Vape Review of FAR Grape Vape E-Liquid by Element 10ml

April 17, 2018 12 min read

Vape Review of FAR Grape Vape E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Vape Review of FAR Grape Vape E-Liquid by Element 10ml

By Nataly Komova

FAR Grape Vape e-liquid by Element is the grape ejuice to rule them all. Combining the taste of grape and grape soda, there's hints of Red Ruby and Concord varieties, all blended together a fragrant vape with plenty of cloud and delicious flavour. Details 10ml E-Liquid 75% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 25% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Element E-Liquid Based in South Florida, Element E-Liquids uses superior ingredients and scientific precision to create a line of unique blends and tasty basics.

Vape Review of FAR Grape Vape E-Liquid by Element 10ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FAR Grape Vape E-Liquid by Element 10ml

hi I'm slack that's Tony and welcome to
smoke vlog today we're going to be
taking a look at four juices from fart
by element cowbell
they'll wall their Betsy and welcome
back in the room like we said reviewing
the far range on today's episode we have
great vape and candy punch and pineapple
bliss and strawberry cupcake yeah
they're available in a range of sizes
including in the hundred mil bottles
which come in this awesome awesome spray
can you know before the TPD blocks it
officer let's just dive down and have a
quick look at what's in the can all
right elements knew far range a liquid
grape vape in this case 75 VG plus look
at it go anyway standard sort of warning
disclaimer the liquid is not a beverage
don't drink it despite the fact that
smells nama as your ingredients in a
storage information contact details
standard stuff going on there
there we go point for a wish what what I
wanted long functional graffiti spray
can boom we're in so inside we get one
unicorn bottle one bottle of grape vape
which already know it is one of my
favorites of this range one for a liquid
sticker that's getting on the wall
behind this once I sort my shit out too
far liquid stickers and that there are a
bunch of copper rings in here now I'm
not sure if these because I've got the
expert and put them in there myself and
or whether they do just come in there
but you know either way cock ring tastic
look how pretty
anyway let's give this a vape that's
what it's all about here we are back in
the room again with that highly unusual
unboxing that we never actually have on
Egypt review I've it's so cold I just
had a right onto now testing methodology
that we use as always we will be 10
sting with the I just to with the I just
to tank and a whole bunch of coils yeah
that's the point three I'm AC coil head
and we're also never using a dripper as
always however we have changed the
dripper for this all controversy once a
doe three and yeah it's running UK flat
wire in there so 25 gauge which I really
like so yeah we're doing it because I
say so
talking of testing method when we're at
vapors Expo in Birmingham was chatting
to the manager of element a liquids and
yeah he's just so on these products
including testing methods really gave me
you know this is the test of diacetyl
and a couple of other nasties and yeah
needless to say everything's clear
because they take it seriously which is
really good so without further ado let's
dive into our first flavor now we're
going to go with the one that I fell in
love with the first one I tried which is
great vape so without further ado let's
say for science let's do this autumn
clouds arms Gary dripless for time you
can have a go on this but we're going to
have a talk about it first because
that's different
it's lovely great plate flavor it's just
beautiful I mean I've tried a lot of
grapes in my time lots of grapes
especially enjoy the bottom grapes but
you have to make it weird
we made eye contact looking at me
bromine weird yeah I've had a lot of
grapes in my time and the one problem
that always seems to be at the forefront
of all these flavors is a chemically
taste I find yeah and as true grape is a
make or break you know we just did the
main vapes custard and vanilla custard
is while those hit and miss things and
grape I think really is the other one
Worman but it's not about that it's
about the great often a chemically one
and then you've got two attempts to go
for a good grape you can even go for a
realistic grape so it tastes like you're
eating a grape or you can do what four
have done here and go for that candy
grape now is brilliant like the taste is
just can be great you imagine American
black grape chewing gum you know
something like a proper American candy
is just awesome they've chose purple on
the colorings of it and it really suits
that you know it just is awesome yeah
because it also is awesome
so for science let's do the swaps and
see how they compare tank to dripper on
the tank the same great flavor is there
is turn down a notch slightly as you
would expect with this however not a lot
you know it's it's all coming through
you getting the full flavor I think I
think we're going to disagree here
because I think that's exactly the same
flavor that I'm getting from the tank as
well as the dripper yeah same flavor
I just think there's slightly more of it
on the dripper which you yeah it may be
its own down but it's hot shit sometimes
with these flavors you find that certain
bits of them are turned down like if you
had like a strawberry milkshake
sometimes the strawberry gets turned
down in a tank but not the milkshake
part if that makes sense here all of the
flavor is coming through it's just not
quite as strong but again you would
expect that that's why we run a
middle-of-the-road tank to test this on
you know okay so for this great flavor
and all the other three that we're going
to be reviewing in this range they are
75% + VG yeah and we're running them at
the 3 milligrams nicotine which is also
preferred strength and with it being
that level of VG you know it's perfectly
capable of wicking in tanks you know
that there's an absolutely no issues
here the eye just takes all good
whicker's so you know we weren't
expecting problems here but it's just
walking through it's a breeze you know
