Vape Review of Famous Fair Blueberry Funnel Cake E-liquid (100mL)

April 18, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Famous Fair Watermelon Slush E-liquid (100mL)

Vape Review of Famous Fair Blueberry Funnel Cake E-liquid (100mL)

You don't have to wait for the fair to come back in town to enjoy this delicious Blueberry Funnel Cake vape juice by Famous Fair & One Hit Wonder. Featuring a balance of crispy, deep fried funnel cake topped with blueberries and powdered sugar, Famous Fair has gone above and beyond to replicate the fair food that you love so much. Step right up and get your 100mL bottle of Blueberry Funnel Cake e-liquid today!

Vape Review of Famous Fair Blueberry Funnel Cake E-liquid (100mL)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Famous Fair Blueberry Funnel Cake E-liquid (100mL)

have you been to that famous Fair bro
what's going on everyone this is Eric
here the real-deal vapor reviews today
I'm going to be reviewing a new one from
one-hit wonder illiquid and that is from
the famous fare line and this is the one
I'm going to be reviewing today
blueberry funnel cake it comes in a
standard one-hit-wonder container you
get your two unicorn 15 ml bottles this
is a 70/30 VG PG and it is available in
zero three and six milligrams nicotine
now this one is different
here's the bottle that you get this is a
chubby gorilla unicorn bottle with a
custom-made one-hit-wonder
cap looks pretty cool I wish that all
the lids came like that I kind of like
them but yeah I purchased this here from
premium vape it's normally
29.95 but if you use coupon code t NS 20
that takes 20% off the total dropping it
down to 23 dollars and 96 cents not a
bad deal at all
gonna go ahead and read off the
description for you blueberry funnel
cake eliquid by famous fare is a
delicious crisp deep-fried blueberry
funnel cake sprinkled with white sugar
sounds like some good stuff to me so
let's go right ahead and vape it I have
that on my Jeep R if I join bow on top
dual na diffused Clapton's inside so
let's go ahead and have a vape
clouds what I would expect from a 70/30
throat hit smooth on the inhale smooth
on the exhale no peppery nicotine no
harshness no burning nothing like that
and as for the flavor I actually like
this one it does give a little weird
aftertaste in your mouth like a
blueberry something going on but the
taste itself of the e-liquid actually
like the blueberry to me is good I don't
know if I could say funnel cake with
sugar on top but it definitely tastes
like something pastry and for me
personally I like it and I would buy
this one again let me go ahead and take
another vape see if I could pull
anything else out of this yeah I'm just
not sure I haven't had a funnel cake in
forever so this might be spot on with a
funnel cake I need to make one add some
blueberries to really see that let the
flavor like I said it's like a fried
pastry with blueberry so I don't know
it's pretty damn close on a scale one to
five for me
remember taste is subjective I would
give this one a five star rating I do
have another flavor strawberry pound
cake from them that I purchased as well
I'll be reviewing that one tomorrow I
was going to do them both in the same
video and then I was like I'll do
separate videos but I'll do them both
today but I just got this today I'm not
sure how it is on my cotton so I figured
let me get a day to vape this and see
where it stands on the cotton I really
can't answer that when I do know the
answer it will be posted pinned in the
comments below and it will be mentioned
in tomorrow's video so as always I thank
you all for watching if you got anything
from this video hit that thumbs up hit
that subscribe and hit that Bell so you
get notified when I upload a video I
know some of you were a fan on my
Facebook page I am deleting that page I
have since made a Facebook group I just
feel a group is more of like a family
friend event where a page just focuses
solely on me which is not what I wanted
so if you want check out that group link
will be in the description below as well
and as always you've got to fight for
your right to vape all those links are
in the description - until next time
let's keep the vapes up don't keep the
hate up and fate balm of the fuckers

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