Vape Review of Fantasy Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Fantasy Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

Vape Review of Fantasy Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

By Nataly Komova

Fantasy Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG is an e-liquid that features the flavours Orange and Soda. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Fantasy Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fantasy Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

yo yo y'all welcome to another edition
little bro virtual what can I say thank
you very much to all my new subscribers
and the old ones and we all know it
girls if you like the video make sure
you like subscribe share this is
Scrabble juice in the corner give a
little pressing if it's a new magic
number well what's a little problem
vaping on today
well little bro is going to do that I
love VG range yep mmm and I got three to
do today and we start off with the neon
lime then we're going to go on to the
neon orange and then to finish off on
we've got the fancy orange now don't
adjust your sets or anything I know
normally I've got a go to your a beard
on I shaved it off all for a good cause
I will tell you a flood that we'll be
doing this week as well so you be able
to all hear about that rather so what
have we got the first one on which is
neon lime there we go we've got it on
the nugget - I'm really loving this it's
a cute little thing you know are the bad
signals for days and also we have got
the wasp nano and that's coming out of
50 watts nought point six five ohms so
let's give it a little bit the vapor see
what we think
it's the line obviously the online and
it's a line but what it basically is is
you've got you know you have your
sherbet lemons this is what this is but
it's a lime sherbet and you get the
sherbet there but there's not loads of
it as it gram a soft tang to it like
something I've had but it's got that
sweet esque line like you've just got on
them sweets it is very sweet as well
plenty of a production yep that's it
that's how you can nail it bang on the
head is that it's give your obviously
idea yeah your lemon sherbet sweets this
is a lime and it tastes like it they've
even got the nice taste of the the outer
can dienes to it so you're getting like
a lime candy it's refreshing is it my
old a vein no it's not really my old oh
babe I like you I could maybe vape it
for an hour or so there's a bit of a
treat but it's a bit too sweet for me
I'm not overly like I don't like it too
well yeah so what you're basically
getting is like a Bacchus on the side of
it being a lemon sherbet it's a it's the
lime sherbet
so rather so what I'm going to do is I'm
just going to rework this and we'll get
onto the orange so I'll see you in a
minute so we're all week back up again
we're still on the look it to with the
wasps tunnel coming out at not 0.65 ohms
at 50 watts and we're gonna try the neon
orange that I secured the chili a little
bit of a drip there we go let's give it
a vapor see what we think
oh that's totally different to the line
neon obviously because this is orange
but no it's not the different you have
got the sweetness and like I said that
with the last with the line neon
that's sort of had like the the lemon
jibbety sort of taste to it do with the
line but this is he said where you
getting the orange which is really
really nice and it's not overly powering
orangey is tic-tac esque I can't believe
a got out tic-tac esque but I'm getting
a little bit of a cooler in there as
well just a little bit not much yet so
straightway you're getting the orange
and it is not a fresh orange it's more
of a candid orange and then you're
getting like a cool ardor underneath it
is that my all day vape it's one of them
things that I could maybe picky you know
what if you're going out to the poor
bored if you go into where you think fat
is so different today I'd probably go
for this and think yeah I don't bit of a
vapor line 70/30 plenty of vapor
production yeah that's a little look at
what the box
excuse me what the boxes come in
obviously it's all TPD compliant always
or everything that should be on that is
on there this is your 30 mil boxes which
comes with three of you 10 mils my
cookie 30ml yeah that's alright it's
quite nice little orange I'd say we're
gonna do we're gonna have another riwa
cup and we're gonna try the fantasy
orange see in a second right we're all
wicks up we're still on the Nugget -
with the wasp nano on it coming out to
six point 5 ohms at 50 watts and this
time we're on the fun to see orange yep
so let's give it a bit of a drip and
we'll have a little bit of a vape see
what it's like
yeah now what I want to obviously ready
with it being fantasy orange I've
actually done the the fantasy the one
that they're taking off for the Fanta so
I thought it'd be somewhere along them
lines it's not quite like that
you getting the orange and it is drink
esque but what it reminds me of and it
gives you that fairness on your tongue
it reminds me of them cheap bottles of
pop you know how you get you roller cola
but this is like the orange version of
it you know you got a little ones you
can get them at the pub for your kids
and it gives you that fear and it's at
the back it's like that it's not
unpleasant but it tastes more like a
cheap bottle of pop than a can of Fanta
if you're not I mean 70/30 plenty of
vapor production is it my all day vape
now we're not really smell you want that
I'd grab old oven think I'll have a
little taste of that for an hour but no
it's not my old day babe this at all
yeah it's definitely it's not fun too
it's definitely like a cheap bottle of
pop the orange isn't quite quite there
and it does leave that that fear enos in
your mouth well this has been another
review from little bro vibes
you can find all the details for I love
VG down in the descriptions you can also
find me on Twitter Instagram and
Facebook and all obviously if you've
liked this video make sure you like
subscribe and share the subscribe
bullshit in the corner give a little
press to get into that new magic number
and there's only one last thing to say
people keep them juices flowing

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