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By Ekaterina Mironova

Famous Fair Eliquids are perfect with Summer just around the corner! You can honestly never go wrong with strawberry anything. Strawberry Pound Cake is fluffy, tasty, and downright loaded with strawberry flavor, a must have if you enjoy strawberry desserts! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 100 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Famous Fair Strawberry Pound Cake BEASTLY BECAUSE Famous Fair is the latest collection offered by One Hit Wonder. Enjoy premium made blends inspired by classic fair treats! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FAMOUS FAIR STRAWBERRY POUND CAKE

what's going on fuckers this is Eric
here the real deal vape reviews today
I'm going to be reviewing the final
flavor from the famous fare line which
is made by one-hit-wonder
and that one is strawberry pound cake
here's the container that you receive
here with two unicorn bottles this is a
70/30 VG PG and it comes in zero three
and six milligrams nicotine and here is
the bottle you receive it as a chubby
gorilla 100 mil unicorn bottle you have
a custom-made one-hit-wonder cap and
chubby gorilla on the bottom I purchased
all these here from premium vape supply
calm when I did the first two reviews
they were 2995 now they have marked down
the price they are twenty four ninety
five but if you use coupon code t NS
twenty that takes twenty percent off the
total dropping it down to $19.96
definitely a steal for that price today
I'm going to be vaping that on my triode
DN a 250 I join Bo on top and have some
James McLean alien coils that ring in at
8.3 I will post the link to his Facebook
below if you want any coils made want to
buy any coils that are a premium quality
made coil you can check him out on
Facebook send him a message and figure
out everything from there so with all
that said let's go ahead and have a vape
cloud production off these coils is
excellent as for the flavor I think it's
a really good strawberry I'm not real
big on strawberry vapes but this is
something I could vape not something I
personally would go out and rush to buy
again because like I said I really don't
care for strawberry that much there's
other things out there that I would buy
but I did take this to work last night I
vaped it all night so I've been trying
to vape through it and just get my
overall thoughts on a rating from 1 to 5
I'd probably give this about a 4 stars I
don't necessarily get what I would
consider a pound cake but the strawberry
is mixed with something in there that I
think closely resemble something cakey
it's kind of hard to describe it maybe
it is pound cake and strawberry I'm used
to smothering mine with whipped cream
all over the top which is a completely
different flavor I apologize I really
can't be more descriptive on this
description of the e-liquid to me like
like I said it might be a pound cake I'm
just not used to having it without the
whipped cream so it's a little a little
different to me the strawberry really
good strawberry and if it sounds like
something you'd be into I think it is
definitely worth the buy especially for
that new lower price 20 bucks for a
hundred mils of premium e-liquid why not
I reviewed all three in this line and I
could vape all three without a problem
none of them were nasty or disgusting or
anything of that nature the blueberry
was my personal favorite I would say
probably followed up by the strawberry
and then the watermelon slush and it is
what it is so as always I thank you for
watching my video hit that subscribe hit
that Bell hit that thumbs up do whatever
the hell you want to do and as always
you've got to fight for your right to
vape all those links are in the
description below along with everything
else that was mentioned in the video
until next time let's keep the vapes up
don't keep the hate up in fate Baal

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