Vape Review of Fantasi - Orange Ice E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Fantasi - Orange Ice E-Liquid

Vape Review of Fantasi - Orange Ice E-Liquid

Inspired by a famous and popular fizzy drink, Orange Ice by Fantasi is an orange and menthol flavoured e-liquid that is available in a single 65ml (50ml of e-liquid) bottle. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Fantasi - Orange Ice E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fantasi - Orange Ice E-Liquid

hi guys welcome to the review so today
i'm reviewing the fantasy orange ice
another one from fantasies range zero
milligram nicotine but what I'm going to
do first is Sam McGinnis all the other
fantasy ones take you over to the desk
will go through me
re wicking it everything like that show
you our wiki and then juice it up and
then we'll come back out to FaceTime
have a vape on it and have a talk on it
so I'll see you over at the table
hi guys welcome to the the second part
of the review basically back up to face
time just freshly dripping this sorry
right that's one con I need to mention
I've just freshly dripped that see the
juice coming down the side that's
literally from me pulling the pipette
pipette out so that happens every time
now if you're spending 16 17 quid on a
bottle of juice you don't expect not not
a lot
well you don't expect a bitter juice to
come out especially when people have got
very punchy hands you know I mean I
haven't got the money to choke away and
I'm buying a 16 17 pound bottle of juice
you pull the pipette out and then it
starts dripping down the side I'm sorry
but this just just get someone else but
that's happened with every single one
that I've tried now I just it just came
to my head then when I was when I was
dripping I saw it running down but yeah
back to the juice so fantasy orange ice
I'll give ten out then pushing it though
they so I'd say for a safe one it's a
nine outta 10 just to keep it on that
level it is annoying out 10 the great
one didn't do for me the menthol was too
strong don't know what was going on with
that whether I buy the dodgy one though
I do not know the menthol in this one
absolutely spot it's not too strong not
too harsh or anything like that and it's
just that's all I can really say easy
it's just outstanding the the way that
the juices I mean like I said yesterday
in that review on the fantasy orange the
normal one every single one of these
juices that I've tried by fantasy the
coil or the end of say I'm vaping on it
now I've been both on in the morning by
the end of tonight say 11 o'clock
tonight I'll look at the coil and it's
covered in black
gonca shit and the week is orangey-red
now I've tried to look places can't find
it anywhere it's got something to do
with additives in the juice but all it
says on the back is obviously the
vegetable glycerin propylene glycol and
then natural and artificial flavorings
so it doesn't actually tell you what is
in there and I can't find Eva I've tried
but I can't find it
sorry so yeah this the cloud production
of this as well
spot on so if I'm back up over here I'll
turn my camera my life a second so you
might be able to see a bit better and
then I'll try it again with the light on
now this is a 70/30 blend zero milligram
19 sorry as you might be able to tell I
keep sniffing coffee I think I'm coming
down with a bit of a cold man flip who
knows but yeah I'm vaping on this on the
evic primo at 79 Watts naught point 3 2
ohm coil and as you can see the week is
starting to go orange and I've only been
very keen on this for me look at the
time I've been vaping on this for 20
minutes since I did the the fresh wick
in it it's been 20 minutes I've invited
on this doing what I've got to do with
my editing and stuff like that and on my
computer and this it's orange already so
you can imagine what it's like
at the end of the night but yeah I've
got one more juice lined up from fantasy
themselves it is the normal grape and
it's the last one of fantasies range so
I'll get that done without the way and
then we will be heading over to my local
vape shop down the road they've just
released some new juices and I've got
those to review that were kind enough to
give me one yes that I've just popped in
there and they gave me a bottle of
creamy custard so I'll be doing a review
on that tomorrow and also tomorrow the
full review on the aegis will be coming
up and I'll tell you all the pros and
cons after using it for a week the other
one wasn't a full review it was just
kind of like first impressions purely
because I've only idea about two days I
think at that point and I just couldn't
tell you and not about the mod but now
that I've used it and abused it as I say
I can tell you quite a bit more about it
and what I think so yeah tomorrow keep
an eye out you'll have the creamy
custard review coming up and also the
ages mod so thank you ever so much for
tuning in if you could please like and
subscribe that would be really helpful
and I'll see you in the next one

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