Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Orange

April 19, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Orange

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Orange

By Ksenia Sobchak

Ever wondered what the Fantasi range would taste like without the cool menthol sensation, well here it is! An e-liquid which carries orange flavours in a 65ml short fill bottle.

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Orange

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fantasi Zero - Orange

hey guys how is it going so this one is
a bit of a special review we could
probably call him you're probably aware
that the fantasy review from a couple of
months ago which I don't even know what
happened in that review but you never
know he could make an appearance again
and by him I mean yes miss them in haha
so we don't know we just don't know he
will appear
but anyway agita where i went to a vapor
expo in band and NEC last weekend and as
you walk into the expo with a couple of
booths and then there was the fantasy
booth so I'm walking in and get
instantly drawn with this big scene with
all these flashing lights and was like
fantasy logos going on all these like
little fucking splashes and stuff going
on next thing who comes on caught me
going out is a fucking fantasy oh my god
no no please don't say this entire
reviews on this fee because this is not
a good review it's really really no sure
anyway I was on the fantasy screen so
walks over people of Wharf and Basco and
that don't stop stop them don't look at
them on the sleeve is like oh don't want
that one don't please don't know what I
don't you don't know you do barely don't
want to see what gets said oh go are
you've watched it
so anyway goes over to the guy that's
fun to see him with talkative stuff down
and the girls behind the counter to be
fair he didn't really go out to the
first when he meets once was or Joe and
knocked him you know on the steam level
went really oh yeah don't get the boss
twenty-eight boss comes over and she
goes back to him on the screen and I'll
I was it the boss was just like oh my
god we love you we absolutely love you
you're crazy reviews and all that so it
turns out that just before I left the
stand up it solvent ISM they gave me
these every single flavor in their new
line so we've got mango
we have grape we've got apple of course
we've got orange my personal favorite
from the last range I haven't tried any
of the EVs so in
you want to think of them you are fully
PPD compliant before you say well
they're big bottled on there that you
they're not compliance niggas bigger
well you can get fucked because they're
zero milligram and they are the new
tricks mixes by fantasies so same logo
same you know I'm going to go into it
you've got the Trix mixers by fantasy on
the bottle there they are six female
they are zero milligram and these ones
in particular are the low mid high VG 0%
of nicotine line and I don't know if you
can see what that says on the bottom
there it's not going to focus in but
this camera's a pile of my ass it does
say is so subtle some pulp is so
sortable suitable for a drippers only
now that could be due to the sheer
amount of EG it could also be due to the
sheer amount of sugar that they're still
putting in it but we don't know I didn't
think sugar run allowed anymore got to
be natural sweetness but suitable for
tripping only it's just as ingredients
USP vegetable glycerin USP propylene
glycol natural and artificial flavorings
so it doesn't mention any sugar lose any
sugars any coil focus basically because
the last one which was this I've still
got some bottles were coming around this
one was a coil melt I get put on it just
go and there's a third egg on so yeah
these are the new ones so as at the last
of you I am going to start with the
orange one that was my personal favorite
in the last line we'll do a little bit
of comparison I have got the recoil
there so we can load the old one off of
there and I have got the V good project
both freshly whipped this is on the boys
maybe yesterday under that freshly
charged batteries and of course this is
on the I join captain with half a charge
so plenty of battery life so like I say
we're going to start with the orange one
now one thing I will say about these
bottles before we even get into it is
they fucking leak everywhere like my
hands at the minute feel I'd be being
given Hugh has been a massage the last
three months in the program and the day
the old bastard literally just like
covered in VZ they go hello Hugh hello
I'll give you a massage fucking this
course but he's a Mach 92 jelly acid
bastard just fucking know it's wrong
now so yeah no that doesn't doesn't bode
well bye well whatever the problem where
it is it's just uh like a fucking
after-party way releases like now
they'll not even go in there
so we're it's fucking started already
only it started I knew I should not have
drank monster and you as your mother
giant monster so orange Trix mixes by
fantasy leaking bottles of doom
here we go let's be fair it's not the
same it does smell the same
that one's got you could ever see that's
what the mint in it you can see he's
hiding behind the orange you go haha big
dumb stupid
ha ha ha ha ha I've got a shine I've got
to try and not do that again and boy
it's gonna happen mr. Mintz I miss the
mint with born in fantasy so well yes
orange then tricksters on six mixes
