Vape Review of eVo High VG - Cobalt Crush E-Liquid

April 25, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of eVo High VG - Cobalt Crush E-Liquid

Vape Review of eVo High VG - Cobalt Crush E-Liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

This e-liquid captures the essence of a creamy blueberry pastry. Cobalt Crush is guaranteed to leave your taste buds wanting more.

Vape Review of eVo High VG - Cobalt Crush E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of eVo High VG - Cobalt Crush E-Liquid

I am Zeus hey everyone welcome back to
another video this is gonna be a little
something different I'm gonna be doing a
series called tasty Thursday today I'm
going to be trying three different
eliquid from Halo made by Nick up yer
this is one of their flavored juices
that is a high VG I'm gonna be using it
on the halo reactor mini that I've been
rocking for quite a long time sometimes
I use this to get a 75 watt temperature
control mod but mostly because that has
a battery that you can take out but
otherwise I have loved my 40 watt little
mini mod it works great I'm gonna now
show you some of the up close and talk a
little bit more about the products what
I really love about halo is they also
were at the forefront of suing the FDA
and challenging the rules that have been
set forth so far so I really applaud
halo for doing that this is like I said
a high VG formula flavored Evo juice
powered by Nick of pure all of the
e-liquid czar diacetyl and I asked at
all cryo ponal free and made a bottle it
in the u.s. using only premium
ingredients the bottles are third party
lab tested to show the transparency in
all of the ingredients there's a huge
range of flavors that halo has both PG
and VG they have menthol flavors I've
been using their Tribeca since 2013
they have menthols I sometimes really
enjoyed those when I first started
vaping gourmet desserts and fruit
flavors love all of those things I
absolutely love the halo Tribeca that is
just so tasty in the new tanks that
the top top fill ability this old tank
one of the first muscles I have not been
able to figure out how to top fill it
somebody told me that you could maybe I
am just dumb but I've not been able to
figure that out
but bottom feeling is fine for me for
now but they do have new top fill tanks
they also have a reactor shorty and a
reactor mega the reactor shorty is a 75
watt family react Omega is an 80 watt
and today the flavor that I'm going to
be trying is cobalt crush deliciously
light and bubbly he liquid come captures
the essence of a creamy blueberry pastry
its flavor complexity is unprecedented
as each puff of this mouth-watering gem
plus effortlessly delivering a new and
remarkable vaping experience cobalt
pressures guaranteed to leave your taste
buds send me 10 all right so I have been
vaping on this for a little bit as I've
been reading some of those facts myself
as you can see extreme vapor production
let me close my window
all right the wind was causing my vape
to blow away that was only at 18 months
I'm gonna crank it up to 20 watts
oh and I love how these clouds are just
like a rolling and it doesn't it's not a
choking sensation at all I've noticed
maybe it's with higher nicotine a juices
this is only a one point five milligrams
I do they put quite a low nicotine level
that's that's my babe I'm gonna turn it
up to 21 Watson
I love it it's just it's great and it's
really a very tasty a mild grape flavor
the smell of it is quite a just a
filling a great big blueberry is a
blueberry it's really just like a sweet
pastry smell I can't
maybe it's blueberry to me that has a
great B smell
definitely blueberries blueberry peach
tree and it doesn't have like a
perfuming type taste I really really
just like when flavored you juices have
that kind of taste to them is
unappealing this does not and this makes
me actually want to keep faking it even
though I mainly vape paler Tribeca which
is a tobacco kind of a juice this is
really really tasty
all my goodness I'm gonna attempt to do
some o-rings I might just cut this out I
am not very good at them
I am an epic fail maybe I included it
just like this bit of me getting like
two or three smoke rings out I fail at
doing that it really is a mouth-watering
flavor it's so tasty I love also their
what they use does their nicotine base
because it still has that like classic
halo undertone and that is probably due
to the nikah pure winner I've never
really strained from halo you choose to
be honest I am Zeus
I just want to keep blowing clouds it's
so much fun awesome flavor Caleb alright
you guys I hope you join me in the next
flavor if you enjoyed this video
smash that thumbs up button subscribe if
you like see more new videos Monday
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snapchat positive smash Instagram
positive smash and Twitter positive
smash and I'll see you guys in the next
one bye
oh if they'd be in here

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