Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Lemonade

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Lemonade

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Lemonade

Ever wondered what the Fantasi range would taste like without the cool menthol sensation, well here it is! An e-liquid which carries citrus and lemonade flavours in a 65ml short fill bottle. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Lemonade

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fantasi Zero - Lemonade

hello how's it all going everyone
so what do serve you time and it's a new
flavor but it's not just from any
company it is a new flavor from fantasy
that's right their new flavor lemonade
and yes it is the ice version I know you
all love the fantasy reviews out there
probably a hundred percent for definite
confirmation that mr. mint is going to
be in this said bottle and mr. mint now
has a way of you keeping him away from
drippers you get dedica call it involved
with another telepathy Big Brother get a
nice than the salmon did it Mary loves
deck Mary logs deaf fucking wolf that
might really do so fantasy lemonade iced
the new flavor from fantasy I believe it
was released yesterday these tender and
a lot of other places wholesalers are
just thought up on the website so pretty
quick getting this in if I do not say so
myself or do I look at that one if I do
say so myself
that's the one ah so we pre drift what
we didn't priest smell so I'm going to
do that right now
so I haven't put nicotine in this one
yeah it is a zero milligram 65 milk
bottle and if you've got like a blue one
so here we go all that smells like that
smells like a SPT or sprite from babe
Empire very very Malaysian so well you
get the LAN from that yeah you
definitely getting a little math don't
know about the bottle
the bottles under something to piss
themselves yet they do you like to piss
themselves the fans about all bought
anyway recoil I'm using the a9 RDA just
because I'm quite enjoying it to be fair
and it's got a fresh build earning so we
are using in this a pair of big void
coils mr. Shane Wiseman himself we've
got a couple of Clapton's from Shane in
there so thank you very much Shane and
we're running it on the hexohm ax we
will be anyway let me just give this a
little bit more power it's probably not
a good idea but we understand also now
forty percent so fantasy lemonade iced
zero milligram nicotine I haven't put
the shot that I guess what is doing a
zero anyway so here we go oh wow Wow
fuckin bow man oh hello Malaysia nice to
see you again any cousins didn't haha
Higgins a bit dr. Higgins moment hahaha
fuck another Goods baka blood juice rent
rent he's there fucking hell is he dead
in a big way he they're on steroids man
fuck me Wow oh my god oh fuck
wow that wakes Yudof for wow that's like
waking up so like ah what was the name
of the fucking weakest link and Robinson
that's like waking up to Anne Robinson
naked at the end the Avengers going you
are a weakest link look at her tits
let's say Wow Oh for me on that that's
done oh that's getting saying down
talking hell fantasy
there's ice and then there's fucking and
Wow uh that punches you in the death
with knuckledusters on fucking me but my
content is Hector I moved out like 20%
shit the bed fucking l brown snails even
a 20% Wow
eyes both of the day's shit fucking hell
ah oh wow Oh
this fucking blue screen my dial-up
internet in EE for say all the needs the
shit tones and I mean shit tons like mr.
Mintz gone to town and had a party in
this fuckin bottle no amount of debit
accorded is saving you from this shit
I'm telling you again the leaf would be
sadder than a fucking the hell you do
get 11 comin through the air there was
not much fuckin else because it's just
like eating told that cold for the
evening cold yes what are you doing I'm
eating cold
it's a now the stars are selling for the
car of it it's calling out of it before
me that's their coldest juice to date if
you don't like cool are dead you dodged
manage no don't do it don't it even
though I've tried the other version
edition I didn't try the iPhone because
I wanted to do on camera the all the
lemonade invasions got a tiny little
it's little bit of mint and in this one
he mr. Mintz I think he tipped the
bottle of concentrate enemas cat fat
fuck off so now it's happened the cotton
a little bit more bearable no I thought
that literally I decided to not kill me
that is not a bad lemonade no it's not a
bad lemonade whatsoever it's very very
sort of along the line well it's
basically the same to be fair if you
tried and player and play a brew SPT
which is their lemonade ice it's just
that it really is but with a fuck toward
molecule rather than a fantasy need to
have a moment
medium cold ice fuck total cool are
there but what it should say is that Wow
we're drying out now I don't even know
if I yeah how much cooler that is in
that if you did a little fucking dab on
the finger yeah changes or some kind of
like zombie for fuck me - oh yeah yeah
fuck is in that shit
oh that's palate that's just like yeah
absolutely the effect you put on your
thinking your body goes ah fuck I like
that one more time
it's fucking leaking everywhere now I'd
fucking ban the frontiers on your head
yeah ah you terrify like a retarded
emoji fucked is just no need without
much cooler no yeah oh wow
fuck doc need to be like date that I'm
not even a high wattage I need the loo
ah oh fucking hell that's a prank juice
you could practice eight with day like
you don't know this fork oh don't don't
just don't
if you go to a shop and you've got
lemonade I do not put on your finger to
put on your tongue it's like eat and
chillies oh it's not even colder bands
it's just like me a hell yeah
you can't even bake bad at like fucking
20 percent yeah ah Wow
fuck me so no I don't recommend you be
even an hour fucking idiot let's just
try and have some sort of stupid poll on
however that this fucking hell yeah
that's like a fucking hide efficient but
it's like it's like your lungs are on
fire as well does that just doesn't no
need for that would cool ardor the
really isn't I'm going to go back to
vaping me fucking babe off which is a no
fucking you fuck with yourself as well
if you can even get past but you are
that it's not about lemonade no with the
non ice version just do the non ice rage
and why do I have to see why do you do
that Oh ice literally means like ice ice
death guys I'm going to leave it there
I'm gonna need a drink
guys I need a drink fuck into hell ah
right guys I mean you've seen giving him
problems up up don't forget to press
that subscribe button and I'll see you
all in the next video hopefully I won't
be dying so yeah take care guys and I
see it all very soon bye bye

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