Vape Review of Element Pink Grapefruit E-Liquid (20ML)

April 23, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Element Pink Grapefruit E-Liquid (20ML)

Vape Review of Element Pink Grapefruit E-Liquid (20ML)

Inspired by the freshest, forbidden fruit of the island of Barbados, Element E-Liquid's Pink Grapefruit is deliciously exhilarating! This tangy, sweet, pungent citrus vape juice is like an energizing blast of juicy flavor, wrapped in an island breeze, waiting to transport you to the tropics.

Vape Review of Element Pink Grapefruit E-Liquid (20ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Pink Grapefruit E-Liquid (20ML)

What's Up motherfucker oh hello there
what up YouTube and welcome to another
episode of Buster and crew reviews with
me a dude reviewing for you people out
there the vape heads what is up what is
happening how you livin well as usual I
hope you're all living well today I am
doing a juice review on element a
liquids this one is see if I get this
focus for you pink
it's that three Nick dead not bad gives
you all the warnings made in USA
I like good stuff lots of stuff to read
on this bar let me tell you this is a
the premium dripper series and I'm not
quite sure why they call it that but the
drippers different than most drippers
has a little hook at the end a hook
shaped dripper how you live in anyway
this is a pink lemonade and if you go to
the website element he liquids calm it's
a 20 milliliter bottle and it goes for
about $14.99 and let's see here what
levels do we have we get to zero
milligram 3 milligram in 6 milligram you
could order it in 20 milliliters 10
milliliter or 60 milliliter bottles
let's see how much the 60 is 60 ml liter
bottle is $30 and I'll see how much the
three I mean the 10 milliliter is C 10
milliliter is $6.99 so if you want to
try it get it v $6.99 so we got 1499
what was the other one I don't think it
was 30 bucks or something
like that 30 bucks for the 60 or $14.99
for the 20 I got 20 because I wanted to
try it I heard a lot of good things
about it but had to try for myself I'm
very picky on my lemon vapes when I find
one I like it excites me a lot an awful
law all right so tell you when I first
opened this bottle I got a lot of that
artificial sweetener flavor a little bit
of that ferner furniture polish so I put
it down it's been steeping for quite a
few months now so I bought it in the
summer and we're now heading towards
winter it is snowing out today so
definitely has the winter look what does
it smell like
smells like pink lemonade spot on all
right so what is the first real question
we ask here at Busta and crew reviews
does element vapes pink cloud let's see
now I believe this is a 70/30 nope it's
an 80/20 80/20 so it should be nice and
thick let's see here
looks pretty thick to me there's that
hook shape dripper very odd it looks
almost like a lemonade in there it's got
that look to it doesn't cloud we got it
on my oh gee sigelei 150 Buster broke
his eye so I had a break mine out
couldn't resist the lasted he mini point
two ohm's does it cloud 70 watts by the
well it does cloud indeed and it's still
lingering so I'm gonna say chick allows
for days definitely does definitely
clouding how does it taste you ask not
it has steeped for many months probably
got it in August so September October
November here it is December so we'll
say three months steeped how does it
see inhale
I didn't get much on the inhale I did
get a lemony kind of like tingle going
in that's about it
exhale I am indeed getting a pink
it's got like something more to it like
almost like has a like all those big
orange looking fruit you cut them open I
don't Redfoo of some sort let's see what
the what the description says it says
pucker up and prepared to relish a hot
summer's day zingy lemonade blend with
just the right amount of red fruit yeah
so there's some kind of red fruit in
there a slight Tang on the tongue gives
way to a smooth citrus exhale so that's
what it is I'm getting that I'm getting
that that lemony zingy thing go on the
way in I'm getting like a red fruit
along with some lemonade on the way out
it is this actually after steeping this
is very good very spot-on
pink lemonade nice sweetness on the
tongue the nicotine is just fine doesn't
give me any kind of head rush I don't
break out in a sweat so my stomach don't
turn so it's a good nicotine let's give
it another one yup so if you're in the
mood for a pink lemonade I know it's not
summer anymore but when it is summer or
spring again and you move pink lemonade
after steeping this is pretty damn good
I'd say but that's all I got to say
about this juice this has been your dude
with another pasta and crew review
please thumbs up thumbs down comment or
subscribe but don't
peace out YouTube

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