Vape Review of Far by Element Neon Green Slushie E-Liquid

April 17, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Far by Element Neon Green Slushie E-Liquid

Vape Review of Far by Element Neon Green Slushie E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

New to the scene, FAR E-Liquids from Element, is making some major clouds already! Element's new line blends together the highest quality ingredients with more VG and less nicotine to bring you the purest and densest clouds around! Neon Green Slushie from FAR is no exception! This one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering citrus lime blends invigorates and awakens the senses with each inhale! Try FAR today, and see what everyone is vaping about!

Vape Review of Far by Element Neon Green Slushie E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Far by Element Neon Green Slushie E-Liquid

how's it going guys it's Sam from VG PG
liquid reviews now today we're gonna be
looking at something a bit mushy I'm not
talking about like melted snow no I'm
talking about neon green slushy by far a
liquid which was created by element a
liquid now this one is a bit of an odd
VG PG ratio so this one is 75 25 don't
ask I don't know I just read how it
comes so I'm gonna read the little
description in the background so you
know what is being said about this and
what I supposed to taste like
so neon green slushy by far he liquids
is a cool and zesty citrus ice blend
featuring tart limes with a hint of mint
for giving it a very palatable icy
freshness I was like it could have a
very nice strong menthol lime flavor so
let's have a little smell at the bottle
so as in the element dripper range you
got that really wacky drab tech on it
really nice consistency actually so
straight from the bottle
there's a lot of lime coming from that
and I can I can smell the kind of
menthol hint on there let's give it the
VG PG taste and vapor production test
for zinc because of this funky little
pipette it's really nice and easy just
to drip up your RDA and we're ready to
go let's see what this stuff can do
you got so much lime in the flavor there
and you can actually taste the very icy
menthol that really brings out the lime
flavor in it so it's a mixture of citrus
and menthol that it isn't too strong so
it doesn't just hit you in the back of
the throat like no there's nothing like
that at all it's really nice it's not
overpowering but it's it's not under
power and either so a nice little
mixture there so price range you get
said 20 mil cloudy looking bottle with
the cold design on it for nine pounds
ninety-nine for a 20 ml bottle for the
flavor you get from it it's not
expensive at all it's definitely worth
the 10 pound price tag on there some of
you may be a bit too vyas about it after
all everyone has their own different
tastes but believe me it is a really
good liquid I can't wait to try the rest
of the range if that one is as good as
that okay so that's my review for fari
liquids by almani liquid and it's the
neon green slushie I'll leave some links
below so you can see where you can get
the liquid from at your local shop
online or even link you debate club
again because they seem to be very good
on their descriptions keep an eye out
for the next review and I shall see you
in a bit good bye or retention

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