Vape Review of Element Watermelon Chill E-Liquid

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Element Watermelon Chill E-Liquid

Vape Review of Element Watermelon Chill E-Liquid

Watermelon and mint were made for each other, and when you get a taste of this vape juice, you'll understand exactly what we mean! The bright, tingle of mint plus the fresh, sweet and juicy taste of ripe watermelon creates a powerfully clean and refreshing burst of flavor.

Vape Review of Element Watermelon Chill E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Watermelon Chill E-Liquid

hey guys welcome to a vision vapor video
now today we're going to be talking
about another one of the elements a
liquid which is the watermelon chill
this is the bottle so you've got the
watermelon chill there you've got the
element logo 80% VG + 20 % v @ PG it's 3
milligram of nicotine this's um yeah and
now I have tried this e-liquid before my
friend purchased it for me yesterday so
thank you Jamie if you're watching this
thank you for purchasing the e-liquid
for me and it was 11 pounds 99 but I
believe you can get it cheaper so what
I'll do is I'll leave the link in the
description below as to where you can
get this um so without further ado well
I think we should do is we put a bit on
my dripper and give it a taste now I'm
throwing this on there's fo big butter
with the sigelei 150 watt and firing it
30 watts at 0.5 ohms so let's give it a
now straightaway when you take the
inhale you get there the mint straight
away in the back of your throat um a
beautiful mint flavor by the way it's a
genuine mint flavor it's not like
chemically mint it's absolutely
um and then as you inhale you get the
nice water as you exhale you get the
nice watermelon bleh flavor it's very
sweet watermelon now I don't usually go
for watermelon beeps I don't prefer them
I don't like to make them just because I
find when I've ever tried them
watermelon bit before it's um it's very
chemically and it's not nice it's always
it's always a fake watermelon and I just
tried to stay away from them because I
don't like them but I got persuaded to
try this yesterday I'm so glad I did now
because this is not so gorgeous babe and
it cooks clouds I mean I've only got it
on 30 watts but it absolutely sucks
clouds and that's quite unusual to say
I'm only firing are 30 watts but element
do this really well where they they have
high VG but they still manage to get the
absolute full flavor there as well and
they seem to just get it perfectly right
listen to get the balance right now my
personal opinion is the mint flavor
complements the watermelon flavor
absolutely perfectly some people might
think oh that's absolutely disgusting
disgusting way to put them together but
honestly this is absolute gorgeous I can
imagine it bigger
being a good vape if you're quite helped
because it does clear your sinuses up
and but yeah you you're left with that
nice watermelon flavor in the back of
your throat and as I said it's not fake
watermelon flavor it's not it's not
chemically it's absolutely gorgeous so
yeah I don't really know what else to
say about this e-liquid and the link
I've left in the description below is 9
pounds 99 and that's for the 20 more
bottle and I have got it in a 3
milligram and I must say because it's
got the mint in it does give you a bit
of a kick of the back of your throat so
if you do too fake higher NIC levels and
you might want to drop down to say I
don't know six milligram or three
milligram I'm just for this one because
it does give you a bit of a kick at the
back of your throat and oh yeah is
absolutely from fantastic yeah guys it's
absolutely gorgeous I mean I could've
ate this all day it's not one of those
that's going to lose flavor quite quick
rare don't think because it's got that
mint in there I don't think you'll lose
the flavor I mean I have tried it in
mine I just - that I reviewed and for
some reason it lost a bit of flavor in
there don't know whether that's because
of the coil in it or what flavor in
there not completely you still got the
flavor but it did doll down a bit I know
you there's a thing called vapors
fatigue where if you vape a flavor for
so long you lose the flavor but yeah
this doesn't completely go out me
tastebuds I mean it stays it just balls
down a bit but because that mints in
there I think that gives you a kick and
the back of your throat and it kick on
your taste buds and yeah it's just a
perfect vape I mean elements do a
fantastic range of the e-liquid now i'll
leave the link for their website as well
in the description below they do a
drippers range and so anything high up
of fiji and low on PG and then they also
do a normal range which i assume is the
lower VG mid range PG mix they also do
the flask range which is what I've got
with the fresh-squeezed but they do do
absolutely excellent ela quiz now they
are an American company and Americans
are very very good at making easy
liquids I must say and I live in England
but American eliquid is absolutely
fantastic not saying English e-liquid
isn't good because it is good as well
but Americans seem to get every liquid
they've died either the tribe
and every every liquid I've tried from
America was absolutely gorgeous so yeah
guys if you if you are looking for
something that's nice refreshing and or
maybe if you've got a cold
check out the watermelon chill because
it is absolutely gorgeous yeah guys that
was my review of the watermelon chill
and don't forget to subscribe give it a
thumbs up and I'll see you in a future

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