Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade E-Liquid

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade E-Liquid

Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade E-Liquid

Vivacious lemons collide with a ripened smash of fruit to create a bright and tangy pink lemonade vape juice! This sweet and sour citrus blend is the ultimate in fresh flavor, refreshing enough to wake you up, sweet enough to invoke cravings.

Vape Review of Element Pink Lemonade E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Pink Lemonade E-Liquid

hi welcome back welcome back back again
we are back welcome to another review
from food providers my name is Alby
Cortez and I've got a neighbor of
Jahangir hey you go very much thank you
sir doubts all of you guys who have been
subscribers or videos start to get to
your dog videos videos video videos
oh that little bit sudden development
both up here yeah you know our family
other day you don't have what were you
saying sort of right yeah does it what
is it I think it's under Sun should we
see you again we'll see ya
I say decide well I say that side okay
but yeah all down there subscribe to
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we love your comments so yeah how do you
do what do we have you to be sir right
guys we are back with something that has
been around for quite a bit quite a bit
any money liquid can you sorry any
liquid mm-hmm element you see that you
see that there California West Coast
mmm-hmm 12 of 13 flavors quite a lot of
flavors really good company you I mean
really consistent we just came back from
vacation as you'll see our video there
and they've got a new line of juices but
we're not gonna talk about that right
now we're gonna talk about this
what flavour I hope you boil its copy
lemonade the reason why we're doing pick
lemonade over the other 12 plethora
cliff or all flavors that make Gesu it's
because it's one of my favorites
there's not a lot of flavors out there
that the Jeff to agree on yeah this is
one we don't have yes we do your thought
has do you like the pink as other dunk I
guess look at like at any solve
grapefruity yes blend with the lemonade
juice itself so it's quite it's quite
tangy its gradually 80% veto thinking 20
percent PG
price went for these are about a hoarder
enemy liquids is a 20 minute bottle 1099
but they do bigger bottles as well but
these are the twinning
let's get into a smell test yes smell
that smell a stiff that's literally
sniff well what'd you think I've got
what's really good I want to drink you
drink you with ice cubes it's good this
is already gonna tell us the sweet
summer citrus yeah citrus just rather
the vegetables yes what I'm saying is
pink lucozade oh if you got off on the
UK or if you're from the UK you know
about people who say that's exactly why
it's more like hmm yeah definitely
that's the tangy actually wanna drip it
lemonade a nice fruity flavor let's go
drip drop drippity drip drip drip tip I
can't wait to taste it just one thing
while we were dripping it it doesn't
look the juice looks a little bit cloudy
cloudy founding with a Chance of
Meatballs now drip tip and let's get to
Joss oh wow it's been a while Oh bring
me back when did this come out quite
shallow traveled oh my gosh in Yandy you
first try it I think we first tried this
like beginning of last year or something
and this was one of the favors that
stood out let me look first where cups
of fruit juices I mean some muffins
whereas juices where it's just one
flavor director straight though simple
oh yeah I'm into a lot my one flavors
yeah and normally when you smell the
juices when with another little smell
test a while ago normally when you smell
it it don't taste like it how I smelt
and how I described it earlier tastes
exactly like it you get the zest you get
citrus you get that lemonade you get out
that soft pink grapefruit
that's sweetness hey I just got back so
pink leukocyte I can't really explain it
it's got that zesty tangy it's a little
bit sour but it's really nice it's
really like lemonade II know when you
and you get that that little fizz you
get a little bit but it's a really nice
really refreshing it's as if you're
drinking lemonade with a slice of
grapefruit in it with nice sipping it
through a straw on a hot summer's day
laying next of the bitch off bitches
bitches I don't know exactly on a bitch
of a bitch I've been a bitches we
digress digress guys it's it's it's damn
it's really good man it's that good know
what the big shout out to the team of
our element yeah minam a few times oh
yeah yeah yeah yeah all that all of the
juices that they call they literally say
one flame up yeah yeah then it straight
simple oh that's the one thing I liked
about other Monday they kind of keep it
really organic flavors and really nice
potent strong natural kind of flavors
and I love it see that's the word let me
try to look for this whole time
potency exactly and definitely what L
was saying when you smell it and you
taste it it's exactly the same boy who's
what except on my team it's for each
night let's do the scoring nine nine
eight point five night-night it's very
good guys like night you know what I'm
gonna give a nine point two well yeah
because I do remember when it first came
out I bought like I kept by yeah yeah
it's a really nice day leave a like
really good good flavor that you can
just make all the time in a tank it
takes it tastes real even in the tank as
well I'm on a dripper tastes even more
better put this in your tank you'll be
happy like a bank is immense right guys
turn once again cool we are the big
providers thank you for watching don't
forget to subscribe and you get comments
below till next time guys
remember be kind to your neighbor

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