and I've run it in a few other tanks and
it works just great and with the three
milligram nicotine you're also getting a
bit of a throat hit it's not harsh right
here it's just a pleasant just sort of
subtle noticeable throat here so we'll
see how that changes throughout the
review will mention it if we don't
mention it it's going to be consistent
throughout all right we've had a clean
out or re wakened a nice English cup of
tea to refresh the palate so yeah on to
the next one which is donkey punch up I
mean candy punch so without further ado
let's hit it hit it that's good on we
guessed the dripper swap the sides open
for science yeah again the tanks turned
down I think just ever so slightly but
again all the flavor is coming through
which is nice so flavour you know you've
seen the clouds you read Amy needs to
talk about them because you can see them
but the flavor you cannot see is we have
to find Express that in words so yeah it
kind of tastes to me a bit like nerds or
dweebs something like that where you
just sort of mix all the flavors
together it's not as strong in your
mouth here because if you like take a
handful of that that kind of takes your
face off this this is much more gentle I
think yeah it's definitely turned down
in terms of flavor which lends itself to
an all-day vaping in my opinion yeah
it's a really nice flavor but don't get
us wrong is it's not like a poor flavour
or anything it is just that it's not a
sickly sweet as it would be as if Yuri
in this much sweet see if that makes
sense yeah that would be not great for a
sort of like picking it up or going all
day with it you know you'd just be like
sick of it really quickly yeah it's at
some really sweet vibe so I do get sick
off quite quickly you just like grating
a dripper for it yeah a cheeky hit or so
you know but
you couldn't just like you know do a lot
an hour-long drive just doing that you
would want to throw up oft well this I
think yeah I'll be fine doing this
although is normal
yeah one thing I would like to say about
this candy punch eliquid is the smell of
the liquid itself is not anywhere near
as good as the taste of the vape now
often it's the other way round you smell
any liquid it smells lovely and that
flavors really turned down or just not
as good here I find it's the other way
round it's got very strong smell in the
bottle but it smells a little bit glue
like a little bit almost chemically I
was a little bit concerned about this
right and then yeah dripping it taking
in the tank yeah it tastes gorgeous so
yeah there's absolutely no worries there
so if you are in a vape shop and you are
trying this out and think that smells
disgusting do give it a go it tastes
better than it smells
reading the website for the description
of this flavor that they've listed it as
sort of like a rainbow candy kind of
affair going on in the the drippers and
the tanks and while I'm not particularly
getting that sort of rainbow candy thing
as such I do get certainly American
candy out of this you know but it's not
too sickly I think they've done a really
clever job with it in the UK we think
rainbow can do you think something like
open fruits or starbursts or whatever
the fuck they call nails or skittles
which are something completely different
however I'm not really getting any of
those candies it does taste like
American picker mix you know just like
stick it all in the thing go but less
sickly in conclusion for this one just
think turned down notes right it's time
we clean up this numb off the rest and
yeah we'll be back in a moment okay so
next up in the series pineapple bliss
yeah pineapple is a weird one it's not
really anything on boat before it's not
anything I thought about vaping to be
honest but you know for science we'll
give it a go let's do that
that is awesome
so it's kind of a bit like Lille but
little with an American candy shop twist
again you know there seems to be that
candy shop theme running throughout them
which is awesome I love American candy
so it is definitely a win for male with
swapping for science swapping four
Cylons the science yeah again the
pineapples coming strong really words
words yes the pineapple words the
pineapple was coming through a really
strong on the tank as well it's not
turned down as much as the other flavors
have been beautiful just like he said
lil little yeah but with the candy twist
still yeah I can see the candy twist I'm
just focusing on the the loop sort of
aspects of it yeah I was brilliant
I'm so surprised I mean yeah pineapple
is not on my radar at all as a flavor
profile that I would be interested in
trying it wasn't one that I was looking
forward to trying and its rangy they'll
be honest really and yes pleasantly
oh yeah it's just lovely just see the
loveliness so according to the website
for this pineapple bliss it's also
incorporate berries and mango yet while
I'm not sort of getting them straight
away now I've been told it I guess the
berries and mangoes what's giving it
that sort of candy shop affair while
they're not you know candies that is
actually fruit it does lend itself to
just a sort of sweetie kind of taste but
yeah that the old pairing thing there is
the pineapple and yeah it's surprisingly
awesome right time for the last cleanup
and change out our which we gonna do now
and we'll be back in a minute with
strawberry cupcake and here we are with
the last in the series that we've got
for this which is a strawberry cupcake
now interesting side note the first time
I cleaned this tank out and filled it
with strawberry cupcake I'll still get
in the previous flavor pineapple so we
had to give this one a proper fucking
cleaning and scrub it up and stick a
whole new coil in there again because we
just contaminated the previous coil with
pineapple now yeah that's not a bad
thing we want the strong flavours
sometimes and I really like that
pineapple so you know I'll forgive it I
will definitely forgive it but it's
about the strawberry cupcake so once
more for science
ah hell absolutely now that I mean it's
just really creamy strawberry cupcake
and not too sickly least not on the
first couple of hips I am loving that
again a lovely what's the best way to
describe it it's good you getting the
