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What could be more quintessentially British than English Mint? The flavour is that of proper mint leaves: meant for teas, garnishes, and sauces. The mint tastes freshly plucked from the herb barrel in the back garden; subtly cool and slightly sweet, aware of its own savoury side that is balanced by its inherent sweetness. You are left with the serene and refreshing aftertaste only mint leaves can provide as you exhale. → At 50VG to 50PG, the ratio is an exact balance - and we mean exact. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ENGLISH MINT - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON

hey first I'm back I've been so busy I
was just looking that's like three or
four weeks since I thought of you
I just been so busy at like home life
and work and what have you me my flame
thrower I guess a cleaning business
right now so it's to go quite a lot of
time but I'm on a new weave this week so
hopefully I'm gonna get back in the
swing hangs so today I'm gonna have a
look at the ear locks but in company
they're based in London and it's it's a
new class for those who demand so come
some lovely packaging opened open it
it's got the things present it's a few
balls here what's not being said today
and one of them has a nice star so this
is a stud cut out for it here comes with
the clear warning labels on the back and
they get all the three poles are the
same with a different stacker out on the
front excuse me this one's on a 50 PG on
a 50 VG in mix so I'm gonna try this
today first one is a sunny star it's
like really strong on a seat I'm not
gonna lie I'm not a fan of aniseed at
all but I mean three of those little
black suites and I just don't like them
Blackjacks so I'm gonna give this one a
bash shell try it on the skyhook so for
this one or on a point sex coil at 50
yeah tastes just like Black Jacks really
really really beautifully for some very
strong flavor decent clothes projects
for being a 55-day if you like blackjack
that's one's for you unfortunately I'm
not a fan I just thought my kind of see
it but it really does taste just like
them so that's well I think of that one
oh sorry moving on to the next one it's
orange jelly again comes the next sucker
on the front clear warning labels
ingredients on the back okay that's a
50/50 VG PG blend smell the oranges so
I'm gonna try this one on another static
on the top so that's 160 watts on a
point 5 coil that's lovely
so for me actually the villa reminds me
of vitamin C tablets it tastes like that
it's like a lovely sweet orange but I
was like a so worked one on the exhale
yeah it reminds me if that meant C
tablets as lovely oh don't give it to
you like them and it's like a very sweet
orange on and he'll on the exhale those
I can do so I came to share but twine
going on there that's Pleasant though
that's quite good so that one's the
orange jelly and the last one I'm gonna
try today as a blueberry ice this is a
second outfit here at the game it's a
50/50 blend that comes with a sorry
we've stuck it out in warning labels
except on the back sorry I'm totally out
of the game these days that's like three
or four weeks I've not done of year as I
say I've just been so busy say enough of
us mess with my friend and
what can fill time and children then oh
my god gets on top here
hey so for me this one smells like
blueberry I can feel the menthol there
too also
so I've got this one today on the Arditi
a box and I've got this one that sexy
walks on a point three coil so let's try
it decent claims for being fast
effective so straight on and helium you
get that menthol kick in the back of the
throat on exhale of a very strong blue
but it tastes I really like this one I'm
not a finely made for at all but I
really like this one
it really works together the blue video
nice think do it picks me means it like
I shouldn't take this with heavy chains
you get King to make that over slow the
blue but it I really like that one I
think that's my favorite the three
I think the blueberry ice is the best
one in my preference
so that's mobile you look I've had at
that complicity and I have to say them
really good the taste is so strong
unfortunately I thought like an acid saw
I wouldn't be fair for me really see
anything because it wouldn't really be
good not that it's like weathers my
preference I just don't like aniseed at
all I'm actually surprised enjoyed the
blueberry ice
I'm not a fan of the main thought but it
really works and the the orange jelly is
really quite good too
so thanks for watching happy

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