Vape Review of Element NS20 Series - Frost Pods

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Element NS20 Series - Frost Pods

Vape Review of Element NS20 Series - Frost Pods

By Ekaterina Mironova

Part of their "Designer Nic Salts" range, this Element NS20 flavour comes in an e-liquid pod and contains the taste of menthol.

Vape Review of Element NS20 Series - Frost Pods

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element NS20 Series - Frost Pods

right so those the photos those of all
videos I had a chance to have a little
bit of a eating break in between and I'm
refreshed so the next part should be fun
because the next parts gonna be we're
gonna require me to have a large amount
of memory or memory to actually work
little earn large amounts of it and to
remember what the to actually black
cannot know what I'm doing
okay let's get in to the reviews of the
stuffs okay I don't know where I really
want to start with um let's stop let's
start with the with the aspired gusto
okay now I clean over so it looks pretty
for the camera alright this looks very
similar to the old huh now if we're
trying to remember what it was called I
know there was an icon which was an
actual normal device that only had a 510
on top and then there was one that was
an all-in-one that had a tank inside
it's not the Proteus but it's something
like that anyway but it's very very very
small its tiny right and on the one side
it says a spy augusto mini but then on
the other side it says something that
you would never normally see on any
device and let's see if we can get a it
says element NS designer Nick salts
powered by right this device is one of
the first is the first nicotine salts
device or do it doesn't matter what the
device is any device is capable of doing
nicotine salts but this is the first
device that I've used that I've had
nicotine salts in although I thought so
initially apparently I have headed a
couple of times and sorry my phone's
going mad Jason please keep quiet I'm
trying to do a review
okay first of all again this is gonna
get very very very very very loud so let
me just turn this off one second okay
right what's different about this and
why is it what why why would I be
reviewing this from VidCon I was ringing
up internal battery and it's a pod based
device so voila that inside is a pod it
comes out it snaps back in and when it
snaps back in it fires there is no
adjustment anyway you cannot change
voltage you cannot change what is all
those type of things it is a take a pod
device and that's it and when you take
the pot off and you look at the pod you
will see that it has some writing in
there on it I'll try and bring this up
so you guys can see it all right there
we go
element strawberry whip NS / 20 and you
will see it says nicotine 20 milligram
4.2 more juice inside of here and this
is a sealed pod not refillable yadda
yadda yadda although any device
technically speaking is refillable if
you tried your hot rod your hardest but
you'd have to put nicotine salts device
choosing here to make it be worthwhile
now 20 milligrams of nicotine you may
have noticed that when I vape this even
though I do generally Viper six
milligram I didn't cost my lungs out and
go absolutely stupid and crazy
that's because of nicotine salts
nicotine salts is identical in the way
it can still comes in a liquid like the
normal nicotine but it is different in
the fact that one
it is a lot smoother and has a lot less
throated than the normal nicotine then
the the next part is the achieve enough
enough I thought if I was on one or two
day that's right and go to three or two
number two I'm gonna go to solid twenty
million because it's so much smoother
they're able to put a lot more in it and
that then allows for a much stronger
vape now nicotine salts also is absorbed
by a system a lot better than your
normal nicotine and this is the device
that allows you to vape like you used to
smoke so what you will do with this is
you will take three or four tracks
and obviously these all come in
different flavors I mean this is the
strawberry whip that I've got in here
I've got the pink lemonade I was
supposed to go through and meet the
guards during the week it just got crazy
so my apologies to this about this but
you take three or four drags and then
you would be satisfied of what you've
just faked and that is definitely the
case because I used this all day at
VidCon and it was I would vote for drags
put in my pocket and then onion our
later would I kind of have more on a
vibe I could also have a lot to do with
the fact that um it was me and that's
not my throat hurting from this sorry
I'm just getting over a cold
the there was so much Nick in fact in
the a but it's not because I've used the
plenty of times since then it just gives
you a satisfaction there is a lot better
than normal vibe and it lasts a hell of
a lot longer so you're able to control
your vaping on the amount the other fact
of the matter is there's only 4.2 mole
of liquid in that in the pot which you
would think would be nothing and you'd
go through really quickly you don't it's
lasted me flippin ages I still have some
of the pink the pink lemonade in here so
it's knowing yeah basically when you
said when you got to put this in there's
two there's two little silicone pieces
sticking out just to pull out that then
allows the the juice into the chamber
where the coil is normal coil normal
cotton and all of that and you tap it
tells you any things detect the the the
unit to allow the the juice to come
through a little bit easier you leave it
for 2 to 5 minutes and voila it's ready
to vape it's all saturated and all of
that it lasts really really long so
that's the other nice thing about the
battery life I have used this device for
a whole day and still gone home that
evening and it wasn't even I think it
was probably about halfway down for
eleven hundred or thirteen hundred
eleven hundred milli amp hour battery
that's amazing it's got a normal little
USB charge in the front and just a
single fire button and your airflow
actually comes through this piece over
it's not you can't close it down or
change it it's just it allows where the
hole is on the front of this if I can
find that out actually it's not on this
side is on the side it you'll actually
see just there if you can if this wall
there we go
there you can see that the air flow and
that allows it to come through there so
if you put your hand over it which often
happens with me I tend to block that off
but Overland survey favored differently
so this device caught my attention this
is one of them and it's really really
nice for a stealthy little vape and a
set of satisfying vape this is awesome
I've really really really enjoyed it and
I'm I think nicotine salts is possibly
the way that it's going to go going
forward so and that is that I'm going to
cover two birds with one stone here
because if you may have noticed stripped
up on top of here is not the standard
drip tip that come with it or you
wouldn't know that if you didn't have
one but this is not the standard drip
tip that comes with it
if you kind

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