Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Grape

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Grape

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Grape

By Nataly Komova

Ever wondered what the Fantasi range would taste like without the cool menthol sensation, well here it is! An e-liquid which carries Grape flavours in a 65ml short fill bottle. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Fantasi Zero - Grape

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fantasi Zero - Grape

hey guys back with another review this
time it's the fantasy great ice already
done a video reviewing the orange in the
mango fantasy like both of those the
mango is my favorite the orange was very
good as well it's very difficult for
people to seem to be able to make it
good orange the taste of the orange goes
all over the place and that the fantasy
have got it right the oranges is good
but further mango I generally prefer
mango anyway and so I decided to get
myself some other fantasy great ice and
250 Thai bout five pounds eight or nine
US dollars this is a six mil nicotine
available in 3 or 0 they've also got the
orange in the mango which is is already
my review already up there same again
it's a 30/70 blend 30ml bottle this
one's the 6 mil nicotine virtually the
same packaging but obviously I changed
the color to to be this sort of purple
color for the grape and without wasting
your time too much there you go very
clear juice again same as the other
juices that they produce I like that no
artificial flavor
sorry colorings of banana to try and
make it more presentable the smell is
amazing and I wouldn't say it's so much
a great smell more like a bubblegum
smell if that makes any sense
so I've very loaded up 65 watts Krieger
I've got that ice I call that Corki and
probably as much call and kick as the
mango one I found the orange one was a
little bit lower in the colon maybe it's
just me but a manga one and the great
very cool smooth hit taste yeah like I
said it's not really so much of a great
taste of me more of a bubblegum taste
and but that being said it's not a bad
taste it's just not what I expected from
a great taste when I've tried some of
the other great flavors out there and
it's sweet it's definitely got sweeter
in Sweden they're in it and I guess it
even says it here ingredients USP
vegetable glycerin USP probably glycol
natural and artificial flavorings a
product that may contain nicotine
doesn't actually save it's definitely
got some sort of sweetener in there it's
a very sweet taste and so in terms of
this one I'd probably get this 7 or an 8
out of 10 things up there with the other
three this company doesn't seem to
produce anything that's bad that's a
that's a good thing and if I was going
to write the 3 I would put the mango as
my favorite and orange would be second
and this will be my third flavored and
that's that being said it's not a bad
flavor it's just not quite what I
expected I expect these grape and it's
to meet bubble them and but it's not a
bad flavor it's definitely going to stay
in my collection I'm going to be using
this one on our and I don't know if I'm
going to order another one of this I'd
probably focus on getting another orange
or another mango over this as my
preference okay guys
catch you later

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