Vape Review of Famous Fair Watermelon Slush E-liquid (100mL)

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Famous Fair Watermelon Slush E-liquid (100mL)

Vape Review of Famous Fair Watermelon Slush E-liquid (100mL)

Famous Fair and One Hit Wonder have come together to provide you this classic frozen concoction to keep you cool in those warm summer nights. Watermelon Slush vape juice will take you back to that classic drink known around the world to be a fair staple. A truly perfect watermelon slush hits the right blend of watermelon and ice to keep you cool and refreshed when you need that perfect drink to quench your thirst. Vape this slush and close your eyes and you'll feel yourself cooling off instantly. Available in 100mL's, grab yourself a bottle or 2 of Watermelon Slush e-liquid today!

Famous Fair Watermelon Slush E-liquid (100mL)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Famous Fair Watermelon Slush E-liquid (100mL)

what's going on fuckers back from the
dead it's Eric here the real deal vapor
reviews today I'm going to be reviewing
another eliquid from the famous fare
line which was made by one-hit wonder I
purchased this over at premium vape
all the links are in the description
below today I'm going to be reviewing
watermelon slush this is the container
that it comes in picture scratch
verification and your two unicorn
bottles that you get with all
one-hit-wonder purchases this is a 70/30
VG PG and it's available in zero three
and six milligrams nicotine they
upgraded their bottles here you get a
chubby gorilla with a custom
one-hit-wonder cap it is chubby gorilla
on the bottom but yeah here's the bottle
nothing too spectacular you got your
watermelon you got your ice and you get
your slushie these are normally 29.95
over at premium vape supply but if you
use coupon code t NS 20 that takes 20%
off of anything in your cart dropping it
down to 23 dollars and 96 cents plus a
cheap shipping options available 2396
not a bad price for 100 mils of premium
illiquid but is it premium you might
have checked out my blueberry funnel
cake review I really liked that one I
enjoyed it it's something I would
purchase again so let's see what I think
of this one today I'm going to be vaping
this on my smoked alien I join bow on
top I have some James Muk 'ln alien
coils inside we're going to have a look
at that coming up soon if you follow my
new Facebook group that links in the
description below as well you can see
what I have upcoming and even get a
chance to vote on what I review next but
yeah I got that at 70 watts going to go
ahead and vape that see what I think of
cloud production off these coils is
you got clouds for days especially being
a 70/30
it's the coils that really surprised me
there as for the flavor not a bad flavor
at all when I seen the ice I kind of
expected menthol kind of how Mad Hatter
did with their orange creamsicle they
threw that menthol and they didn't warn
you they didn't tell you but this is not
menthol to me there might be like a cool
burst of colada I don't know it's not
something I've bought I've never DIY
dwith colada so I'm not sure exactly
what that tastes like but on the inhale
you get a nice refreshing watermelon
that's pretty much what I would expect
in a slushie but you get that followed
up by like a coolness of your throat
definitely not menthol in my opinion I
know some people that subscribe to me
have purchased this so if you tried it
yet let me know your thoughts in
whatever you think of it down below this
one to me smooth on the inhale smooth on
the exhale I noticed when I was a little
dehydrated dry mouth that did give like
a little bit of a throat hit but I drank
some water and that went away instantly
I was sick and I did vape a decent
amount of this I probably went about
three days because I wasn't vaping that
much but didn't have to change my cotton
or anything this stuff right here is
definitely good on the cotton and
overall not bad would I buy it again I
don't think it'd be something I'd buy
again there's other flavors out there
that I enjoy more and while vape the
shit out of this and finish it up with
no problem I wouldn't rush out to get it
again on a rating of one to five
matching the description I would
probably give it about a four I don't
necessarily get that slushy taste but
you do get a cool refreshing watermelon
I think a little bit more sweetener or
like a sugary flavor would've gave it
more of a slushy feel but overall it's
not bad it just doesn't pique my
interest especially with like apple jam
monster coming soon I still got this one
to review the last one from the famous
fare line strawberry pound cake to me
it's just another strawberry vape and I
am NOT a fan of strawberry vapes it's
just all day strawberry it's a good
strawberry I've had people that have
purchased it tell me that it's fired
that it's good that it's okay have had
any feedback saying that it's nasty or
anything of that nature but I'm letting
it steep and as of right now it's not
for me
open with the Steep time that that
poundcake or any sort of cakey flavor
comes in i do get like a i almost want
to call it a cake but it's not quite
it does say let it steep on all of these
from famous fare so I'm hoping it pops
out but like I said links for everything
will be in the description below that's
for premium vape supply my new facebook
group all the links to fight for
advocacy so that's all I got for you
today as always you got to fight for
your right to vape like I said all those
links are in the description below until
next time let's keep the vape sup don't
keep the hate up in vape all

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