading at
point four right and for the tank we're
now onto the I guess they're still the
points recoiling nope no the point one
eight foot of stainless steel which we
really like yeah it's getting really
well so far for keeping this nice and
quick first flavor up is marshmallow
breeze now we have just had a sneaky
little hit on this as you can see cuz I
was how the hell do you have a
marshmallow breeze cuz yeah I don't
really blow anywhere but yeah yeah there
there is brief okay talking about
marshmallow breeze first before we get
stuck in as it were the websites tells
us that this comes in a 50/50 mix but
also has a plus 75 max VG range the
50/50 is available in 0 3 6 12 and 18
milligrams but we're testing with the
plus 75 max VG which is only about one
zero three and six because we're fucking
hardcore yeah also I've not personally
not ever seen any of the 50/50 ever
stopped in any of the shops I'm sure it
is out there certainly in America it's
on their website but you know we don't
seem to say it over it because we're all
about the VG in the UK but that's enough
about the range that the whole
it's time to do some marshmallow briefs
so let's hit it okay
first hit you don't get the briefs
straight away from me on the drip I
wasn't getting the breeze which is a
sort of minty menthol eat cold kick but
didn't really get on the on the wane on
the first hit but it came on the way out
then the second hit I had straight after
it was just like breathing in was really
really cold
it was nice yeah it's sweet it's a
lovely sort of sweet like you said not
not necessarily marshmallows or like the
balls but like the more definitely more
like the the marshmallow fluff are you
getting jars yeah cuz of marshmallows I
love but not the outsides of them so I'm
alright with the myth they're toasted
but you know the gooey insides of
marshmallows are really not not that
flowering coating and this doesn't sort
of have that and yeah it sort of adds to
it's the sweetness so if you imagine the
inhale being that sort of sweet
marshmallow fluff but without this or
like hard exterior and then the exhale
just being like a breezy mentally yeah
it's very gentle where I eat noticable
you know for kids my idea that it's not
like a mega heart on my god menthol yeah
it's not harsh in the way that menthols
often can be so if you're somebody
doesn't tend to like Mentos it may be
worth still giving this a go because you
never know you might be surprised it is
a bits of cool and gentle for science
will swap see how the flavor profile
varies from dripper to tank
think I'm getting a bit more gooey
marshmallow on this and a bit less mint
and definitely I agree with that
wholeheartedly it's definitely a bit
more breezy on on the dripper you still
do get it on the tank but it is gentler
turned down I think which would make for
me a more pleasant all day vape turning
the min down a little bit and stuff like
that I enjoy I really do sort of enjoy
doing it but only for a bit you know
it's not I don't find menthol anymore
something I can do all day whereas on
here yeah as all diable which is now a
word when I first started vaping it was
pretty much menthol all the way because
that was anything that was giving me the
kick so after that I sort of like moved
away from it and then discovered all the
delicious flavors that were out there
and available I'm not averse to go back
to menthol but for this it just seems
fun because even on the dripper is not
so so much of a throat hit it is just
like they say just gentle breeze it's
really refreshing
however this guy on the first intake
definitely gave it the older well yeah I
didn't know what marshmallow breather
and tweaked breeze - menthol you know so
it's a bit of a shocker okay so that
kind of wraps it up for now on de
bourree and marshmallow breeze but we're
gonna reduce and clean out our tanks and
change our calls and shit and we'll be
back with minimum balls ball ball melon
ball ball
welcome back yeah at this time melon
balls ball and yeah you may have noticed
a slight color change and we every
smoked out the room is smoked smoked
yeah we smoked the room out really bad
so we've now got windows and doors I
have changed the colour settings on
there it is fucking nightmare quick
review we're having the game yeah it's a
melon ball it's it's a melon medley
and I have to admit when I opened this
on that ah fuck there's one type of EG
flavor one melon I'm not sure if it's
honeydew or cantaloupe I hate it it
tastes like wood glue and I open it I'm
like I can smell that I'm not going to
like this however I haven't had a cheeky
tester and let's just do it properly but
he had a cheeky preview oh my god know
if it's working right test your
equipment yeah we can't do that on
camera so um yeah let's hit melon balls
