Vape Review of Envy E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

April 27, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Envy E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

Vape Review of Envy E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

From the Pure Evil 7 Deadly Sins collection comes Envy E-Liquid by Pure Evil. Featuring an intense juice of spiced apple, cinnamon pie and sweet whipped cream, this juice can only be described as intensely desirable. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths Suitable for sub-ohm devices only About Pure Evil Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Pure Evil is their bestselling range of maximum VG e-liquids for great taste and maximum vapour. Flavours are inspired by the seven deadly sins to help satisfy your desires and create sinfully good cloud with sub-ohm setups.

Vape Review of Envy E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Envy E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

hey guys welcome back to London paper
and an e liquid review the liquid going
to take a look at today is one of 10 I
was kindly supplied by vaporize from
their pure evil line and it is envy now
vaporize are a UK e liquid manufacturer
and retailer based in guilford in Surrey
and if you head over to their website
vaporize co dot uk' you'll find
information and purchasing options on
their three currently available ranges
of e-liquid alongside some hardware and
merchandise as well so go over and take
a look let's head into the review going
to be using as usual mako shorty with
naught point five I'm dual-core build on
top of the RX 200 I'm going to start at
30 watts
as you can see in vapor production is
excellent for this entire range is max
VG so you would expect that and the
flavor is one that immediately brings
back memories basically straight from
the inhale you are getting a nice cooked
green apple flavor and that's really at
the front there's no denying it but as
you move back through the inhale you
then pick up about a third of the way
through the inhale a really nice mellow
cinnamon that's mixing with that Apple
scrape the minute the cinnamon comes in
it mixes with the Apple it's not above
or below it and as you progress back
through the inhale to me on picking up
almost a pastry there as well so the
inhale is very reminiscent of a spiced
apple pie but as it turns into the
exhale something strange happens because
for me that pastry note in there
disappears and the apple and cinnamon
mix together or stay mixed together and
it's almost like a cider aftertaste as
you exhale is nice and smooth but that
aftertaste is very reminiscent of a
cider and it lasts on your tongue for a
good five to ten seconds after you've
exhale so one meadow popping up to 40
watts and see if anything changes which
it very well may do with this being a
max BG and needing the extra wattage
I look 40 watts still on the inhale
getting that really nice cook Apple
there's a touch of sweetness in there as
well picking up along the way you
picking up the cinnamon note again not
very strong not too weak it's mixed well
with the Apple they're heading into the
back of the inhale still got that pastry
but it is that exhale it seems to change
for me into more of an apple cider on
the exhale on the aftertaste good 5 to
10 seconds is very reminiscent of an
apple cider so it is a really
complicated wait for me this one because
you've got two very distinct flavors
that have been separated out onto the
inhale on the exhale really different to
have something like this instead of the
same old standards now how will this
liquid appeal to you guys look like your
fruit lips definitely going to
appreciate this one same with you guys
that liked your dessert bakery vapes
because of that pie element but also you
guys that are looking for something
different from the standard single or
two flavors or two fruits mixed it's
definitely one to add to your rotation
this one can't really fault it at all so
there you go that was the review let's
have a look at what you need to know now
as I said at the beginning vaporized or
a UK a liquid manufacturer and retailer
and you can find information and
purchasing options on all three of their
current eliquid ranges alongside some
hardware and merchandise on their
website which is vaporized co uk your
bottle sizes available on this range you
are looking at these 10 mil plastic
bottles with the childproof caps and a
tamper-evident see all there and if i
open it up if i can remember how it woke
me up because it's quite a tight lid
you've got your needle you got your
needle tip there as well let's take you
around the label on the front you've got
your pure
people with your Divine e-liquid a
you've got your envy and you've got your
three milligram written on the bottom
and as we go around you've got all your
information your contact details your
ingredients your warnings and you've got
your batch codes and your expiry dates
as well on there so there we go they're
also available in 13 in 20 ml and a
hundred and 20 ml bottles as well now
the 20 ml bottles are glass droppers
whereas the hundred and twenty mills are
large plastic UPG VG ratios on these
ones like our max VG so that is
basically anywhere from 85 VG upwards
your nicotine strengths available r0
milligram 3 milligram and six milligram
and your prices excluding shipping for a
10 ml bottle such as this one you are
looking at four pounds ninety-nine for a
20 ml bottle you're looking at nine
pounds ninety-nine and for 120 ml bottle
you're looking at 37 pounds ninety-nine
but vaporize do offer free UK shipping
on all orders over 50 pound and
worldwide shipping options are also
available so there you go folks that was
the review for vaporized pure evils
angry if you found this review useful
please feel free to like and comment on
the video and if you haven't already
please also feel free to subscribe to
the channel for more reviews coming up
in the future thank you for watching and
I will catch you next time

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