flavor from it but it is not sort of
like brown in your face sort of flavor
it's just turned down enough to be an
all day very beautiful they just yeah I
mean you've get full flavor but without
it being sickly so far I mean there's
not a bad one in this range the again
this one's turned down slightly on the
tank but the flavor is still there it's
still full it's still lovely absolutely
yeah for this one definitely that the
drippy is all about the dripper the
dripper is where the flavors act yeah so
if you imagine a pink iced cupcake that
that is what you're vaping here they've
just absolutely nailed it you know the
cakes not too sure it's nice and moist
cake with a moist cake I like saying
moist moist just one more time you know
and yeah I love it I love it I lick it
sorry I'm getting carried away here yeah
really nice flavor yeah so when we first
when I first sort of like sight vaping
this I was like hold on they're saying
something different there and the
strawberries not not quite right and
reading the website that website
actually says it was a vanilla cake with
like strawberry icing on the top yeah
when I smelt the bottle I just smelt
sort of ripe strawberry and I then sort
of smell and there's a little something
else there not sure but the second you
take a hit on the drip is just like
taking a bite into a really lovely
cupcake sometimes I find the cake
flavors they can be a little bit on the
dry side you know they also sort of
introduce a bit more of a heart right
here this one's really smooth on by tank
and dripper it's just a lovely easy vape
and this is another one that wipes a lot
better than it smells in the bottle it
smells good in the bottle it wipes even
better okay so that was the fall from
far that we're there in quick shout-out
to Regina Spektor if anyone gets that
reference anyway the one that was
missing from here was neon green slushie
now the flavor for that it is exactly
neon green flash it you know we tried it
the vapors Expo and it just does what it
says on the tin it is it's supposed to
be lime I'm not a massive fan of lime
like key lime I'm not a fan of but I
really like the neon green slushie eat
you just taste neon green it's really
good again lending itself to that
American candy store sort of flavor now
over here in the UK I've only seen this
in the 75% + VG sort of mixes but on the
American website it says that you can
get it in either a 50/50 mix or 70 + mix
which is quite cool like those options
also comes in a range of nicotine levels
so on the website it states for the
50/50 range the NIC levels are naught 3
6 12 and 18 but for the range of the web
in vaping the 75 VG sort of scenario is
available in 0 3 & 6 yeah it is sort of
designed for drippers really all those
sort of high power devices he not want
to go be doing 18 milligram nicotine and
you know buzzing off that so the 50/50
range comes in 10 and 20 ml bottles
whereas the 75 + that we've been doing
comes in 20 ml little glass bottles or
the big hundred mil bottles you saw -
earlier is that this range it's made in
Florida by element and yeah they've done
a really good job with it they use
really high-class ingredients you know
American nicotine it's all pre state is
what you'd expect from a premium juice
and a great company like element well
OKs we're reviewing the range we've got
ask the question time what's your
favorite I don't think I could put it
down to one I mean all four that we've
done lovely lovely
you well I'm really surprised by the
pineapple alright yet they're all for a
good but the pineapple
I wasn't really expecting much from and
that was really good but I think if I
had to pick favorite I would definitely
go for great fate I really like the sort
of candy grapes sort of flavor and it's
in something I like anyway and they've
done it really well I've done more
really well but yet that one's Milan
because science science yes so we'd like
to thank element for hooking us up with
some samples also spending some time
with that vapors Expo
if you're ever an exponent element there
do go look them up there stuff is
amazing here but the normal element
ranged the tonics range and now the far
range you know that then just some
awesome educe is from some really on the
ball guys and not only that you know
that they give us the test results to
show that look we test our shit we make
sure it's good for you guys you know and
it a whole book to show all the testing
yeah brilliant so yeah thank you element
and you've done a really ok guys so that
about wraps it up for this ejuice review
for element and the far range hope you
like what you're saying if you do please
drop us a like and do the whole
SUBSCRIBE thing because it helps us out
immensely also if you'd be so kind
follow us on Facebook Twitter and
because we are quite chatty yeah and if
you've got any questions or comments
about these e-juices or our review here
just hit us up in the comments below or
find us on the social media but for now
thanks for watching smog blog
great vape and Pat candy handycams
and strut Astro boot let's just dive
down have a quick look at what in the
can is it account lower yeah don't know
why there's an odor I hope this is not
zero nicotine that is not what I wanted
as always I lost it yeah there we go
yeah maximum effort go fuck the snake
had a lot of grapes oh yeah yeah we have
to introduce this - donkey punch
I mean candy punch my goodness donkey
punch is fun what is it sex mo for you
knock someone back of the head or sir
about orgasm is that what donkey punch
pretty sure that either that or is where
you are wrong job you put your fist
behind their head and then jab your
thumb up there also rear back and knock
themselves out I can do to my rig in I
feel like I'm educating their young
corrupting an innocent or something yeah
it's improved li is something why don't
you educate me on Arabian goggles
and it takes your face off this this is
much more gentle I think yes yeah and if
you've got any questions about these
juices or you know yeah and if you've
got any questions or comments about
these eg is fucking English yeah and if
you've got any questions or comments
can't get my mouth around it on what
side come on

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