you thought make this sound like a
prostate sort of check yourself
cos is no joke it's also sound advice
gents get check-in if you cut the right
hop on to the testing testing yeah it's
just lovely
are they vaguely detect that flavor in
there but it's so minimal it just
enhances the general sort of melon
experience the main sort of melon on
getting for this is sort of like the
watermelon chewing gum you get it's very
sweet just raw very generic Melanie but
nice you know does come out really nice
not too harsh it for an eager to see
it's very Morrison's to say that about
sort of like a melon flavor I mean if
you like melons
this is this is right up your alley
there's a little bit more harshness to
the throat here with this one I think
that the mint in the marshmallow breeze
sort of seemed to turn down the throat
hit there's a little bit more or a throw
to hit on getting on the dripper than
the last one but it's still not half
straight it's not a strong throat hit
you know you're not like old God or
anything you know but it's just more
noticeable yeah I can't remember if I
said earlier but all the juices that we
generally test a 3 milligram and that is
true for these three that we're testing
in the far range today Florrie a science
in science bro science that's good the
the one melon I don't like it's not
present at all in there so it gets meted
out in the tank but it's still just that
nice sort of general man assembly going
on I think it's the same I'm
experiencing the same across the tank
and the dripper so no discernable sort
of change for me still like a sweet
sweet melon balls yeah there is
definitely something like a melon
chewing gum flavor going on here it's
not really the chewing gum but is the
same sort of flavouring you get in the
really nice American you know melon
candy yeah so I guess that's about it
for the melamine the only thing I'm
surprised about is after smelling I
wasn't too keen on the smell but the
taste of it when you're vaping it
inhale and exhale is really nice you
know I'm not getting that one flavor I
don't like though I'm pretty confident
is actually in there but just it mixes
really nicely but the other ones done
well okay I think we've had our time
with this one now time to move on to
neon red slushy
and we're back taste cleaned and calls
changed in the air all that good stuff
and yeah neon red slushy so neon green
slutty just tastes exactly like the name
I'm not sure how we're going to fare
with neon red slushy and whether our
description would be able to get any
better than that but for science let's
hit it
so yeah again we've got like the menthol
or icy hit with this and berries I'm not
really getting berries in the dripper
what to make its house light is if we
were to eat a load of polo mints for
that cool sort of refreshing breeze and
some of them rage can be spring shoelace
jobbies you know big in America you
don't seem as much over here but yeah it
tastes just like those and that there
are soft nondescript red very sort of
affair will they usually strawberry lace
or something Carl by the science doing
the science bit so the website says that
it's a red berry with a nice icy cool
hit the icy cool is the menthol and the
red berries can be a host of any red
berries which includes strawberries
raspberries you know all of them yeah
there's lots of red berries but yeah
definitely it's made there's the
strawberry but not like a true
strawberry more like those strawberry
laces that we're talking about
again was before the the I see sort of
menthol flavour is definitely coming
through stronger on the dripper
yeah I'm still got like chosen my lungs
from that one it's not that bad no no I
feel that I've been vaping menthol now I
handed over yeah but it's not like a
harsh it's definitely not hot where
you're doing it but that coolness sort
of lingers you know it's not just a sort
of passing thing which just adds to the
refreshing sort of very delicious that
hit as you tasted Lahore it's lovely
so I've got the red slightly that time
finally I've got past the red light is
and we're on to the British luxuries
which is good I like it when flavors
sort of change the more you hit them the
different temperatures you hit them that
makes them more interesting makes it
lends them more to being an all day vape
element as a company have always been
about designing complex flavors for us
and and it's true to form they do make
their stuff so that it's intricate and
some flavors will come forward and then
some flavors will be back and then the
next hit will be different which is good
that lends itself to you know being
interesting for us yeah another thing
that I'm always do is they always you
know very openly published they're sort
of you know safety stance as it were
