Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit, Frost & Fresh Squeeze Juice Sampler (80 ML)

April 25, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit, Frost & Fresh Squeeze Juice Sampler (80 ML)

Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit, Frost & Fresh Squeeze Juice Sampler (80 ML)

By Nataly Komova

Element liquids in a 4-pack sampler; you know you want it! Here's what you get: Lemonade, a true-to-form, tangy lemonade e-liquid; Pink Grapefruit, a perfectly bold, sweet yet sour citrus blast; Frost is an extra-cool, iced-up menthol; and Fresh Squeeze captures the vibrant essence of freshly-squeezed OJ. Offering some of this brand's most exquisite juices, this sampler pack gives you a tasty, well-rounded assortment of them!

Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit, Frost & Fresh Squeeze Juice Sampler (80 ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit, Frost & Fresh Squeeze Juice Sampler (80 ML)

hey guys and welcome to another vision
vapor video now today we're going to be
talking about elements fresh squeezed
now elements is a company based in South
Florida in America and they do a wide
range of the e-liquid ranging from fruit
to tobacco to sweety flavors now this
e-liquid is described as we've peeled
back the secrets of creating natural
freshly squeezed orange flavor in the
sweet and tangy citrus friend blend our
premium dripper Series II liquids are
specially formulated with a high
concentration of VG and less nicotine to
produce the purest then C's clouds
possible available available in five of
our most popular flavors these are ideal
for use with mechanical mods and rivers
okay so on the website up - sounds great
um it doesn't give you the exact amount
of VG that's in it but I assume is
saying it's got a higher concentration
which means it's a higher VG so I'll
just show you the bottle so this is the
bottle I've got now this is the 125
milliliter flask dripper eliquid series
yeah I have used some it was just over
the 125 milk so you do get more than
what is actually stated and yeah so you
have the element sign here you have all
the measurements 50ml 7500 and 125 and
then on this on the front of it you have
the elements logo the dripper series the
fresh-squeezed oh it does say which PG
PG is it's a t VG 20 percent PG and this
is three milligram of nicotine
now point I will say is when you get
this it does come with it boom here so
you will have to use another one of
these from a different a liquid that
you've got because they don't can
provide it which is not at that point I
would preferred it if it did but I think
it gives it more authenticity with the
bung in there and so what we're going to
be doing today is we're gonna be vaping
it on the sigelei 150 watt with the
zephyr Big Buddha and it's coming in at
point zero six I've got a dual coil
building here and I'm firing up 35 watts
and so I'll just pop some on there we go
and we'll give it a blast oh okay okay I
need to give that as well to see if it
smells like what it tastes as I said how
I've tried this before and but yeah I'm
just giving it a rough idea of what I
think of it okay so it's nut it smells
like fresh orange juice with a hint of
bubblegum I don't know why I get
bubblegum and it's not like her it's not
like an a Wrigley's or an extra
bubblegum it's sort of like him you know
them little golf balls you had when you
was a kid
little golf was the tiny golf balls that
you had when you were a kid it kind of
has got that with orange in it now when
I taste it I get Fanta
yeah I get hunter but sort of still
Fanta I don't get fizzy fountain and
yeah it's just Fanta Fanta sounds weird
when you say it so many times
um yeah is a lovely liquid though and
personally I would say is an all-day
thing for me anyway I would rate this
all day now the 125 milliliters at 53
pounds or about 65 to 69 dollars I think
and you can get them also in the 30 mil
but at 20 Mobil sorry which are $12.99
on their website I believe and probably
about 10 11 pounds in England something
like that um yeah I bought this hundred
25 milk just because I love the smell of
it I love oranges I love bubblegum I
don't think there's any bubble gum in it
now I have looked on their description
and it doesn't say anything about
bubblegum sweet tangy citrus blend so I
don't know where the bubbles come squirt
Ron maybe that's just my imagination but
yeah as I said I do smell bubble gum I
don't taste bubble one I just smell it
yeah this does come in zero milligram
three milligram and six milligrams of
nicotine now this I've got the 3
milligram and it has got quite a hit on
the back of your throat
I am only firing at this this at 35
it does give you quite a hair the back
of your throat I don't know whether
that's because if they orange or the
citrus in it I don't know whether it's
got lemon or lime in there I don't know
whether that's getting a kick at the
back of your throat but
yes it's very pleasant it's a very very
sweet baby and as you can see the 80% VG
is working absolutely fantastic chucking
them clouds um yeah so if you fancy
yourself an orangey citrusy vape then
elements fresh-squeezed is for you now
they do do a whole range of e liquids
like I've set so if you want to check
them out I'll leave the link in the
description box below don't forget to
subscribe guys and I'll see you in a
future video thanks for watching

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