smell the same as old school orange ice
just it hasn't got that background then
these are the low mid range I mean for
fuck's sake man laughs I'm just going to
go for a piss fucking fantasy Pittsburgh
mixes I'm telling you what done fuck man
only when the bottle just went have some
piss on your hands
ha ha ha just very seriously very it
looked at my hands are just uh it just
feels like when you go on holiday in
your pussy much suntan lotion on and it
just like I'm going to grease up your
identity attended and attended Indian
yeah it's just don't like these bottles
but ass did you follow the same i
literally open it to put the juice and
let's go come on the outs let me out
lose we're going on the river if you
even got off the top how that fog is not
happening fucking now they just open the
how much of these full commute they are
pretty full but not to the fucking grim
so here you go it's the juice let's put
some on a zipper
you know so so in over get over depth
fuckin sweep that is sweet
so taka taka didn't right so we'll be
lock-in no point 1 ohms Aires Jill fuse
Clapton's and well no sorry Aires
dual-fuel staggered Clapton's I stand
corrected staggered Clapton's we at all
point one on the basement es 300 at 95
Watts so here we go pharmacy orange low
mint Trix mixes suitable for tripperz
only not for tanks yeah here we go
fuck that sweep it's nice there's no
mint there's a little bit of mint but
there's not much so fuck you mr. mint
haha fuck it it's very sweet like very
very sweet and what oh you know what
gets a fuck man you just piss all over
me desk now I've even resorted to using
t-shirt that need to go with the wash
the fucking wipe this shit off with stop
pissing yourself fucking hell
piss bugs and yeah it's very sweet no
mints behind it and that orange flavour
it's just faster orange again it really
is just an orange and you don't good job
to basically just clone that old flavor
top them in south of it it is a zero
milligram negative you can buy nicotine
shock separately and you can put them in
for very very sweet very fruity band on
flavor again really really nice juice
it's nice not to have that fucking punch
a mint behind it but I've got the old
one and it's been steeped there for so
long I put on the recoil of the minute
we'll compare flavors but that's nice
when you fucking choke as well and I
thought the window open and janeth down
there doing a garden and it's like I'm
trying to fucking could we keep an
episode of stars in your eyes she looked
up goes what's Chris do ancillary
singing live Chris as fountain soon I
realized that was the way Matthew Kelly
impressing ever poison on tell anymore a
good reason
what did he go poking out they don't
hard produce some bay for them they must
be a eighty 20s easy the model bay but
I'm getting up there we have your gun
where are you
I mean the entity that that's a Deuce
and a half guys I'm just hoping I'm
praying that it doesn't kill coils
because I did you should really enjoy
the old man stop me fuck me it's getting
cloudy in here thank you come here both
got on me fans come to see me just like
that it is good that is dinner Thursday
lidded Swamy fans
so I'm fuckin pleased with itself I'm
not leaving it on because it'll sound
like there's just like a vibrator on the
floor over there we don't want back in
John people jump to conclusions so
France at 0 milligrams Romans six mixes
let's go back took a look back to old
school and we'll pour ye oldie Fanta ice
still smells fucking epic on this scene
on Apollo does at least not at the age
of seven now this and the recoil is
ridiculously low this is a no point nor
eight not nor point eight North Point
North eight and 121 Watts probably going
to regret it
there we go
don't do that ah father for don't call
that shit wise man uh idiot ha ha it
comes with it ha ha ha it goes of it
ha ha ha fuck of your liquid book of jet
boat mid did he come back he's back
again mr. mint shit the bed back girl go
fucking cold that was I think there's no
comparison noted that that's just like
death City in a bottle this stuff though
it's nice you've ate that it's just like
hello darkness my old friend I've come
to talk to your voice box again well if
this one's just nice and fruity and
sweet across the board
fresh orange Fanta Fanta yeah beautiful
just fresh fresh Fanta orange no dramas
little tiny butter mints little tiny
tool are the slice in the background
like it's just been in the fridge for 5
min and you couldn't be Athletico cold
you took it out what pair that really
really good and I'm going to put about
one point five minutes under the neck in
that tupa better damn nice juice very
smooth just flows just orange nothing
so yeah I'll fuck off man that bottles
right if you get these bottles put them
in unicorns because like don't actually
put them in unicorns that be a bit weird
but put them in Unicorn bottles because
I just pick that up put it down and it's
done it again it's just like Andorra
piss all over your desk
well it just where's it coming from with
us fuck is that Li Shu from man yeah
bottles are bad bottles are very bad
delete all over the place so I will
leave it there guys so I probably going
to do Apple next or something like that
that's the new flavor I want to try
that's doing it like so yeah take care
guys have a nice evening and I'll see
you all very soon back

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