from what's included in their eg so try
not to use any nasties and and the tests
all show that they're they're good to
that so you know this you know you not
gonna be on the dieter cell or anything
that okay guys so there was that review
for the elements for range of these new
in liquids which were go on marshmallow
braised melon ball and neon red slash a
goldfish as we said before element being
an awesome company we've we've dealt
with them before we've seen him at the
Expos we've actually spoken to the guy
in charge awesome guy Dave no you can
just keep calling Dave Grohl so just
keep calling Dave girl he's a proper
rock star of baking they just continue
sort of bringing out the easy juices for
us and I'm pretty much offering
something for
within their huge fucking range they've
got of of e-juices yeah it's gonna be
interesting to see how that pans out in
the light of the FDA stuff and they new
flavors are supposed to come to market
otherwise you get asked by a hefty fine
and but you know hopefully this will
keep coming because we like it so
obviously through to review you saw the
clouds you know you it's good it's his
high VG clouds is thank you what'd you
you couldn't really see the throat hit
they're all a noticeable throat hit but
not a strong Hoffs throat hit you know
just something pleasant I think is it
probably a good word to describe it
there and I guess it now comes the
question of all day vapes and favorite
so tiny you found these all day vapor
ball I found them all all day vape
herbal but it is down to your particular
flavor palate or what you're going to
find that it's going to appeal to you so
for me personally I'll probably go for
the middle one which you can't remember
melon yeah single ball it have one big
ball for all day vape I think I would
agree because I don't think I can all
day vape on menthol now I like it is
something I would have in a drift but I
never just carry one device anywhere
then really all day boat something I get
at work take at least three or four
devices with me all with different
flavors in so one of them could quite
easily be like marshmallow he does all
day vape but it is just sort of like a
whole host of different devices and
different ages it's different ones we're
going to get home and I've been
different if I'm going out walking the
dog you know it's I don't tend to get on
one flight but although I do like to mix
it up stock flavor blindness and spoil
myself really so for me on that range I
think my favorite of these three and was
probably Gabby the marshmallow breeze it
was one that I really wasn't expecting
it's not really a flavor profile I like
but I think because it was such a
surprise and it works so well that gooey
fluff marshmallow with that sort of
calming kick and for me I think that's
my favorite where as Tony's favorite
there with the melon ball again I was a
huge surprise man I didn't like the
smell of it had that one ingredient you
know I don't
but it didn't come through in a way that
was bad or detrimental to Jewish it was
just doesn't yea really likes it and
that's not ragging on neon red slushy or
red neon slushy or where the hell it's
called I can't remember I'm a fucking
goldfish I apologize it's just a flavor
profile that isn't there up there for us
as as the other two so you know it's all
subjective it's always fucking
subjective okay guys so this has been
our review for elements afar range their
new stock that they've got coming out to
the shops we hope you enjoyed it if you
did please drop us a like and do the
whole SUBSCRIBE thing because it helps
us out a lot also follow us on social
medias if you'd like Facebook Twitter
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we're quite chatty apparently yeah if
you do this the honor of giving us a
share on there if you like what you say
that would be awesome and if you've got
any questions about this juice or
anything else it has up in the comment
section below or find us on those social
medias but for now guys thanks for
watching smug
kill how we are recording is that's
minute already Oh chef looks okay who's
the camera the camera has yeah it's it's
barrel it's all optics
yeah London ok welcome back guys and as
you can see we've already smoked out the
room while just getting the first juice
ready and however as always what is
gonna be a quick fucking tape in black
good what is this only Jesus fuckin see
if we gotta test each juice on a dripper
and in a tank for the dripper we've got
the fucking second
right yep however this guy on the first
intake definitely gave it the old well
yeah I didn't know what marshmellow
breather and tweaked breeze - menthol
you know is a bit of a shotgun I tried
the cinnamon wardens quick review

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